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Become free of supports by taking the support of disciplines

Are all of you happy and content? Is there any need to ask about your well-being? BapDada thinks that there should be no need to ask this any more, because all the children have now grown up. Each one of you has put on the crown of responsibility for changing hell into heaven. One who wears a crown asks others about their well-being. When you become kings of satyug you will ask your subjects about their well-being. So you have to be filled with that sanskar here. The sanskars that you fill yourself with now will continue for many births. And within those, the main sanskar is that which is called being independent. To be independent does not mean that you do not depend on the disciplines of the divine relationships. You have to remain very firm in the disciplines. You must remain firm in the disciplines and also be fully independent. When and where have you seen such a stage? All of you saw the proof of it in the corporeal form. Baba was independent to the same extent that he fully observed all disciplines. Even though he was independent, he never did anything without consulting the children. This is what it means to observe the disciplines and teach others. Some children become independent, but while they are independent, they let go of following the little disciplines. To have both the stages together means to remain within the code of conduct of the Brahmin clan.

What is the main task of you Brahmins? To tie others in bondage (of the Brahmin clan), that is, to keep the self tied. To the extent that you remain tied by the code of conduct, accordingly you will remain loving and detached. Each one of you has to see to what extent you are following the code of conduct of the Brahmin clan. What is the main code of conduct of the Brahmins? Stay within the code of conduct. So the main code of conduct is to follow shrimat, and everything is included in that. So first of all, check if you are fully following the code of conduct of following shrimat completely. If someone lets go of the code of conduct, he is removed from the clan. In kaliyug he is removed from the clan whereas here, you are not removed, but you move yourself away. So you must check fully to what extent you are following this main code of conduct. All the actions that you perform throughout the day should be checked, „Were my thoughts, words and actions according to the code of conduct of the Brahmin clan?” If they were not according to the code of conduct of the Brahmin clan, then at that time it is as though you move yourself away from the clan and there isn’t the intoxication of being a Brahmin. You forget that. Realise that only when you remain within the code of conduct will you be able to teach that to others. Those who are brahmins by name only, have carried on this task. It is those brahmins who teach and carry out the code of conduct for whatever task that takes place. It is because you Brahmins have followed the code of conduct that this memorial has continued. Only those who themselves have learnt it will teach others. Shrimat is only one word, but it has very great significance. Shrimat tells you what thoughts you should have, how you should see, how you should speak, with which consciousness to perform actions, how you have to eat food. You have even received shrimat about how to sleep; first stay in remembrance and then fall asleep. It is the code of conduct of shrimat to check your chart and then go to sleep. You know what the code of conduct is even in terms of thoughts. Everything is included in that. So check every action. What is your attitude, vision and consciousness? Every aspect should be within the code of conduct. In some cases, you have to set yourself free and in some cases, you have to tie yourself. This temporary, sweet bondage liberates you from many other bondages. Now, do not depend on someone to ask you about the result of your chart in order for you to progress. You have BapDada’s support anyway, but it is you that has to pay attention to the little aspects. Look at your daily chart, check it and move forward. All of you are going to look after the kingdoms in the future. So can those who are going to look after others not look after themselves? If you cannot look after your chart, how will you look after a kingdom?

The kumaris are wondering when their result will be given. Is the result worthy of being given? Is the result a pass for fifty per cent of you? No matter how difficult the examination you took was, will approximately half of you have passed? Now there’s one week left, and so prepare yourself accordingly. You have to take a difficult examination. Generally, you are not told about your paper, but here, you are told about it beforehand. One test is whether you are able to stay in eight hours’ remembrance. You will have to take an examination on lectures also: on how you can clarify all the main points of knowledge to someone in three minutes. You have to explain the essence of knowledge in three minutes in such a way that the next day, they have a further desire to come and listen to you. You will have to take a difficult paper on the subject of karma yoga also. And then, you will be given the result. Not only this, but you will receive the final marks when your one month’s result of wherever you go is received. You have to make such preparations and then we shall see how many of you have passed. All those who are working on the museum will also be given a result. Whatever the result is of those working on the museum, it will be understood from their result what kind of seed has been sown. As is the seed, so is the fruit. The residents of Madhuban will also be given the result on what change they have brought about in themselves. Everyone will be examined after one week. It is now the examination time of the other government, and so it is also the time for examinations by the Pandav Government. Achcha.

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