to be yogi is my identity

Today, seeing the gathering of the children, BapDada is pleased and His mind is saying “Wah children! Wah!” This meeting of the Father and the children is so lovely. Each child is celebrating a meeting with love and enthusiasm. This love enables you to forget all sorrow, in the Father’s love and relationship. Wah, the […]

Om shanti. Today, BapDada is seeing the images of love, and from each one’s face it is visible how much love each child has for BapDada in their heart. Whatever love the children have for BapDada, BapDada has even more love in his heart for each child. This love from the heart is making all […]

Beloved Avyakt BapDada’s deeply beloved, chatrak souls who are constantly thirsty for an avyakt meeting, those who are merged in BapDada’s love, the most elevated confluence-aged fortunate decoration of the Brahmin clan, please accept hearty love-filled remembrance and greetings. Today, 12th November 2013, nearly 15,000 brothers and sisters from UP and foreign lands have arrived […]

Today, the children’s love and remembrance have called BapDada into this corporeal world with their attraction. BapDada is also seeing the children in their corporeal forms in the corporeal world. Children everywhere are seeing the Father, and the Father is seeing the children in their physical forms. In his heart, he is pleased on seeing […]

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Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban Today, BapDada was seeing three lines on the forehead of every child. The first line is of your fortune of God’s sustenance. You only receive this fortune of God’s sustenance once throughout the whole cycle. At no time other than at the confluence age can you receive this sustenance from […]

Today, BapDada was looking at all the elevated children everywhere. All the children everywhere have the same thought of love and remembrance. All the easy yogi, very serviceable children are always with BapDada. Even though they may be far away, on the basis of their love they are very close. Today, BapDada was examining the […]

BapDada sees each child as a multimillion times fortunate soul. The elevated reward of each one is constantly in front of the Father. This is what the unlimited Father is proud of in His children. So many of His children are supremely worthy of being worshipped by the world. Although all of you effort-makers are […]

Which gathering is BapDada seeing today? Today, it is the gathering of Raj Rishis. Do you move along whilst considering yourself to be a Raj Rishi? On one side, to have a kingdom, and on the other side, to be a Rishi? The qualifications needed for each are distinct from one another. One is fortune […]

Today, Baba is telling all the children information about the subtle region. All of you are interested in touring the subtle region, that is, in seeing the subtle region at least once, are you not? Do you know why you have this desire or this thought? Because BapDada plays His part as the Resident of […]

Do you consider yourselves to be the victorious souls who put any type of order you receive into practice within a second? If you were now to receive the order to make your vision spiritual and divine, vision in which there isn’t the slightest trace of arrogance of the body, not even in your thoughts, […]

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Do you know the spiritual drill? Just as those who have the practice of “doing physical exercises can mould their body as and when they wish within one second, in the same way, can those who have the practice of doing the spiritual drill, stabilize their intellect in the stage they wish and to the […]

BapDada gives an order and also makes a promise. In which elevated versions are both an order and a promise included? Can you remember such elevated versions in which both an order and a promise are included? There are many such elevated versions. There is a long list of them. However, these elevated versions have […]

Is today the end of the bhatthi of the surrender ceremony of the pandavs, or is it just the beginning? (It is the beginning of coming close.) What special improvement has there been, and what special thought have you had for that? Has your transformation started, or is it yet to begin? Have you just […]