(Spoken on Janamasthmi) What gathering has gathered today? Which form do you consider yourself to have at the present time? In fact, just as BapDada has many forms, so you too also have many forms. But which form have you adopted whilst seated here in this gathering? Do you know whom this is a gathering […]

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Which children constantly remain personally in front of BapDada? What is the speciality of the children who constantly remain in front of BapDada? BapDada has to celebrate a meeting with such special souls in a special form. Such children are called the stars of the eyes or the light of the world. Just as the […]

Having come to the land of transformation, do you experience your transformation? To come to a bhatthi means to bum your weaknesses and defects. So, do you experience your weaknesses to be moving away from you for all time? Are you filling yourselves with this much will-power? Because the transformation of this time will become […]

Do you consider yourselves to be serviceable, sensible and essenceful? Do you experience all these three virtues in yourselves in the same way as they are in Baba? Whatever symbol is being kept in front of you at present, you are close to becoming equal to that symbol, are you not? What is the symbol […]

Do you consider yourselves to have attained success by using the right method? Because whatever effort one makes, the aim of the effort is to attain success. The people of the world nowadays have a lot of occult powers. They have occult powers, whereas here, we have success through using the right method. Success through […]

Have you become yogyukt and free from bondages? To the extent that you become yogyukt, accordingly you become free from all bondages. So the sign of being yogyukt is to be free from bondages. You know all your bondages, do you not? Which types of bondage create obstructions to your becoming yogyukt? Just as you […]

Are you able to stabilize yourself beyond sound in one second? Just as you are able to move your physical organs as and when you wish, in the same way, are you able to stabilize the love of your intellect as, when and wherever you wish? Have you become powerful to this extent? Are you […]

Today, this group has come to have a double bhatthi. Which is the double bhatthi? Do you understand the meaning of a double bhatthi? Madhuban is a bhatthi anyway, but even within the Madhuban bhatthi, to which special bhatthi have you come to, in order to burn away your sanskars that still remain? So the […]

Is today the day of the completion of the bhatthi or the day of surrendering yourselves? To surrender means to surrender your sanskars, nature and actions that are contrary to the spiritual code of conduct. When any machinery is set, once it is set, it functions automatically. In the same way, have you set the […]

Are you having the experience that you have stabilised yourself in the avyakt stage and are observing everything with the support of the vyakt (corporeal) form? Just as you enter a physical place, in the same way, do you experience yourself carrying out your task having entered a physical body? Do you have the experience […]

(Through Santri Dadi) Today, Baba has come to tour around the small garden. Baba has come to meet the spiritual children. Baba considers you to be the light of His eyes. Children who are the light of His eyes constantly spread fragrance like spiritual roses. Do the children have as much courage as the faith […]