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Do you move along whilst considering yourselves to be lighthouses and might-houses? Not that you are moving along whilst considering yourselves to be just light and might, but the lighthouses and might-houses, that is, the bestowers who give light and might. However, you can only become this when you have accumulated such a stock within […]

Do you consider yourselves to be the victorious souls who put any type of order you receive into practice within a second? If you were now to receive the order to make your vision spiritual and divine, vision in which there isn’t the slightest trace of arrogance of the body, not even in your thoughts, […]

Are you able to stabilise yourself in the stage of retirement and go beyond sound in one second? In the same way as you easily come into sound, are you able to go beyond sound just as easily? No matter what the situations are, what the circumstances are, or what the storms of the elements […]

What is BapDada seeing today? Today, He is seeing the rosary of the children who are multimillion times fortunate and have the fortune of happiness. He is very happy on seeing the speciality of every bead of the rosary. Just as Baba is happy to see the elevated fortune of the children, so too, do […]

At this time, does everyone have the desire to listen or to become the same? After listening, by merging everything, you become the same. And by merging everything, you automatically develop the power to face. With the power to face, you automatically attain the power to attain liberation from all desires. Do you experience yourselves […]

Do you consider yourselves to be master oceans of knowledge? Just as the Ocean of Knowledge is complete with all powers, in the same way, do you experience yourselves to be complete with all attainments? Is the praise, „Nothing is lacking in the treasure-store of the deities”, sung for the Brahmins or for the deities? […]

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