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The combined form of Dharma and Karma

In today’s world, dharma and karma are both especially remembered. Both dharma and karma are essential, but both dharma and karma have, today, become separated. Those who believe in karma say, „Do not speak of dharma” and those who believe in dharma say that they are karma sannyasis. However, at the confluence age, Brahmins combine dharma and karma. So, throughout the day, do you remain in your combined form of dharma and karma? Dharma means to imbibe divine virtues. It means to have all types of dharna; to have the dharna of being an embodiment of knowledge, an embodiment of divine virtues and of remembrance. Any dharna is also called dharma. So, throughout the day, no matter what actions of responsibility you have to perform, whether they are gross or ordinary actions or whether it is something that uses your intellect, do you have dharna, that is, dharma, in every action? Do you have dharma and karma, combined? What is the result of the majority?

It is said that two swords cannot stay in one sheath, that is, you cannot have your cake and eat it. However, at the confluence age, even the impossible becomes possible. Here, you have both things at the same time. There should be dharma as well as karma. You are taught to practise this here. The confluence age is the special age. It is special because all the specialities that do not exist in any other age exist at the confluence age. This is why it is called the special age. Those who practise the combined form of this aspect are able to experience and have a right to the combined form of the confluence age, that is, of the Father and child, as well as that of the reward, which is the form of Lakshmi and Narayan. So, do you have both these things at the same time? Do the majority of you have it or not? What do you think your result is? Are all of you busy in your practice? Only when you constantly have the combined form of this time, will you be able to adopt the combined form of the reward, that is, of Lakshmi and Narayan. If dharma is not combined with your karma, it becomes an ordinary action, does it not? This is why you should fill every action with the sweetness of dharma.

You should check that you have both dharma and karma at the same time. Or, is it that at the time of performing karma, you set aside dharma? Or, at the time of dharma, you set aside karma? There would then be this isolation, just as on the path of isolation, it is only one thing. The family path means to be combined. Therefore, since you are combined from the beginning of your part, since you belong to the family path in your effort also, make the effort of the family path. Do not belong to the path of isolation, that is, do not remain alone. It should not be just one thing. Just as those people renounce everything and go away, if you put aside dharma, in the same way, and become engaged in karma, that would also be the path of isolation. So constantly remain on the family path. When everyone’s practice of this is complete, then the time can also come to an end, because you have to fill your effort-making life with the sanskars of the family path. So, if you do not fill yourself with the sanskars of the combined form now, how will you have these sanskars there? The family path is a wonderful path. Whether you say it is the family path of dharma and karma or of karma and yoga, it is the same thing. Achcha.


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