to be yogi is my identity

Where have you called BapDada and why? Where are you now sitting? You are in Madhuban, but where in Madhuban has Baba come? Are you sitting in a flower garden or a gathering? BapDada is seeing the spiritual spirits, and together with that, He is taking the fragrance of the spirit that has emerged from […]

What is BapDada seeing today? What has he come to see and do? Today, BapDada has come to make His extremely lovely children make a promise. You souls were clever at making a promise at the beginning. Just as you did not hesitate in making a promise at the beginning, so too, BapDada has come […]

What special fragrance and what special attraction is there in today’s gathering? Everyone’s love is there anyway. Why have you been called? Should one think that all those that have come here today, have come prepared to go back home? Those who are ever-ready are always prepared. As soon as they are called, they are […]

What day of the bhatthi is it today? Today, it is the day for surrendering yourself completely. You consider it to be this day and this is why you have called BapDada. Are you ready to be surrendered completely, or do you think that you have already surrendered completely? Today, it is the celebration of […]

Why have you come to this bhatthi? In order to practise remaining bodiless whilst being in the body. You should have this stage from the moment that you put your foot here. You need to have practice and attention in order to fulfill the aim that you keep. BapDada calls each of you to do […]

The practice of being bodiless and then coming into a body is being made firm. Just as BapDada enters a body from being in the bodiless state, in the same way, all of you children have to be bodiless and then enter a body. You have to stabilise yourself in the avyakt stage and then […]

Avyakt BapDada’s elevated versions on the auspicious festival of Diwali Is BapDada seeing each child in just one aspect of time or in all three aspects of time? The Father is Trikaldarshi anyway, but is Dada trikaldarshi as well? Are you trikaldarshi, or are you still becoming that? If you are trikaldarshi, can you see […]

What is the main aspect that BapDada sees when He sees the children? Today, BapDada has come to see what transformation each jewel has brought in himself. Today, BapDada has come to see the transformation. Each one has brought about transformation according to his own capacity, but which transformation does BapDada wish to see? You […]

Into which gathering has BapDada come today? What would you call today’s gathering? Today, it is the gathering of the Sun of Knowledge and the stars. Each star is one that reveals its own sparkle. BapDada has come to see the sparkle of each star. What have all of you come to make yourselves in […]

What is Baba especially seeing today? How does Baba see the transformation? Within this group, who is clever at giving the answer? To what extent have you got the power to see and to recognise? Achcha, who constantly remains in a stage of yoga? Who seems to be the image of divine virtues in the […]

Whom are you seeing? Who is seeing whom? (Two or three people gave their ideas.) Today, BapDada is seeing His complete moths because He has come to see to what extent each one has become a moth. Generally, the moths go to the light, but here, the Light has come to meet the moths. Do […]

In which form are you meeting Baba? In the avyakt form, in the form of love or the form of shakti (power)? Baba is in the form of the Father anyway, but are you meeting in the form of love, in the form of shakti or in the avyakt form? At the present time, what […]

Whom are you seeing? Are you seeing the physical form or the avyakt? If you do not see your own physical form or that of others and instead see the avyakt form, you will become the image that attracts. When you see the physical form, you will not become an image that attracts. If you […]

Do you have to go beyond sound, or do you have to bring the Father into sound? All of you are going beyond sound and you are then bringing BapDada into sound. Even whilst coming into sound, you can stay in supersensuous happiness, so why are you trying to stay beyond sound? If you stabilise […]

(Through Santri Dadi) Today, Baba has come to tour around the small garden. Baba has come to meet the spiritual children. Baba considers you to be the light of His eyes. Children who are the light of His eyes constantly spread fragrance like spiritual roses. Do the children have as much courage as the faith […]

What does BapDada see when He look at each of you? BapDada is seeing four things in each of you. What are those four things? (Each one shared his ideas.) Firstly, He is seeing the crown, secondly, the throne, thirdly, the effort and fourthly, the fortune. He is seeing these four things in each one. […]

Why have you called Baba today? (In order to make us powerful.) if you have called Baba to make you powerful, in what aspect do you feel there is a lack of power? In which special aspect do you wish to be made powerful? How will you make service powerful? You have to check how […]

Do you like the avyakt stage, or do you prefer to come into the corporeal stage? Is there sound in the avyakt stage? Do you wish to stay beyond sound? When all of you are trying to stay beyond sound, and you also like that, then why do you call BapDada into the corporeal world? […]

Why have you invited Baba today? Have you invited Baba to meet you, or is there another aim? On what invitation have all of you come here? With what aim has this gathering of the Madhuban brothers been created? BapDada has come to celebrate the ceremony of the transformation of all of you. So you […]

In whose remembrance were you all sitting? Was it the remembrance of One or two? Those who were in the remembrance of One, raise your hand, and those who were in the remembrance of two, also raise your hand. Who were the two? Are they the residents of the subtle region or the corporeal region? […]

Whom is Baba seeing today? He is seeing the children. What did you hear in the murli today? Whom do all of you remember? (The Father, Teacher and Satguru.) So BapDada also is not just seeing the children, but He also sees the children in the form of the three relationships. All are the children, […]

Are all of you stable in the avyakt stage whilst in the corporeal form? What do you call the avyakt stage? Do you recognise it? First there is the recognition of the avyakt stage, then there is the discernment of it. Do you have knowledge of both of these aspects? What do you call the […]

Meeting different groups 1) What is the first lesson of this school? To die a living death. To die a living death means to be dead to your body, your friends and relations and the old world whilst alive. Have you made this first lesson firm? (Do we not die a living death to our […]

In what form are you all sitting? Are you sitting here as the embodiment of love or the embodiment of power? What is your form at the moment? Is there power in love? Can there be both of these at the same time? Why don’t you say that you are the embodiment of both? Why […]

Which stage are you sitting in? Are you sitting in the experience of love, or are you lost in love? Which stage are you in? Do you spend more time in trying to develop love, or do you remain lost in love? Do you check yourself? Each of you has the desire to know the […]

Did all of you call BapDada, or did BapDada call all of you? Who called whom? Those children who are the instruments in the Father’s task have to remember one aspect at all times: “We have to remain ever-ready and all- rounders at every moment in every situation.” If these two things are imbibed by […]

Do you know the value of this avyakt meeting? Is there a difference between meeting the avyakt form and meeting the corporeal form? Do you know the value of the avyakt, invaluable meeting? The value of the avyakt meeting is in letting go of the corporeal feelings. The more you give value to this avyakt […]

“Today, as I reached the subtle region, there was the experience that I have reached there having crossed clouds of light. The light of the clouds seemed like the light that is visible at sunset. As I reached the subtle region, BapDada’s face was also visible set in the middle of the clouds of light, […]

Are all of you happy and content? Is there any need to ask about your well-being? BapDada thinks that there should be no need to ask this any more, because all the children have now grown up. Each one of you has put on the crown of responsibility for changing hell into heaven. One who […]

What does BapDada see in all of you when He comes? When you see each other, what do you see? (Each other as brothers.) How do you each others in the form of brothers? What do you see? (We see the soul in the corporeal form.) What does BapDada see? BapDada sees a great deal […]