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Today, BapDada is pleased to see His birthday companions as well as His service companions. Today, all of you are enjoying the happiness of BapDada’s alokik birthday together with the happiness of the birthday of His birth companions. Why? No one else can have such a unique and extremely lovely alokik birthday. You would never […]

BapDada is signaling all of you children through the language of the eyes to go beyond this world and become residents of the subtle region. BapDada, the Resident of the subtle region, is blessing you with the blessing of becoming equal to Him. Whilst staying in the world of angels, simply come into this corporeal […]

The cause (kaaran) of your experiencing difficulty on this easy path and the easy solution to it (nivaran) Today, Baba has especially come to meet you double-foreign children. You double foreigners are doubly fortunate; why? Because, firstly, you have come to know BapDada and claimed your right to your inheritance. Secondly, you have come now, […]

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Pandav Bhavan is called the fort of the Pandavs. The fort has been remembered. In the same way, this Godly gathering is also a fort. Just as a physical fort is made very strong so that no enemy can attack it, in the same way, the main fort is that of the gathering. There should […]

Do all of you perform your tasks in the corporeal form whilst remaining stable in the avyakt stage? Just as Baba enters the corporeal form whilst being avyakt in order to carry out a task, in the same way, have you become equal to the Father? It is only when you become equal to the […]

Why have you come to this bhatthi? In order to practise remaining bodiless whilst being in the body. You should have this stage from the moment that you put your foot here. You need to have practice and attention in order to fulfill the aim that you keep. BapDada calls each of you to do […]

Do you like the avyakt stage, or do you prefer to come into the corporeal stage? Is there sound in the avyakt stage? Do you wish to stay beyond sound? When all of you are trying to stay beyond sound, and you also like that, then why do you call BapDada into the corporeal world? […]

Do you know the value of this avyakt meeting? Is there a difference between meeting the avyakt form and meeting the corporeal form? Do you know the value of the avyakt, invaluable meeting? The value of the avyakt meeting is in letting go of the corporeal feelings. The more you give value to this avyakt […]

Why has a gathering of all of you specially been called here now? Four main things are necessary for a gathering. 1) Love for one another. 2) A close relationship. 3) Responsibility for service and 4) The proof of the dharna of knowledge and yoga. Are you ready in all these four aspects? How do […]

Namaste from Baba to the children who have love for all. Whom do you have love for? (Some said for the Father and some said for service.) What else do you have love for? One aspect still remains. Of course you have love for BapDada, but you should also have greater love for effort. You […]