Om Shanti. This elevated version (Om Shanti) is so much loved by everyone. No matter what happens, even in an atmosphere of tears, the words “Om shanti” remind us of peace. When “Om shanti” is said, no matter what type of scene comes in front of you, but the meaning of “Om shanti” shows its […]

The love and remembrance of all the loving children are reaching BapDada. Each one’s heart is saying: “My Baba”, and what is BapDada saying? “My children”. This meeting is very beautiful. BapDada is pleased to see the hall and to see the decoration of the children in the hall. The feeling in His heart is: […]

Many, many congratulations from the Father, Dilaram (Comforter of Hearts) Deepraj (King of Deepaks) , to each of the very very sweet and lovely deepaks; and lots of love from the heart. BapDada is merged in each one’s heart. Deepraj is merged in your hearts, is he not? Yes? Raise your hands. Each one’s heart […]

Today, the Father’s love is merged in the forehead of each child. The Father’s heart says: Each child is “Wah child!, Wah! – Today is the special day of a meeting for the double-foreign children. BapDada is pleased with the service abroad. The service in Bharat is no less, but, according to the present times, […]

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Today, the Master of the Deepaks (lamps) has come to see His Deepmala (rosary of lights), those living deepaks whose memorial is celebrated by the deepmala of the non-living deepaks. Devotees celebrate Deepawali with non-living images and non-living deepaks, whereas you living deepaks, who are constantly ignited deepaks, are celebrating a meeting as the children […]

BapDada is signaling all of you children through the language of the eyes to go beyond this world and become residents of the subtle region. BapDada, the Resident of the subtle region, is blessing you with the blessing of becoming equal to Him. Whilst staying in the world of angels, simply come into this corporeal […]

Today, the Father, the Bestower of Fortune, is seeing His fortunate children. All have become fortunate, but when it comes to the word, “fortunate”, some are one hundred times fortunate and others are multi-million times fortunate. The word “fortunate” is used for both types of fortune. However, there is a vast difference between being one […]

Today, the Father, the Lord of the Tree, is seeing the first leaves of His tree, that is, He is seeing the elevated souls who are the images of support for the tree. Brahmin souls are the sapling of the new tree. The basis of the new tree is the sapling. All of you souls […]

Today, at amrit vela, BapDada was especially looking at His special children, those who are constantly co- operative, constant embodiments of power and constantly liberated and yogyukt. BapDada saw two specialities in each of you children. Firstly, Baba looked at you to see how free you have become. Secondly, Baba looked to see to what […]

Today, BapDada is seeing His victorious jewels. Today, the devotees are celebrating Vijya Dashmi (Dashera – the burning of Ravan on the 10th night after the festival of invoking the goddesses). Whilst the devotees are burning that (the effigy of Ravan), you children are celebrating a meeting. It is after you have burnt everything that […]

Today, the Light of the World has come to meet you stars of His eyes. He has come to meet you jewels of light. Everyone in the world is looking for this One, but who is He looking at? Everyone in the world remembers this One, but who does He remember? Everyone in the world […]

BapDada gives each of you children the experience of your final stage, that is, the complete and perfect stage, the powerful stage. In this stage, you constantly experience: being a master almighty authority, a master sun of knowledge and complete with all virtues, being a detached observer in every thought, every breath and at every […]

original date 02.10.1981 Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban Today, BapDada has come to give each of you children everywhere the multimillion-fold response of remembrance, seeing all of you personally in front of Him in the physical or subtle form. Whether you are here with your body or with your mind, you are stable in the […]

This is the group of those who have a planning intellect. As well as this, they are embodiments of success. After becoming those with a planning intellect, they give time and make effort to become an embodiment of success in order to achieve some result. Maharathis especially experience success in a particular aspect. What is […]

Today, BapDada was specially looking at the unlimited flower garden. How much beauty, colour and fragrance does each flower have? Beauty means to what extent there is practical happiness and intoxication visible on your face, that is, in your eyes and in your features, of the awareness of being a soul playing an elevated part […]

BapDada is seeing all the children as to whether they have all done the course since coming here. You have done the course, have you not? After the course, there is the revision course. After the revision course, the final course is the realisation course, that is, whatever you have heard, whatever you have attained, […]

Do you experience yourselves to be like lotus flowers: extremely detached and loving to the Father? Firstly, because of being light, a lotus floats on water and yet remains detached from the water; whilst having a family, it is able to remain isolated from the family. In the same way, whilst living in a lokik […]

Today, BapDada is seeing the image of the fortunate children who are creating the fortune of the whole world. Which lines of fortune are visible in which particular children, and which lines are still to be revealed? Each one’s lines of fortune visible are his own. In the lines of fortune, four lines of the […]

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Today, both the Seed of the Tree and Adi Dev went to look at their tree. When Adi Dev, that is, the father of the corporeal human world, Prajapita Brahma, looked at the tree from all directions, what did he see? Although every leaf, that is, every human soul, has become old, he saw that […]

Whilst taking support of the body and performing every action on the field of action as a karma yogi, are you constantly stabilised in the incorporeal stage? Since your name is karma yogi, it proves that you are a yogi, that is, that you perform every action whilst being stable in the incorporeal stage. You […]

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