Today, BapDada is seeing His pure children. He is seeing from each one’s chart the extent to which each Brahmin soul has become pure. The speciality of Brahmins is purity. To be a Brahmin means to be a pure soul. What is the instrument for measuring the extent to which you have imbibed purity? You […]

BapDada is seeing all His children who have all rights. There is the praise of you elevated souls having both authorities in your hands – the authority of ruling and the authority of religion. This praise is remembered of your future reward. However, the basis of your future reward is your present elevated life. BapDada […]

Today, the Father, the Master of the Garden, is seeing the variety of flowers in the living garden. Only once throughout the whole cycle does BapDada find such a spiritual garden. Such a spiritual garden with the beauty of such spiritual, fragrant flowers cannot be found at any other time. No matter how famous any […]

Today, the highest Father has come to meet His holy swans. The intellect of each of the holy swans is constantly filled with pearls, gems and jewels of knowledge. Even BapDada finds such holy swans only once in the whole cycle. All through the confluence age, BapDada celebrates Holi with such special holy swans. Worldly […]

Today, BapDada has come to meet His children who constantly remember the One, those who belong to the one Father and none other, those who stabilize in a constant and stable stage and are embodiments of remembrance. BapDada is seeing the elevated lines of every child’s birth of dying alive. In today’s world people tell […]

Today, BapDada, the World Benefactor, is seeing all the children all over the world personally in front of Him. All the children have reached Madhuban in their subtle forms with the power of their remembrance. Each child has the pure thought to celebrate a meeting. BapDada is very pleased to see all the children because […]

Today, the Flame has come into the spiritual gathering of His moths. This spiritual gathering is so alokik and elevated. The Flame is eternal, the moths are eternal and the love between the Flame and the moths is eternal. No one except the Flame and the moths can know this spiritual love. Those who know […]

Today, the Light of the World has come to meet His jewels of light. The long-lost and now-found children are the lights of the Father. Just as when someone has no sight, there is no world for him, so too, when you spiritual lights are not in the world, there is no light in the […]

Where has BapDada come today and whom has He come to meet? Do you know this? Today, God has come as the Godly Friend. So, when friends meet, what do they do together? They sing, laugh, eat and entertain themselves. So, today, BapDada has not come to give you knowledge, but to celebrate a meeting. […]

How many instruments do you use in order to come into sound and to listen to sound? Even BapDada has to adopt the instrument of a body in order to come into sound. However, in order to go beyond sound, one has to go beyond the world of all those instruments. Those instruments only exist […]

BapDada is looking at souls who are images of support for the world. You are the most elevated souls who are images of support for the world. Only you elevated souls experience your ascending and flying stages. Therefore you become instruments for uplifting the whole world. The desire of attaining liberation and liberation-in-life of all […]

Today, BapDada is seeing the royal gathering. Each of you children who has claimed self-sovereignty has claimed the throne of your numberwise karmateet stage. The seat or the throne of you self-sovereign souls of the confluence age is the karmateet stage. “Karmateet” means, whilst performing actions, to be beyond any bondage of those actions, not […]

Madhuban, Avyakt BapDada, Om Shanti The Father who lives beyond sound takes all of you from the world of sound beyond sound with sound. BapDada comes in order to take you back with Him. So, are you all ever ready to go back with Him or do you still need time to get ready? In […]