to be yogi is my identity

Om shanti. Today, BapDada is especially pleased to see His yogyukt children, who are yogyukt when they are with everyone and who also make others yogyukt. He is giving lots and lots of loving remembrance from His heart with a lot of love. BapDada wants all these many children to sit in yoga together, and […]

Today, BapDada is pleased to see His children who are full of treasures. How many treasures have you received from the beginning? The first treasure you received is of knowledge, through which all the children made themselves full and are also continuing to make others full of treasures. The treasure of knowledge liberates everyone from […]

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Today, the Flame has come into the spiritual gathering of His moths. This spiritual gathering is so alokik and elevated. The Flame is eternal, the moths are eternal and the love between the Flame and the moths is eternal. No one except the Flame and the moths can know this spiritual love. Those who know […]

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Just as the Father is the Ocean of all virtues, in the same way, do you consider yourselves to be the master oceans? An ocean is imperishable, unshakeable and steady. Looking at an ocean, you would especially be reminded of two particular powers: the power to accommodate, and to the extent that you see the […]

What is BapDada seeing today? Today, He is seeing the rosary of the children who are multimillion times fortunate and have the fortune of happiness. He is very happy on seeing the speciality of every bead of the rosary. Just as Baba is happy to see the elevated fortune of the children, so too, do […]

Just as there is praise of the Father, so too, there is also praise of the elevated souls who are constantly co­operative in Baba’s task and constantly loving to the Father. To be constantly co-operative means every thought and every breath should be used for Baba’s task. So, are you constantly co-operative and easy yogis […]

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Do you constantly experience yourselves to be victorious” Since you are those who are victorious over the whole world and who then rule it, have you, yourselves, become victorious at this time? Do you consider yourselves to be those who have claimed the right to the world which you are going to rule? First of […]

Whilst practising being stable in the stage of being a Master seed, can you stabilise yourself in this stage with this consciousness easily? Just as you come into expansion and sound very quickly, in the same way, can you stabilise yourself beyond sound, in the essence instead of the expansion? Limited magicians show powers of […]

How long does it take you to become avyakt from vyakt? In how much time can you make those souls without knowledge, knowledgeable? According to the present stage, how much time does this take you? How much time do you think you yourselves take to make them this? It is a different matter for those […]

Today, this group has come to have a double bhatthi. Which is the double bhatthi? Do you understand the meaning of a double bhatthi? Madhuban is a bhatthi anyway, but even within the Madhuban bhatthi, to which special bhatthi have you come to, in order to burn away your sanskars that still remain? So the […]

Do you experience in yourselves both the virtues of being a bestower of knowledge and a bestower of blessings? Just as Baba is the Bestower of Knowledge and the Bestower of Blessings, in the same way, do you consider yourselves to be the embodiment of both these attainments? The more you become a bestower of […]

What is BapDada seeing today? What has he come to see and do? Today, BapDada has come to make His extremely lovely children make a promise. You souls were clever at making a promise at the beginning. Just as you did not hesitate in making a promise at the beginning, so too, BapDada has come […]

Into which gathering has BapDada come today? What would you call today’s gathering? Today, it is the gathering of the Sun of Knowledge and the stars. Each star is one that reveals its own sparkle. BapDada has come to see the sparkle of each star. What have all of you come to make yourselves in […]

In which awareness are all of you sitting? In which world are all of you sitting? Are you in the corporeal world or the subtle region? Have you brought the avyakt one into the corporeal world or have you become avyakt? Where are you experiencing the present meeting? You invited the avyakt One into the […]

Dzisiaj Płomień pojawił się na duchowym zebraniu swoich ciem. To duchowe zebranie jest tak wzniosłe i alokik. Płomień jest wieczny, ćmy są wieczne i miłość między Płomieniem i ćmami jest wieczna. Nikt oprócz Płomienia i ciem nie może znać tej duchowej miłości. Ci, którzy znają tę miłość, spełnili odpowiedzialność miłości i osiągnęli wszystko. Spełnić odpowiedzialność […]