Om shanti. Look, it is after such a long time that this many brothers and sisters have come here to meet Baba. No matter what happens anywhere, you still have to come here to meet the Father. You come to meet Baba with so much love, bringing so many facilities with you. BapDada is pleased […]

Today, BapDada is pleased to see all the children from everywhere, because each child is happy to see the Father and is celebrating a meeting. This spiritual meeting between the Father and the children is so lovely. This meeting is a meeting that makes you immortal. Each child has received the blessing: May you be […]

Today, seeing the gathering of the children, BapDada is pleased and His mind is saying “Wah children! Wah!” This meeting of the Father and the children is so lovely. Each child is celebrating a meeting with love and enthusiasm. This love enables you to forget all sorrow, in the Father’s love and relationship. Wah, the […]

Om shanti from Deepraj (The King of Deepaks) to all the living, lit deepaks everywhere. These living deepaks are so lovely. The memorial of all of you is being celebrated in the world, whereas you living deepaks are celebrating a meeting with Deepraj. Each deepak is sparkling in the remembrance of Deepraj. BapDada is also […]

Beloved Avyakt BapDada’s deeply beloved, chatrak souls who are constantly thirsty for an avyakt meeting, those who are merged in BapDada’s love, the most elevated confluence-aged fortunate decoration of the Brahmin clan, please accept hearty love-filled remembrance and greetings. Today, 12th November 2013, nearly 15,000 brothers and sisters from UP and foreign lands have arrived […]

Seeing all the happy children, BapDada is very pleased. Wah! my fortunate children, my happy children, wah! BapDada is merged in everyone’s heart. The fragrance of love is emerging from every child’s face. All the children are souls who remain constantly happy and prosperous. Seeing the smiling faces of each and every child, BapDada is […]

Today, the children’s love and remembrance have called BapDada into this corporeal world with their attraction. BapDada is also seeing the children in their corporeal forms in the corporeal world. Children everywhere are seeing the Father, and the Father is seeing the children in their physical forms. In his heart, he is pleased on seeing […]

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Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban Today, God, the Friend, is meeting you children as His friends. How many friends does the one God, the Friend, have? In any case, foreigners like friendship a lot more. So BapDada is the Father, the Satguru and the Teacher; He fulfils all relationships. Which relationship do you find the […]

BapDada sees each child as a multimillion times fortunate soul. The elevated reward of each one is constantly in front of the Father. This is what the unlimited Father is proud of in His children. So many of His children are supremely worthy of being worshipped by the world. Although all of you effort-makers are […]

Revised course

Revised date: 29.03.2015 Today, BapDada was singing praise of all the children’s fortune. The Father was pleased to see the elevated lines of fortune of His children. Do you know exactly what can be seen from the elevated lines of fortune? The first thing that Baba looked at was the time of birth (tithi), which […]

Does the Madhuban niwasi Shakti Army constantly move along whilst experiencing itself to be the form of power? The very name that is remembered is Shakti Army. Because of the Shakti Army, the Father’s name is the Almighty Authority. So, this is the Shakti Army of the Almighty Authority. The speciality of the Shakti Army […]

Do you continue to have visions of your final stage? The closer you come, the more you will experience it as though it is almost in front of you. You will feel as though you are to become this just now. Just as those who are old have the feeling that they are now old […]