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Today, Baba is telling all the children information about the subtle region. All of you are interested in touring the subtle region, that is, in seeing the subtle region at least once, are you not? Do you know why you have this desire or this thought? Because BapDada plays His part as the Resident of […]

Today, Baba, the Sun of Knowledge, is seeing the line of fortune on the forehead of each star. In a lokik way, when the bhagats see someone’s horoscope from the hand, they look at four main things. Here also, four main things are seen from the forehead. Firstly, it is seen how clear and how […]

Do all of you consider yourselves to be yogi souls? Have all of you received the title of yogi soul? Although you are yogi souls, not all of you are yogi to the same extent; you are numberwise. When someone receives a certificate after completing his study, when he receives his degree certificate, he is […]

Today, Baba was seeing the speciality of all the special and fortunate souls. Some do not even know their own speciality accurately. Some know their speciality, but they do not use it in action, whereas others know of their speciality, but they are not able to be stable in that speciality. They sometimes become special […]

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