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Today, BapDada is seeing His right hands. So many of the Father’s arms are tirelessly engaged in service. Each of you arms has your own speciality. A right hand means one whose every thought and every step is constantly aligned with BapDada’s directions. You have become the Father’s arms and this is why BapDada is […]

Revised date: 29.03.2015 Today, BapDada was singing praise of all the children’s fortune. The Father was pleased to see the elevated lines of fortune of His children. Do you know exactly what can be seen from the elevated lines of fortune? The first thing that Baba looked at was the time of birth (tithi), which […]

Today, both the Seed of the Tree and Adi Dev went to look at their tree. When Adi Dev, that is, the father of the corporeal human world, Prajapita Brahma, looked at the tree from all directions, what did he see? Although every leaf, that is, every human soul, has become old, he saw that […]

Today, at amrit vela, BapDada went on a tour of all the service places, and so He will relate the news of that tour. What did He see? In order to give comfort to souls, in order to celebrate a meeting, in order to have a heart-to-heart conversation, and whilst putting the things from within […]

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Are all of you stabilised in your unshakeable, immovable and constant stage? Are you stabilised in the stage of the Mahavirs that is remembered from the previous Kalpa? Are you coming close to your final stage of being a detached observer, cheerful, detached and extremely loving? Or, is that stage still far off? You are […]

What would you call today’s gathering? What would be the name of this gathering according to its actions? Speak of a name based on its act. (Many gave different ideas.) Did you speak of the names you gave considering that to be your practical activity? If you are doing that in a practical way, then […]

Do you consider yourselves to be pearls or beads? What is the value of a pearl or a bead based on? Why is the value of the pearls or beads less once they are separated from the necklace? They are valuable when they are threaded in the necklace. Why is the value reduced when they […]

Today, Baba has been called to inaugurate the bhatthi. You have come to this bhatthi to become the embodiment of the inculcation of all virtues and the embodiment of the complete knowledge. For this, you must pay attention to three main things. What are these things through which you can become the embodiment of the […]

Brahmins are called those who belong to the clan of Trimurti Shiva (Trimurti Shiv vanshi). The children of the Trimurti Father are also trimurti. The Father is Trimurti. Just as the Father is Trimurti, are you also trimurti in the same way? Have you had a vision of the three types of light? Do you […]

Why have you called Baba today? (In order to make us powerful.) if you have called Baba to make you powerful, in what aspect do you feel there is a lack of power? In which special aspect do you wish to be made powerful? How will you make service powerful? You have to check how […]

Are all of you stable in the avyakt stage whilst in the corporeal form? What do you call the avyakt stage? Do you recognise it? First there is the recognition of the avyakt stage, then there is the discernment of it. Do you have knowledge of both of these aspects? What do you call the […]

What does BapDada see in all of you when He comes? When you see each other, what do you see? (Each other as brothers.) How do you each others in the form of brothers? What do you see? (We see the soul in the corporeal form.) What does BapDada see? BapDada sees a great deal […]