(On the occasion of Shiv Jayanti, the whole of Diamond Hall was decorated very beautifully with garlands and Shiv Baba flags. Seeing the unlimited gathering of the children, BapDada garlanded all the children with the sparkling garland of His arms.) Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations for Shiv Jayanti. How much happiness do all of you have in […]

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations filled with newness for the New Year! Seeing His intense effort-making children, BapDada is giving all of the children congratulations for newness in the New Year. At the beginning of this New Year, every child will definitely have kept the aim of newness in their thoughts, words, relationships and connections in a […]

Today, the Father’s love is merged in the forehead of each child. The Father’s heart says: Each child is “Wah child!, Wah! – Today is the special day of a meeting for the double-foreign children. BapDada is pleased with the service abroad. The service in Bharat is no less, but, according to the present times, […]

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Today, BapDada is seeing His pure children. He is seeing from each one’s chart the extent to which each Brahmin soul has become pure. The speciality of Brahmins is purity. To be a Brahmin means to be a pure soul. What is the instrument for measuring the extent to which you have imbibed purity? You […]

Do you experience yourselves to be like lotus flowers: extremely detached and loving to the Father? Firstly, because of being light, a lotus floats on water and yet remains detached from the water; whilst having a family, it is able to remain isolated from the family. In the same way, whilst living in a lokik […]

Do all of you consider yourselves to be yogi souls? Have all of you received the title of yogi soul? Although you are yogi souls, not all of you are yogi to the same extent; you are numberwise. When someone receives a certificate after completing his study, when he receives his degree certificate, he is […]

Which speciality of this gathering is BapDada seeing today? Do each of you know your own speciality? The Trimurti Father is seeeing the three lights in the trimurti dynasty, as to whether all three lights attract others towards you or whether they are numberwise. When all three lights are sparkling brightly and visibly, then you […]

Do all of you now know the Law-Maker (Vidhata also implies the Bestower of Wisdom), the law and the method very well? If you know the Law-Maker, then you automatically have the laws and methods in your intellect and in your actions. Through the Law- Maker, all you elevated souls have become law-makers also: do […]

Do you consider yourself to be equal to the Father? Do you experience yourself to be close to the stage of being equal to the Father? How much difference still remains in your becoming equal to the Father? Is there a great deal of difference or a little? Everyone’s aim is to become equal to […]

Today, Baba is very pleased seeing all the effort-making souls, because He knows that these are the elevated souls who are instrumental in bringing about the transformation of the world. Each elevated soul is performing such wonders numberwise. Although, at the present time, there may be some weakness or defect, these are the souls who […]

Do you continue to move to move along whilst stabilizing yourself in your original form, your original home, your original religion, your elevated action and your elevated stage? At the present time, only with your original stage will you be able to overcome all situations, that is, will you be able to pass with honor. […]

When any invention is invented, then the more powerful the invention is, accordingly, it remains underground. This invention of all of you will also become more and more powerful, day-by-day. Just as those people create inventions underground, in the same way, you will also remain underground to the same extent, that is, you will remain […]

Have you become those who give peace and happiness to all souls? Because you are the long­lost and now-found beloved children of the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Happiness, whatever is the Father’s task is also the children’s task. Those who are the benefactors of the world or who bring happiness to the […]

Is today the end of the bhatthi, or is it the beginning of the practical paper of the bhatthi? Where are you going now? Are you going to the examination hall, or to your own places? When you consider yourselves to be going to the examination hall, you will be able to pass the practical […]

What stage would you call the stage that everyone is sitting in at present? Do you have the avyakt stage whilst being vyakt (corporeal)? Can you stabilise yourself in the stage of a point when you are meeting BapDada? (A few gave their own ideas.) At what time are you especially able to create the […]

To whom have you handed over the boat of your life? (Shiv Baba). Are you following shrimat completely? To follow shrimat means to bring spirituality into every action. Do you consider yourselves to have the full right to the inheritance from Shiv Baba? Those who claim the right to the inheritance have a right over […]

“Today, as I reached the subtle region, there was the experience that I have reached there having crossed clouds of light. The light of the clouds seemed like the light that is visible at sunset. As I reached the subtle region, BapDada’s face was also visible set in the middle of the clouds of light, […]

Are all of you happy and content? Is there any need to ask about your well-being? BapDada thinks that there should be no need to ask this any more, because all the children have now grown up. Each one of you has put on the crown of responsibility for changing hell into heaven. One who […]