Om shanti. Look, it is after such a long time that this many brothers and sisters have come here to meet Baba. No matter what happens anywhere, you still have to come here to meet the Father. You come to meet Baba with so much love, bringing so many facilities with you. BapDada is pleased […]

Greetings of Holi to all the holy children. Today, each one of you holy children has come here to celebrate Holi with BapDada. So, BapDada is also giving all the holy children greetings for Holi. The Father and the children know just how lovely each child is. The Holiest Father is giving every child greetings […]

All of you must have been sitting like chatrak birds at your own places especially to invoke BapDada to come into the corporeal and celebrate an avyakt meeting with all of us. However, the destiny of the drama… From time to time, BapDada has been giving us a signal for us children to make our […]

Seeing all the happy children, BapDada is very pleased. Wah! my fortunate children, my happy children, wah! BapDada is merged in everyone’s heart. The fragrance of love is emerging from every child’s face. All the children are souls who remain constantly happy and prosperous. Seeing the smiling faces of each and every child, BapDada is […]

Today, the whole gathering is visible as that of carefree emperors, because you have given all worries to the Father, and have taken spiritual intoxication. From morning till night, all of you are carefree emperors, because you have received self-sovereignty. So, you check yourselves, because the sign of a carefree emperor is that his forehead […]

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Today, the highest-on-high Father is pleased to see all His elevated children everywhere, because you children are the most elevated souls in the whole world; you are the highest. People of the world speak of those who are the highest in the world. However, that is just for one birth, whereas you children are the […]

Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban Today, Baba, the Bestower of Fortune, is seeing the souls with the most elevated fortune. Each one of you has drawn your line of fortune according to the effort you have made. Some have created a number one fortune and others have created a second number fortune, numberwise, according to […]

Today, the knowledge-full Father is pleased to see His master knowledge-full children. Each one of you children play very well with the jewels of knowledge that you have received from the Father. Each of you experiences your knowledge-full stage, numberwise, according to your capacity and power. The knowledge- full stage means to experience every point […]

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Do you take every step considering yourselves to be multimillion times fortunate? A lotus flower is also called “Padam” (multimillion times). Only by being as loving and detached as a lotus flower at every step do you earn multimillions at every step. Have you become such elevated souls? Have you created both types of stage? […]

Do you consider yourselves to be images of renunciation and tapasya? What is the greatest renunciation that takes a lot of effort? (Body consciousness.) Why does someone have arrogance about knowledge or arrogance of his intellect? Why are you not able to renounce your old Sanskars? The main reason for this is body consciousness. To […]

What would you call this gathering? What is the speciality of this gathering? The name would be according to the speciality. What is the speciality of this gathering which is not seen in any other gathering? Do you know the speciality of your gathering? This is the gathering ofthe special souls within the Brahmin family. […]