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Today, BapDada is seeing the rulers of the world of the present and the future, that is, He is seeing the children in the form of them being the world benefactors and also the ones who have a right to the kingdom of the world. To the extent that you become a world benefactor, accordingly […]

Today, BapDada is seeing two things in each of you: to what extent each of you has become knowledge-full and powerful. In this, Baba is also seeing how powerful the catching power of each of you is. The main basis of effort is catching power. Nowadays, scientists try to catch sound, but what is it […]

Today, Baba is giving everyone the experience of the avyakt stage. Each of you is experiencing it according to your own capacity. Baba is observing to what extent each of you has become incorporeal and has adopted the ornaments. Both are necessary. Those who have adopted the ornaments will never have any arrogance of the […]

Can each of you see your light and might and discern it? Do you experience yourself to have the power of discrimination? Do you consider yourself to be an image that is still making effort, or do you also consider and experience yourself to be an image that grants visions in a practical form? Or, […]

Today, BapDada is looking at Deepmala (the rosary of lamps). This is a rosary of the lamps, is it not? People celebrate Deepmala (Diwali), whereas BapDada is looking at the Deepmala. Which lamps are liked the most? The lamps that are unshakeable and stable. Those whose oil never finishes are the ones who remain unshakeable. […]

Do you know how to do spiritual drill? What do you have to do in a drill? Drill means to mould your body as you wish, and spiritual drill means to stabilise the spirit in the stage you want when you want. That is, to be able to stabilise yourself in the stage that you […]

Do all of you perform your tasks in the corporeal form whilst remaining stable in the avyakt stage? Just as Baba enters the corporeal form whilst being avyakt in order to carry out a task, in the same way, have you become equal to the Father? It is only when you become equal to the […]

Are you having the experience that you have stabilised yourself in the avyakt stage and are observing everything with the support of the vyakt (corporeal) form? Just as you enter a physical place, in the same way, do you experience yourself carrying out your task having entered a physical body? Do you have the experience […]

Is today the end of the bhatthi of the surrender ceremony of the pandavs, or is it just the beginning? (It is the beginning of coming close.) What special improvement has there been, and what special thought have you had for that? Has your transformation started, or is it yet to begin? Have you just […]

In what form is BapDada seeing you today? What is BapDada seeing on the face of each of you? Do you know? Baba is seeing to what extent each of you has become an avyakt image (subtle), an image that attracts, an alokik image (unique) and an image of cheerfulness. All these four qualities can […]

What stage would you call the stage that everyone is sitting in at present? Do you have the avyakt stage whilst being vyakt (corporeal)? Can you stabilise yourself in the stage of a point when you are meeting BapDada? (A few gave their own ideas.) At what time are you especially able to create the […]

Today, BapDada is seeing what degree each student has attained from studying. What degree do you receive from this study? Are you yet to receive a degree or have you already received it? After you study you receive a degree; so what will you receive at this confluence age? The degree of the confluence age […]