to be yogi is my identity

Today, Baba is telling all the children information about the subtle region. All of you are interested in touring the subtle region, that is, in seeing the subtle region at least once, are you not? Do you know why you have this desire or this thought? Because BapDada plays His part as the Resident of […]

Today, Baba, the Sun of Knowledge, is seeing the line of fortune on the forehead of each star. In a lokik way, when the bhagats see someone’s horoscope from the hand, they look at four main things. Here also, four main things are seen from the forehead. Firstly, it is seen how clear and how […]

Do all of you consider yourselves to be yogi souls? Have all of you received the title of yogi soul? Although you are yogi souls, not all of you are yogi to the same extent; you are numberwise. When someone receives a certificate after completing his study, when he receives his degree certificate, he is […]

Today, Baba was seeing the speciality of all the special and fortunate souls. Some do not even know their own speciality accurately. Some know their speciality, but they do not use it in action, whereas others know of their speciality, but they are not able to be stable in that speciality. They sometimes become special […]

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The aim of all of you is to become perfect, is it not? To be perfect means not to have any defects. What is the sign of any defect still remaining? When there is the slightest trace of any effect of Maya in your thoughts or in your connections and relationships, there is a defect. […]

Do you consider yourself to be equal to the Father? Do you experience yourself to be close to the stage of being equal to the Father? How much difference still remains in your becoming equal to the Father? Is there a great deal of difference or a little? Everyone’s aim is to become equal to […]

Are you able to consider yourself to be a bodiless soul, separate from the body, and stabilize in the stage of soul consciousness within a second? That is, in a second, be able to take the support of the physical organs to perform actions, and then, in a second, become detached from the physical organs? […]

What is the easy method to remain cheerful? Which image is the memorial of remaining constantly cheerful, one in which they have shown the speciality of being cheerful? They show the image of Vishnu lying down. He is churning knowledge and is cheerful. They have shown this image especially as a memorial of being cheerful. […]

Just as Science is becoming refined, in the same way, is your power of silence and your stage automatically being refined within yourself? What is the speciality of something refined? Anything that is refined may be less in quantity, but its quality is powerful. Whatever is not refined is more in quantity but it lacks […]

At the present time two main weaknesses or defects are visible in the effort of those who are making effort everywhere, and, due to weaknesses, they are not able to show the wonders that they should. What are these two weaknesses? On one side there is arrogance and on the other side there is ignorance. […]

Do you consider yourselves to be destroyers of obstacles? When any type of obstacle comes in front of you, do you experience within yourself the power to face that obstacle? That is, through your own effort, do you experience yourself to be close to BapDada and your complete stage? Or, do you experience yourself to […]

At the present time, what is the aim of the attainment of the effort which all of you are making? The attainment of the deity status is for the future, but what is the aim of the attainment of the effort for the present time? (To become angels.) What are the main qualifications of angels? […]

Do you consider yourselves to be the children of the Seed of the Tree? There is the symbolism of the tree on the path of bhakti also. When a tapaswi soul does tapasya, he does it sitting under a tree. What is the significance of this? Why does he do tapasya sitting under a tree? […]

When any invention is invented, then the more powerful the invention is, accordingly, it remains underground. This invention of all of you will also become more and more powerful, day-by-day. Just as those people create inventions underground, in the same way, you will also remain underground to the same extent, that is, you will remain […]

When you have finished all other thoughts and only one pure thought remains, do you experience the stage of being the embodiment of pure thoughts? Are you experiencing this stage? This stage is said to be a powerful stage that is free from all karmic bondages and extremely lovely. Whilst stabilising yourself in such a […]

Do you enjoy remaining beyond sound, or do you enjoy staying in sound? Is there any sound in your original world, in your original form? When you stabilise yourself in your original form, you enjoy the stage of remaining beyond sound. Are each of you practising this, so that you are able to stabilise yourself […]

Which group is this? What has this group been decorated as? You are going from here, transformed, are you not? What have you been transformed into? When you have your own vision of what you are becoming, you will be able to make others the same. Does this group understand that you are going as […]

What three lines on each one’s forehead is Baba looking at? Can you see your own lines? Just as three lines are shown in the image of the memorial of the Father, in the same way, what three lines are visible on the foreheads of the saligrams? Have you ever seen your forehead in the […]

Three things are essential in life. What are they? Whether in lokik life or in alokik life, three things are essential for both lives. What are they? Firstly, you need nourishment, secondly, happiness and thirdly, the treasures. All these three things are essential. Nothing is possible without the treasures. Life is not a life without […]

In which stage have all of you sitting here stabilized yourselves? What stage would you call your stage of remembrance at the present time? Do you have double remembrance in this stage or single remembrance? Would you call the stage of the present time, the stage of being karmateet or the stage of having the […]

What day is it today? It is the day of the bhatti. What is the day of the bhatthi called? The day of the beginning of the bhatthi means the day for making a decision about your life. Why have you come to the bhatthi? To make a permanent decision about your life. Have all […]