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What mela would you call this today? Of the Father and the children. That also takes place in a lokik relationship, but what is the speciality of today’s mela that doesn’t take place anywhere else? There is of course the mela of the souls and the Supreme Soul, but tell Baba something more alokik. The […]

Have you come close to your ultimate target? Can you see the signs of coming close to your ultimate target? Are you developing the double intoxication of the sign of coming close to your ultimate target? The first intoxication is of the karmateet stage, that is, to be beyond all karmic bondages, to be detached […]

What two main blessings did you receive from the Father as soon as you came? Do you know those two main blessings? When you first came, you received these two blessings: May you be holy! May you be pure! You relate the essence of the knowledge of 35 years to the people of the world […]

Does each one of you consider yourself to be an embodiment of remembrance? What does your stage become when you become an embodiment of remembrance? When are you able to have this stage? You become an embodiment of remembrance when you become a conqueror of attachment. So, have you become such conquerors of attachment and […]

Do you consider yourselves to be ever-ready? The practical form of those who are ever-ready is that they will be ever-happy. No matter what type of paper comes, whether through situations, or natural calamities, or even if a paper of the physical suffering of karma comes to them, they will pass with full marks in […]

Do you consider yourself to be a main actor, a hero actor, within this elevated drama? Everyone’s attention is always on the main actors. So, do you enact the act at every second whilst considering yourself to be a main actor? Famous actors have three things in particular, What are these? Firstly, they will be […]

Just as the incognito investigators of the Government make new plans, and investigate wherever wrong activity is being carried out, in the same way, all of you are the incognito investigators of the Pandav Government. Do you make new plans for those who deceive souls, for those who show them the wrong path, or who […]

(In the half-kumars’ bhatti) Are you able to transform yourself as and when you want? You have come to the bhatthi to transform yourself, have you not? So, do you experience the power to transform yourself? No matter what the atmosphere is like, no matter what the situations are, on the basis of your own […]

Knowing the specialities of the present time, have you imbibed all the powers and made yourself a special soul? Just as you speak of the specialities of this time, in the same way, do you see those specialities in yourself? Are there as many specialities in the self (swayam) as there are of the time […]

Have you developed the practice of seeing the incorporeal whilst looking at the corporeal? Just as Baba only sees the incorporeal souls in the corporeal form, have you become like the Father in the same way? The vision and attitude always go towards the elevated seed. So what is elevated in this corporeal form? The […]

Today, did you take the written paper of this bhatthi? Do you know what paper will begin tomorrow? Do you know what questions you will have in the practical paper? What type of questions will you have? Do you have the awareness of what happened through you souls a kalpa ago? (Yes.) Since you have […]

What would you call today’s gathering? What would be the name of this gathering according to its actions? Speak of a name based on its act. (Many gave different ideas.) Did you speak of the names you gave considering that to be your practical activity? If you are doing that in a practical way, then […]