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Baba's co-operative right and left hands

Today, BapDada is especially seeing all His children in the form of those who co-operate with Him. Do you remember or have you seen the memorial of your form that co-operated with the Father? What is that form? That co-operation is shown in the form of arms. Just as the main limbs of the body are the arms, in the same way, all of you co-operative children are the main instruments in BapDada’s task. Do you constantly co­operate with BapDada, that is, do you carry out all your work whilst considering yourselves to be the arms? Included in the arms are the right and left hands. In carrying out any task, someone who constantly fulfils his responsibility accurately in that task, or who is a helper, is said to be a right hand. One are the right hands and the other are the left hands, but both are co-operative. This is why the many arms of sakar Brahma are very famous. Whom would you call a right hand? All are hands. No task can be accomplished without a hand. This is why there are the sayings in the corporeal world; „Give your finger in this task”; „lend a hand”. So the arms, the hands and the fingers are signs of co-operation. All are co-operative, but numberwise.

The sign of a right hand is to be constantly clean, that is, to be pure and elevated. Just as any auspicious task is performed with the right hand, in the same way, BapDada’s co-operative right hands remain elevated, that is, pure in their words, deeds and connections. That is, they constantly move along whilst considering themselves to be instruments for an elevated task. Just as it is the soul that powers the hands to do the work – the arms are the ones who carry out the task and the soul inspires – in the same way, whilst constantly having the awareness of Karavanhar Baba, the right hands consider themselves to be the ones who are karanhar (those who carry out a task). They do not consider themselves to be karavanhar (the ones who inspire); this is why their actions are filled with the greatness of being unique, egoless and humble for the construction of the new world. At every second, their every thought would be completely clean, that is, pure, which, in other words, would be called having honesty and cleanliness. The right hands are especially powerful. In order to lift a particularly heavy object, it is generally the right hand that is used. In the same way, the co-operative right-hand souls are easily able to lift the burden, that is, the responsibility of the task of world benefit and world transformation. They would experience themselves to be responsible; they would constantly experience themselves in the stage of a master almighty authority. The speciality of a right hand is to have speed in its task. The co-operative, right-hand souls would be fast effort-makers in putting everything into practice and having dharna of every subject. They would always be ever-ready. These are the specialities of the right hands.

Left hands are also constantly co-operative. However, together with that cleanliness, there is sometimes uncleanliness, that is, there is some impurity in their thoughts, words or deeds. That is, they are not completely pure and clean. They are also less intense in their speed of effort. They will do something, they will think about something, but will be left, that is, they would do it a little late. They would co-operate and do everything, but would lack the courage to take the responsibility. They would constantly have zeal, enthusiasm and courage but would not be independent. Their stage for a long period is like that of a lawyer. They would think of many rules and regulations but attain less benefit. They would not be able to become their own judge. They would feel the need of a judge for the final judgment in every aspect. The right hands are lawful judges, but not lawyers.

Now check yourself as to whether you are a right hand or a left hand. Are you a lawyer or lawful? Both co­operate with BapDada. By constantly considering yourself to be co-operative (sahyogi), you will become an easy yogi (sahaj yogi). By considering yourself to be an instrument, karanhar of Karavanhar BapDada, you will remain carefree and cheerful.

So, today, BapDada was seeing His co-operative children. All of you are the arms, are you not? Do all of you have the pure thought in your heart that you are the world transformers who are to transform the world. Before transforming the world, have you completely transformed yourself? The less transformation there is in yourself, the slower the speed of world transformation will be. Only with self-transformation will you be able to transform the time. Look at yourself and you will automatically be able to tell the time. You are the clock for the time of transformation. So look at the time in the clock of the self. The attention of all the souls of the world is now on you instruments who are the clock to see what the time is at present. Therefore, consider yourself to be an instrument for bringing the period of this old world to an end and make yourself complete. Do you understand? Achcha.

To such world transformers who change night into day and the old into new; to BapDada’s elevated co­operative, that is, constantly easy yogi children; to the world benefactor elevated souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.


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