Do all of you now know the Law-Maker (Vidhata also implies the Bestower of Wisdom), the law and the method very well? If you know the Law-Maker, then you automatically have the laws and methods in your intellect and in your actions. Through the Law- Maker, all you elevated souls have become law-makers also: do […]

Where are all of you sitting at this time? Are you sitting in the corporeal world or in the subtle world? In the subtle world. Do you experience yourself to be beyond the attraction of this corporeal world, or is it only whilst you are stable in the Angelic form that no attraction of the […]

Does the Madhuban niwasi Shakti Army constantly move along whilst experiencing itself to be the form of power? The very name that is remembered is Shakti Army. Because of the Shakti Army, the Father’s name is the Almighty Authority. So, this is the Shakti Army of the Almighty Authority. The speciality of the Shakti Army […]

Do you continue to have visions of your final stage? The closer you come, the more you will experience it as though it is almost in front of you. You will feel as though you are to become this just now. Just as those who are old have the feeling that they are now old […]

Do you constantly experience yourselves to be victorious” Since you are those who are victorious over the whole world and who then rule it, have you, yourselves, become victorious at this time? Do you consider yourselves to be those who have claimed the right to the world which you are going to rule? First of […]

Have you become the Avyakt image, that is, have you become the embodiment of the experience of a stable stage of being extremely loving and detached whilst being in the body? You are not those who are constantly trying to maintain the balance of being the Master and the child and playing the part, but […]

Do you constantly consider yourselves to be clear, divine stars; the divine stars who are the embodiment of remembrance? The elevated fortune of the present time is of being the stars of BapDada’s eyes. The fortune which you are creating, is that which you will receive in the future. Are you moving along whilst seeing […]

Are all of you stabilised in your unshakeable, immovable and constant stage? Are you stabilised in the stage of the Mahavirs that is remembered from the previous Kalpa? Are you coming close to your final stage of being a detached observer, cheerful, detached and extremely loving? Or, is that stage still far off? You are […]

Having come to the land of transformation, do you experience your transformation? To come to a bhatthi means to bum your weaknesses and defects. So, do you experience your weaknesses to be moving away from you for all time? Are you filling yourselves with this much will-power? Because the transformation of this time will become […]

Do you consider yourselves to be serviceable, sensible and essenceful? Do you experience all these three virtues in yourselves in the same way as they are in Baba? Whatever symbol is being kept in front of you at present, you are close to becoming equal to that symbol, are you not? What is the symbol […]

Do you consider yourselves to have attained success by using the right method? Because whatever effort one makes, the aim of the effort is to attain success. The people of the world nowadays have a lot of occult powers. They have occult powers, whereas here, we have success through using the right method. Success through […]

What two main blessings did you receive from the Father as soon as you came? Do you know those two main blessings? When you first came, you received these two blessings: May you be holy! May you be pure! You relate the essence of the knowledge of 35 years to the people of the world […]

Does each one of you consider yourself to be an embodiment of remembrance? What does your stage become when you become an embodiment of remembrance? When are you able to have this stage? You become an embodiment of remembrance when you become a conqueror of attachment. So, have you become such conquerors of attachment and […]

Do you consider yourselves to be ever-ready? The practical form of those who are ever-ready is that they will be ever-happy. No matter what type of paper comes, whether through situations, or natural calamities, or even if a paper of the physical suffering of karma comes to them, they will pass with full marks in […]

Do you consider yourself to be a main actor, a hero actor, within this elevated drama? Everyone’s attention is always on the main actors. So, do you enact the act at every second whilst considering yourself to be a main actor? Famous actors have three things in particular, What are these? Firstly, they will be […]

Just as the incognito investigators of the Government make new plans, and investigate wherever wrong activity is being carried out, in the same way, all of you are the incognito investigators of the Pandav Government. Do you make new plans for those who deceive souls, for those who show them the wrong path, or who […]

(In the half-kumars’ bhatti) Are you able to transform yourself as and when you want? You have come to the bhatthi to transform yourself, have you not? So, do you experience the power to transform yourself? No matter what the atmosphere is like, no matter what the situations are, on the basis of your own […]

Knowing the specialities of the present time, have you imbibed all the powers and made yourself a special soul? Just as you speak of the specialities of this time, in the same way, do you see those specialities in yourself? Are there as many specialities in the self (swayam) as there are of the time […]

The aim of all of you is to become perfect, is it not? To be perfect means not to have any defects. What is the sign of any defect still remaining? When there is the slightest trace of any effect of Maya in your thoughts or in your connections and relationships, there is a defect. […]

Do you consider yourself to be equal to the Father? Do you experience yourself to be close to the stage of being equal to the Father? How much difference still remains in your becoming equal to the Father? Is there a great deal of difference or a little? Everyone’s aim is to become equal to […]

Are you able to consider yourself to be a bodiless soul, separate from the body, and stabilize in the stage of soul consciousness within a second? That is, in a second, be able to take the support of the physical organs to perform actions, and then, in a second, become detached from the physical organs? […]

What is the easy method to remain cheerful? Which image is the memorial of remaining constantly cheerful, one in which they have shown the speciality of being cheerful? They show the image of Vishnu lying down. He is churning knowledge and is cheerful. They have shown this image especially as a memorial of being cheerful. […]

Just as Science is becoming refined, in the same way, is your power of silence and your stage automatically being refined within yourself? What is the speciality of something refined? Anything that is refined may be less in quantity, but its quality is powerful. Whatever is not refined is more in quantity but it lacks […]

At the present time two main weaknesses or defects are visible in the effort of those who are making effort everywhere, and, due to weaknesses, they are not able to show the wonders that they should. What are these two weaknesses? On one side there is arrogance and on the other side there is ignorance. […]

Do you consider yourselves to be destroyers of obstacles? When any type of obstacle comes in front of you, do you experience within yourself the power to face that obstacle? That is, through your own effort, do you experience yourself to be close to BapDada and your complete stage? Or, do you experience yourself to […]

Do you constantly perform every action while considering yourself to be a Shiv Shakti? Does your image adorned with the Ornaments and the image with eight arms constantly remain in front of you? To be one with eight arms means to have eight powers. So, do you constantly and clearly see your form of an […]

All of you who are sitting here: can the stage of all of you be called the elevated stage or the Avyakt stage? Is everyone’s stage at the present time Avyakt, or is there someone who is even now stabilised in the corporeal stage? If anyone is sitting in the corporeal stage, he will not […]

Today, Baba is very pleased seeing all the effort-making souls, because He knows that these are the elevated souls who are instrumental in bringing about the transformation of the world. Each elevated soul is performing such wonders numberwise. Although, at the present time, there may be some weakness or defect, these are the souls who […]

Whilst practising being stable in the stage of being a Master seed, can you stabilise yourself in this stage with this consciousness easily? Just as you come into expansion and sound very quickly, in the same way, can you stabilise yourself beyond sound, in the essence instead of the expansion? Limited magicians show powers of […]

Pandav Bhavan is called the fort of the Pandavs. The fort has been remembered. In the same way, this Godly gathering is also a fort. Just as a physical fort is made very strong so that no enemy can attack it, in the same way, the main fort is that of the gathering. There should […]