Om Shanti. On this day, Brahma Baba is remembered more. This is the day when the part of a meeting with BapDada in the subtle region was enacted and BapDada’s image was clearly revealed in everyone’s face. The same words emerged from everyone’s lips: Our Baba! Our Baba is meeting us! That was the day […]

Today, each of the children who are the beloveds of the heart are celebrating a meeting with the Father who is the Beloved of the heart. BapDada too is pleased to see each of the children from everywhere: Wah children who are merged in My eyes, because each one definitely has one or another speciality […]

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations filled with newness for the New Year! Seeing His intense effort-making children, BapDada is giving all of the children congratulations for newness in the New Year. At the beginning of this New Year, every child will definitely have kept the aim of newness in their thoughts, words, relationships and connections in a […]

BapDada is pleased to see all the children. The majority of all the children appear to be happy. BapDada is merged in each one’s heart. Just as you children have arrived here in the plane of love, so BapDada is also pleased to see the loving image of each child. Wah loving children! Wah! Happiness […]

All of you must have been sitting like chatrak birds at your own places especially to invoke BapDada to come into the corporeal and celebrate an avyakt meeting with all of us. However, the destiny of the drama… From time to time, BapDada has been giving us a signal for us children to make our […]

Today, the children’s love and remembrance have called BapDada into this corporeal world with their attraction. BapDada is also seeing the children in their corporeal forms in the corporeal world. Children everywhere are seeing the Father, and the Father is seeing the children in their physical forms. In his heart, he is pleased on seeing […]

Today, the whole gathering is visible as that of carefree emperors, because you have given all worries to the Father, and have taken spiritual intoxication. From morning till night, all of you are carefree emperors, because you have received self-sovereignty. So, you check yourselves, because the sign of a carefree emperor is that his forehead […]

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Today, BapDada is pleased to see His children who have the right to receive sustenance from God. You are so fortunate that you are being sustained by God Himself. People of the world say that God is sustaining them, whereas you few special souls are being sustained by Him in a practical way. The sustenance […]

Today, the highest-on-high Father is pleased to see all His elevated children everywhere, because you children are the most elevated souls in the whole world; you are the highest. People of the world speak of those who are the highest in the world. However, that is just for one birth, whereas you children are the […]

Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban BapDada is seeing the children whose stage is constantly ascending in their every step and their every thought. You receive the blessing of becoming bodiless in a second and you fly in a second. To become bodiless means to fly high. To become body conscious means to become a caged […]

Today, BapDada has come to meet His lovely children, you children who are absorbed in love. He has come from the faraway land. BapDada, the Resident of the faraway land, has come to celebrate a meeting with you children who have come from your faraway lands. To the extent that you children have remembered BapDada […]

This is a gathering of maharathis, that is, of mahavirs. A mahavir means a special soul. What is the speciality of the gathering of special souls? At the present time, the speciality of special souls should be of everyone having a steady, constant stage at the same time, that is, you should all simultaneously be […]

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Out of the whole world, do you experience yourself to be a special sparkling lucky star? You are so lucky that God Himself sings your praise. Could anyone have fortune greater than this? Do you experience yourself to have such happiness that others, on seeing your happiness, have their clouds of sorrow removed, so that […]