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Today, on the incarnation of Shiva – on Shiva Jayanti – congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to all the beloved children. Today, on this day, BapDada saw that – from the morning onwards – there was lots and lots of happiness in everyone’s heart for the memorial of the incarnation of God. This is because, together with […]

Avyakt BapDada, Madhuaban Today, at Amrit Vela, BapDada was seeing the special double-foreign children who live far away, yet remain close to the heart who have personally come in front of Baba. Today, a sweet heart-to-heart conversation took place between Bap and Dada. On what topic? Father Brahma was especially pleased with the double-foreign children […]

Today, the Master of the Deepaks (lamps) has come to see His Deepmala (rosary of lights), those living deepaks whose memorial is celebrated by the deepmala of the non-living deepaks. Devotees celebrate Deepawali with non-living images and non-living deepaks, whereas you living deepaks, who are constantly ignited deepaks, are celebrating a meeting as the children […]

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Today, BapDada was specially looking at the unlimited flower garden. How much beauty, colour and fragrance does each flower have? Beauty means to what extent there is practical happiness and intoxication visible on your face, that is, in your eyes and in your features, of the awareness of being a soul playing an elevated part […]

Does the spiritual meeting of spirits take place through words or by going beyond words? The final stage of going beyond sound takes place in one second through the sparkle of spiritual vision. The memorial of wanting to have a glimpse is the memorial of the glimpse of the jewel of the forehead through the […]

Today’s gathering is of the souls who have attained all blessings from the Bestower of Blessings. Out of all the blessings attained from the Bestower of Blessings, what are the two main blessings in which all other blessings are merged? Do you know them very well or have you become the embodiment of the blessings […]

All of you who are sitting here: can the stage of all of you be called the elevated stage or the Avyakt stage? Is everyone’s stage at the present time Avyakt, or is there someone who is even now stabilised in the corporeal stage? If anyone is sitting in the corporeal stage, he will not […]

ln order to remain constantly beyond, what two things are particularly essential? At the present time, each one of you is making effort numberwise in order to remain in the stage beyond. What are those two essential things through which you can easily stabilise yourself in the stage beyond? There is remembrance anyway, but what […]

You are those souls who constantly stay in the Company of the Father, the holy swans who are coloured by the colour of spirituality. For those who remain constantly holy, it is always Holi. So, do you souls who are coloured by the colours of the Father’s love, co-operation and all the powers, and who […]

What is in each one’s awareness and eyes at this moment? Is there one thing or two things, or are there two things merged in one? What is it? (There is only the one Father.) Today, all of you are following one direction and have only one thing. Achcha, at this time, there is one […]

Today, did you take the written paper of this bhatthi? Do you know what paper will begin tomorrow? Do you know what questions you will have in the practical paper? What type of questions will you have? Do you have the awareness of what happened through you souls a kalpa ago? (Yes.) Since you have […]