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Gathering of the spiritual stars

Today, BapDada is seeing a gathering of the spiritual stars. There are three special types of star within the gathering. Does each of you know which type of star you are? One are the stars of success, the second are the lucky stars and the third are the stars of hope. Now, each of you can ask yourself: Which star am I? Whilst engaged in activities throughout the day, do you experience yourself to be an embodiment of success, that is, a star of success in your thoughts, breath, time, words, deeds, connections and relations? Just as you have received peace, happiness and the prosperity of the jewels of knowledge from the Father as your birthright, in the same way, do you experience success as your birthright at every moment and in every aspect? That is, do you experience attainment easily or after having had to work hard for it? Is it that you experience greater labour and less success? To the extent that you think and you perform deeds, do you experience to the same extent the practical fruit of your thoughts and deeds? Or, are you moving along with hope for fruit in the future, thinking: „It will happen. If not now, it will happen at some time.”? At the time of creating thoughts, do you also have the faith-filled thought that success is already guaranteed? Just as there is praise of earning multimillions at every step, in the same way, success is merged in every step. The tree of success is merged within the seed of thought and deed. There should be the experience of success following deeds like a shadow. This is known as being a star of success.

Second are the lucky stars. There is also a number within the lucky stars. The speciality of the lucky stars is that whatever thoughts they create or deeds they perform, the labour they do for that is just in namesake, for they receive a greater reward than the effort they put in. Whilst knowing their luck, the lucky stars thank BapDada a million times because Baba has opened the lock of their luck. In the hearts of the lucky stars, in their words, there will automatically be constant praise of the Father who has made them great. From their face, you would constantly be able to see the sparkle of happiness. Their special plan would be constantly to glorify the Father’s name and give Him a return, that is, they would have a plan to reveal the task of the Father through their practical life. They would constantly be loving to the Father and would inspire others to have love for Him. They would constantly have this slogan in their awareness and in their words: Wah Baba! Wah fortune! Do you consider yourselves to be such lucky stars?

Third are the stars of hope. What would be their speciality? Some stars of hope even become stars of success. Stars of hope constantly move along with the company of the Father and elevated souls. At every step, they move along with support. In their every thought and deed, they would think: Is this possible or not? Is this elevated or ordinary? Should I do this or not? They would not have judgement power, that is, they are not able to become their own justice. In order to make a judgement, they would constantly need a judge to decide for them. They would be those who have elevated thoughts, but not those who have determined thoughts. In every situation and on the field of service, they would have zeal and enthusiasm but they would be lacking courage. They would need a companion to give them courage. They would have very good plans and even their thoughts would be powerful, but they would not be able to complete them practically. They would only be able to fulfil 50% or 75% of their thoughts and actions. However, they have one speciality: because of taking support at every moment, they would have constant remembrance. Words of faith and intoxication would emerge from their lips of their Father being with them. They constantly have the hope that eventually, the day will come when they put their thoughts into practical action. They are never disheartened. Because of being respectful to everyone in their relations and connections, they are loved by everyone. On their face, you would be able to see the sparkle of the love and company of the family. Such stars of hope are constantly safe from a particular type of attack by Maya. What is that? They never become body conscious, in as much as that they never have arrogance of their cleverness or arrogance of their intellect. They remain safe from this. It isn’t that their intellect never works. They do have plans and they do create thoughts, but because they are not firm thoughts, they have to take support. Now, do you understand who are the three types of stars? Even the Father has hopes in the stars of hope that they can take a high jump at any moment. At any time, those in whom there is no hope can become those in whom everyone has hope. However, these are the stars of hope. Some have a wonderful part within the drama to have hope in those for whom there is hope. Achcha.

To those who reveal the aim and qualifications for making the self into a star of success; to those who have a right to all powers; to those who have a right to all attainments from the Father; to those who have a right over Brahmand (incorporeal world) and the (corporeal) world; to those who attain victory over Maya and matter; to such victorious stars, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting the teachers:

Teachers are special souls who are instruments for service. So, is your effort according to that, or is your effort the same as that of the students? According to your part, what special effort are you making? „To become perfect, to become satopradhan” is everyone’s aim; that is general, but what special effort are the teachers making? At present, the special effort that you are making, or should be making, is for your every thought to be powerful. They should not be ordinary. They should be powerful and not wasteful. What is the meaning of a teacher? To be serviceable. Not even one second should be without service. To study the murli and to check yourself is a gross aspect.

As time is coming close, the special instrument souls have to make the effort to go faster than time. Do not say that there is still so much time and that your weaknesses will be removed; no. This should remain in your intellect, „If not now, then never”. You should have the slogan, „If not now, then never”, for every thought and every second. Those who fill themselves with such sanskars of „now” will come into satyug at the beginning, whereas those who say „at some time” will come in the middle period. Those who say „at some time” are waiting for time, and so they will also have to wait for their status. So remember this slogan at every second and in every thought. If this lesson is not firm, you will constantly have sanskars of weakness. The sanskars of a mahavir are, „If not now, then never”. To say, „This one is ahead of me, and so if this one does it, then I will also do it”, are sanskars of carelessness. Whatever thought you have, you have to do it now. Not tomorrow, but today; not today, but now. It has to be done this instant.

All of you are special souls, are you not? You do not consider yourselves to be junior, do you? In effort, everyone is senior. There can be senior and junior in your activities, but not in effort. Even the juniors can go ahead in effort. In business activities, the code of conduct has to be observed, but not in effort. In terms of effort, whoever does something will receive the return of it. Now check whether your effort is according to this, or whether your effort is the same as everyone else’s. That is, is it ordinary? Teachers are always happy. Teachers receive the lift of blessings from everyone. However, if they become instruments to make others weak, they also accumulate sin. And, because of this burden, they are not able to do what they want to do. Those who have a burden are not able to climb high. This is why even though they wish to change themselves, they are not able to do so. Therefore, there must definitely be a burden. Burn that burden with special yoga, and follow the code of conduct with deep love. Otherwise, the time will pass away in that burden and you will not be able to move forward. Wake up at amrit vela and set your seat. Are you set according to your seat? Check this. Make your posture all right. If your posture is not correct, you will be able to put it right. Achcha.


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