to be yogi is my identity

Do you know the spiritual drill? Just as those who have the practice of “doing physical exercises can mould their body as and when they wish within one second, in the same way, can those who have the practice of doing the spiritual drill, stabilize their intellect in the stage they wish and to the […]

Bodiless, BapDada, the Foreigner, like the children, has to take the support of a body and adopt a form according to the land. The elevated loving souls give an invitation, with their love, to the bodiless one to make him the same as themselves. Baba then accepts the children’s invitation and comes to meet them. […]

Today, it is the start of the bhatthi of the Pandav Army who live in the household. Do you consider yourselves to be Pandavas? Do you constantly have your Pandav form in your awareness? Or, do you sometimes consider yourselves to be Pandavas and sometimes to be householders? By constantly considering yourselves to be Pandavas, […]

Do you continue to move to move along whilst stabilizing yourself in your original form, your original home, your original religion, your elevated action and your elevated stage? At the present time, only with your original stage will you be able to overcome all situations, that is, will you be able to pass with honor. […]

What is BapDada seeing today? He has come to see the rosary of you lamps. People celebrate the memorial of the day of Deepmala, but BapDada is seeing the rosary of the living lamps. When all of you see the ignited lamps on the day of deepmala, then while seeing them, do you have the […]

With what aim has this gathering come together? There is of course benefit in a gathering, but what is the aim of meeting together? Have you thought of any new plans? This gathering is of the most elevated souls and the souls who are close. Everyone’s vision is on the close and elevated souls. So […]

Have all of you developed the practice of being beyond sound, that is, of staying in the stage of retirement? You should be able to come into sound one moment and go beyond sound in the next. Do you know this drill very well? Whenever you wish to focus your mind on anything, are you […]

What is the aim of each one’s effort? (Of becoming complete.) What would you call the stage of completion? What map do you have in front of you which you consider to be the complete stage? What did you see in the complete stage that Baba adopted? When you tell others about the complete stage, […]

Nirmanta se gun se vishwa nirmata pdf only http://7.niwas.pl/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/AV-E-03.10.1971.pdf

What is in each one’s awareness and eyes at this moment? Is there one thing or two things, or are there two things merged in one? What is it? (There is only the one Father.) Today, all of you are following one direction and have only one thing. Achcha, at this time, there is one […]

How long does it take you to become avyakt from vyakt? In how much time can you make those souls without knowledge, knowledgeable? According to the present stage, how much time does this take you? How much time do you think you yourselves take to make them this? It is a different matter for those […]

What would you call this gathering? What is the speciality of this gathering? The name would be according to the speciality. What is the speciality of this gathering which is not seen in any other gathering? Do you know the speciality of your gathering? This is the gathering ofthe special souls within the Brahmin family. […]

Do you wish to speak today? Or, do you wish to see? Do you wish to see and not speak? Do you have the experience that you are able to say with your eyes whatever you wish to say instead of with your mouth? Isthis possible? Does this happen? Today, this is the gathering of […]

Have you become yogyukt and free from bondages? To the extent that you become yogyukt, accordingly you become free from all bondages. So the sign of being yogyukt is to be free from bondages. You know all your bondages, do you not? Which types of bondage create obstructions to your becoming yogyukt? Just as you […]

Are you able to stabilize yourself beyond sound in one second? Just as you are able to move your physical organs as and when you wish, in the same way, are you able to stabilize the love of your intellect as, when and wherever you wish? Have you become powerful to this extent? Are you […]

Today, this group has come to have a double bhatthi. Which is the double bhatthi? Do you understand the meaning of a double bhatthi? Madhuban is a bhatthi anyway, but even within the Madhuban bhatthi, to which special bhatthi have you come to, in order to burn away your sanskars that still remain? So the […]

Is today the day of the completion of the bhatthi or the day of surrendering yourselves? To surrender means to surrender your sanskars, nature and actions that are contrary to the spiritual code of conduct. When any machinery is set, once it is set, it functions automatically. In the same way, have you set the […]

Have you developed the practice of seeing the incorporeal whilst looking at the corporeal? Just as Baba only sees the incorporeal souls in the corporeal form, have you become like the Father in the same way? The vision and attitude always go towards the elevated seed. So what is elevated in this corporeal form? The […]

Today, did you take the written paper of this bhatthi? Do you know what paper will begin tomorrow? Do you know what questions you will have in the practical paper? What type of questions will you have? Do you have the awareness of what happened through you souls a kalpa ago? (Yes.) Since you have […]

What would you call today’s gathering? What would be the name of this gathering according to its actions? Speak of a name based on its act. (Many gave different ideas.) Did you speak of the names you gave considering that to be your practical activity? If you are doing that in a practical way, then […]

Do you consider yourselves to be pearls or beads? What is the value of a pearl or a bead based on? Why is the value of the pearls or beads less once they are separated from the necklace? They are valuable when they are threaded in the necklace. Why is the value reduced when they […]

Do you experience both will power and controlling power in yourself? Because both these powers are extremely necessary for your own effort and for the progress of all other souls. If you do not have controlling power and will power in your own self, then you do not have the power to make others will […]

What would you call today’s gathering? Is it the gathering of Gujarat? You do not consider yourselves to be those of Gujarat, do you? Just as Baba is the Master of the unlimited, in the same way, wherever you may bean instrument of, you are still world-benefactors. Do you constantly have the feelings of bringing […]

At the present time, what is the aim of the attainment of the effort which all of you are making? The attainment of the deity status is for the future, but what is the aim of the attainment of the effort for the present time? (To become angels.) What are the main qualifications of angels? […]

Do you consider yourselves to be the children of the Seed of the Tree? There is the symbolism of the tree on the path of bhakti also. When a tapaswi soul does tapasya, he does it sitting under a tree. What is the significance of this? Why does he do tapasya sitting under a tree? […]

When any invention is invented, then the more powerful the invention is, accordingly, it remains underground. This invention of all of you will also become more and more powerful, day-by-day. Just as those people create inventions underground, in the same way, you will also remain underground to the same extent, that is, you will remain […]

When you have finished all other thoughts and only one pure thought remains, do you experience the stage of being the embodiment of pure thoughts? Are you experiencing this stage? This stage is said to be a powerful stage that is free from all karmic bondages and extremely lovely. Whilst stabilising yourself in such a […]

Do you enjoy remaining beyond sound, or do you enjoy staying in sound? Is there any sound in your original world, in your original form? When you stabilise yourself in your original form, you enjoy the stage of remaining beyond sound. Are each of you practising this, so that you are able to stabilise yourself […]

Which group is this? What has this group been decorated as? You are going from here, transformed, are you not? What have you been transformed into? When you have your own vision of what you are becoming, you will be able to make others the same. Does this group understand that you are going as […]

What three lines on each one’s forehead is Baba looking at? Can you see your own lines? Just as three lines are shown in the image of the memorial of the Father, in the same way, what three lines are visible on the foreheads of the saligrams? Have you ever seen your forehead in the […]