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Madhuban Avyakt BapDada Om Shanti Today, BapDada is especially seeing one thing on the faces of all you children. What is that? Baba is seeing to what extent the beauty of purity is visible on the faces of each of you, that is, to what extent the sparkle of the greatness of purity is visible […]

Do you create every thought and perform every action whilst considering yourself to be the highest and the holiest? Highest means the highest-on-high Brahmin. In the variety-form image, Brahmins have been given the highest position. Just as your position is of the highest top-knot, so too, is your stage also the highest? Just as your […]

Today, BapDada is seeing the image of the fortunate children who are creating the fortune of the whole world. Which lines of fortune are visible in which particular children, and which lines are still to be revealed? Each one’s lines of fortune visible are his own. In the lines of fortune, four lines of the […]

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Are you able to stabilise yourself in the stage of retirement and go beyond sound in one second? In the same way as you easily come into sound, are you able to go beyond sound just as easily? No matter what the situations are, what the circumstances are, or what the storms of the elements […]

Do you consider yourselves to be the warriors of the Shakti Army? Just as the name of your gathering is called the Shakti Army, in the same way, do you consider yourselves to be Shaktis? This name gives your introduction, because it is based on your activity. The Shakti Army means a gathering of the […]

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Are all of you moving along in the effort of making yourselves complete? In order to become complete, you have to imbibe four main specialities. Through these you can easily become an image of perfection. Just as you tell others of the four main pillars as the disciplines for becoming stabilised in a constant stage […]

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Does the Madhuban niwasi Shakti Army constantly move along whilst experiencing itself to be the form of power? The very name that is remembered is Shakti Army. Because of the Shakti Army, the Father’s name is the Almighty Authority. So, this is the Shakti Army of the Almighty Authority. The speciality of the Shakti Army […]

Do you know how to do spiritual drill? What do you have to do in a drill? Drill means to mould your body as you wish, and spiritual drill means to stabilise the spirit in the stage you want when you want. That is, to be able to stabilise yourself in the stage that you […]

What does BapDada see and what do all of you see? You are seeing and BapDada is also seeing, but what are you seeing and what is BapDada seeing? Is there a difference or is it the same? What is BapDada especially seeing today as He looks at the spiritual children? There is a speciality […]