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Fast effort of the present final moments

Today, BapDada has especially come to see the faces of the living chatraks who have come to celebrate a meeting, those who are the extremely loving, long-lost and now-found children. To the extent that the children, who are constantly thinking of a meeting and who are constantly absorbed in this love, remember the Father, accordingly, BapDada also remembers them in return. Such multimillion times fortunate souls are loved by the Father and also by the world. Just as you children invoke the Father, in the same way, the souls of the world are invoking you most elevated souls. Are you able to hear the sound of their invocation echoing in your ears? Especially at dusk, when the sun sets, together with the Father, the Sun of Knowledge, they also salute the limited lights, considering them to be the lucky stars, the beings of light who dispell darkness. Whose memorial is this? Do you elevated souls experience being invoked every day? This is because even the Father salutes such elevated souls who are the masters of the world and the masters of Brahmand. This is why souls of the world took up the discipline offering salutations every day. Do you experience yourself to be worthy of those salutations? You do not think that this praise or worship is only for the special children, do you?

New children moving along with fast effort are especially merged in BapDada’s eyes. Just as the children are constantly merged in the Father’s eyes, and they constantly experience His Company and closeness, in the same way, children who have come later are not distant; they too are close. This is why, according to the drama, children who come at the end have a golden chance of moving fast through taking a high jump, that is, of coming first, and they should constantly keep this in their awareness. BapDada is happy to see the zeal, enthusiasm and courage of the new children and is also giving them special love and co-operation.

Now, this year, have the determined thought to fulfil the many desires and wishes of the souls of the world. To fulfil the desires of others means to make the self ignorant of any knowledge of desire. Just as to give is to receive, in the same way, to fulfil the desires of others is to make the self complete. The fast effort of the present final moments is to perform a double task at the same time. What is that? To give to others is to remove the weaknesses from the self, that is, to create others is to become. On the path of bhakti, people donate whatever they are lacking. Then, by donating that thing, they never again lack it. And so, giving becomes receiving. In the same way, in whichever subject you feel yourself to be lacking, whatever speciality or virtue you feel lacking within yourself, donate that particular speciality or virtue. That is, use that in serving other souls, and then you will experience that within yourself as the practical fruit of service. To serve means to receive the fruit. Now, there isn’t that much time to make effort in which you can give time to your own self and then make time to serve others. Fast effort means to serve the self and others at the same time. In every second and in every thought, there should be benevolent feelings for the self and for the world. In the same second, you should be performing the double task; only then will you become one with a double crown. If you only perform one task at a time, then, as a result of serving either the self or the world individually, you will receive the single crown of light in the new world. That is, although you will attain a life of a purity, a life filled with happiness and prosperity, you will not attain the throne and crown of a kingdom, that is, you will receive the status of a subject. The basis of attaining a double crown is to perform double service at the same time: to serve the self and others at the same time. This is the effort of coming last and going fast. Are you making such fast effort? Now, have such particular checking at the present time. You will be able to change yourself and the time through this method. Achcha.

To such children, in whom there is hope, who transform themselves and the world; to those who constantly maintain good wishes for world benefit, the same as BapDada; to the fast effort-makers who fulfil all desires of all souls; to the world servers and world benefactors who use their time and thoughts for service; to such most elevated souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

What special chit-chat takes place in the heart-to-heart exchange of the maharathis? Generally, the subject that comes up with the maharathis is, „When will transformation take place?” Whilst looking at the time and the self, do you have the question of what is to happen? However, the main basis of transformation is to remain busy in service at every second. Every maharathi should constantly have the thought: Whatever time I have, that has to be used for service. Even when you are using time for an essential task for your body, whilst doing that, you can use your mind to bring about world benefit at the same time. If you are not able to do something with words or actions, you should have the thought in your mind of having benevolent feelings; that is also then accumulated in the subject of service.

On the path of bhakti, whom does one call a great donor? Those who do not use anything for themselves, but who use everything at every moment to serve others. Such souls are called great donors; otherwise, they are just donors. Those who constantly and continually donate are called great donors. In the same way, whilst giving time to yourself personally, always consider yourself to be engaged in world service. Whenever you are sitting on a stage, you have to pay special attention because at that time, you are on the stage for service; and so, you don’t become slack, you pay full attention to service. In the same way, when you constantly consider yourself to be on the stage of service, transformation will take place through that. When you constantly remain engaged in service, as a result of service, and on the basis of the attainment of being praised and blessed from the hearts of all souls, you will experience happiness. And, by remaining busy in this, whatever weaknesses you experience within yourself will be finished. So, this is the method to transform yourself, to which you have to draw one another’s attention and put into practice. At present, according to the stage of being a world benefactor, to stabilise yourself in remembrance is also accumulated in the subject of service. This is because the time of the maharathis spent now on the pilgrimage of remembrance is not just for the self, but that time spent on the pilgrimage of remembrance is for the self as well as for the benefit and service of others. You have already received a lot of time to experience benefit for yourself, but now, it is time for the stage of being a great donor and a bestower of blessings.

So, what is the definition of a maharathi? A maharathi is one who has a double crown, that is, one who is a double server. There should be the balance of serving others as well as serving the self; such a soul is called a maharathi. The time of the children’s childhood is for the self, and the time of responsible souls is for service. The time of the infantry and the cavalry will be used for the self a lot more. Sometimes, their stage will get spoilt. Sometimes, they will have dharna, whereas at other times they will fail in their dharna. Sometimes, they will be making intense effort and sometimes they will make ordinary effort. One moment they would be battling with one sanskar, and the next moment they would be battling with another; they will waste a lot of time on themselves. However, the maharathis will not be like this. Little children will play with toys, they will put everything right very quickly or they will spoil something very quickly. Here too, they play with the toy of their sanskars, sometimes, putting everything right and sometimes spoiling; sometimes they put everything right and sometimes they are influenced and sometimes they influence it. However, this is a sign of childhood, not of a maharathi. Achcha.


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