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Which gathering is this today? This is a gathering of spiritual lawmakers and bestowers of success. Does each of you consider yourself to be a spiritual lawmaker and a bestower of success? Do you know the specialities of this gathering? What special power do spiritual lawmakers have with which they can make everyone become an […]

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Knowing the specialities of the present time, have you imbibed all the powers and made yourself a special soul? Just as you speak of the specialities of this time, in the same way, do you see those specialities in yourself? Are there as many specialities in the self (swayam) as there are of the time […]

Do you wish to speak today? Or, do you wish to see? Do you wish to see and not speak? Do you have the experience that you are able to say with your eyes whatever you wish to say instead of with your mouth? Isthis possible? Does this happen? Today, this is the gathering of […]

What would you call today’s gathering? Is it the gathering of Gujarat? You do not consider yourselves to be those of Gujarat, do you? Just as Baba is the Master of the unlimited, in the same way, wherever you may bean instrument of, you are still world-benefactors. Do you constantly have the feelings of bringing […]

Which group is this? What has this group been decorated as? You are going from here, transformed, are you not? What have you been transformed into? When you have your own vision of what you are becoming, you will be able to make others the same. Does this group understand that you are going as […]

Has the practice of being in the avyakt stage whilst being in the corporeal become easy? You have come to your home, to this bhatthi to increase the practice of being able to stabilise your intellect whenever you wish. So now you have to try to make the practice of a short time here permanent. […]

How far can you go in one second? Can you calculate that? When a person dies, he goes so far away within one second. When you speak of the vehicle of the body within, what do you mean? What is the meaning of the saying, “You used to travel around with the vehicle of the […]

Today, BapDada is seeing what degree each student has attained from studying. What degree do you receive from this study? Are you yet to receive a degree or have you already received it? After you study you receive a degree; so what will you receive at this confluence age? The degree of the confluence age […]