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The specialities of a spiritual rose

Today, the Master of the Garden is looking at His children who are spiritual roses. The children who are the spiritual roses from all directions are personally sitting in front of BapDada. No matter where you children are physically sitting (some brothers and sisters are listening to the murli in the History Hall below), BapDada can see all of you before His eyes. Even now, BapDada is listening to the children’s thoughts. Everyone wants to sit face to face in front of Baba and hear the murli. However, even though some children are sitting in the small hall below, BapDada is seeing all you children in front of Him. The fragrance of each of you spiritual roses is reaching BapDada. All of you are numberwise, but, at this moment, all of you belong to the one Father and none other and are stable in your first and foremost stage with this spiritual fragrance. This is why this spiritual fragrance is reaching the subtle region. Do you know the specialities of spiritual fragrance? On what basis are you able to keep this spiritual fragrance constant and steady and also able to spread it far and wide, that is, to make an impact with it? The main basis of this is your spiritual attitude. Let there always be the awareness that the spirit is seeing the spirit and speaking to the spirit. It is the spirits that are playing their various parts: I am a spirit and constantly moving along while under the canopy of protection of the Supreme Spirit. I am a spirit. I cannot have a single thought that is not according to the shrimat of the Supreme Spirit. The Karavanhar (the One who makes me act) of I, the spirit, is the Supreme Spirit. I am an instrument who is made to do everything by Karavanhar. I am karanhar (one who acts) and He is Karavanhar. He is making me move and I am moving. The Lord is ever-present in every direction for me, this spirit, in every thought, word and deed of mine. Therefore, I, the spirit, am always in front of the Lord and say, “Yes, my Lord!” The spirit and the Supreme Spirit are constantly combined. The Supreme Spirit cannot stay without me, this spirit, and I cannot without the Supreme Spirit. Those who experience the Lord to be present with them at every second constantly and eternally have this spiritual fragrance. This is the speciality of number one fragrant, spiritual roses. In the same way, they always have the Supreme Spirit merged in their drishti. They are merged in the Father’s drishti and the Father is merged in their drishti. Spiritual roses will see but not see bodies, the physical world or any thing or person of the old physical world. They have the consciousness of speaking through their bodies, but of seeing the spirit and speaking to the spirit. In their vision, they constantly have the spiritual world, the world of angels and the world of deities. They are constantly engaged in spiritual service. Night and day, there is constantly spiritual service for them to do. Similarly, such spiritual roses always have the spiritual feeling that all spirits should claim a right to their inheritance, just as they themselves have done. They feel that they want to help souls under an external influence with their own powers that they have attained from the Father and enable them to have an experience. They never look at anyone’s weaknesses or defects. They are bestowers who constantly co-operate, using the powers and virtues that they have inculcated into themselves. They are co-operative with the Brahmin family and great donors for everyone else. They never feel that certain people are like this or like that. Instead, they always have the good wishes to make others equal to the Father. Together with this, they also have elevated good wishes for all the souls who are at this time unhappy, poverty-stricken and peaceless to become constantly peaceful and prosperous embodiments of happiness. They constantly have in their awareness the one concern of quickly bring about world transformation. These are spiritual roses.

Today, it is the turn of those from Maharashtra. If those from Maharashtra remember even the one word “Maha” (great), they can then all become great, that is, they can all become number one. What is the aim of those from Maharashtra? To become great. You have to make yourselves great and also make the world great. This is what you always have in your awareness, is it not?

Those from Karnataka are the actors who constantly play hero parts in the drama (natak). You have to become heroes and make others into heroes. Andhra (one of the states of India) means those who dispel darkness; they dispel all types of darkness. In Andhra, there is a lot of darkness of poverty. Therefore, you have to remove all types of poverty and make everyone full. Those from Andhra will make everyone in the world wealthy, so that there will be no poverty of anything for the body, and no lack of wealth or power of the mind. You are those who remove the poverty of body, mind and wealth. You are those who dispel all of this darkness and bring constant light. Therefore, you residents of Andhra are master suns of knowledge. Madras means those who are constantly absorbed in their dancing. There is the dance of harmonising sanskars and the dance of happiness, and you also dance physically. Mad(ras) also means to be absorbed. Therefore, you remain constantly absorbed in this dance. Do you understand what the occupation of all of you is? So, Baba has now met everyone, has He not? To meet means to receive. So, you have received everything, have you not? Eventually, you will have to reach the stage of just meeting through the eyes. For BapDada, wherever you are sitting, whether up here or down below, you are all VIPs.

BapDada meeting the teachers:

Do you know in what form BapDada would like to see all of you instrument servers? BapDada wants to see all of you servers incarnate down here to do your service just as He Himself incarnates here in order to carry out His duty. When one incarnation incarnates on earth, according to the drama, he is able to bring about so much transformation. They are those who have the power of the soul, whereas all of you are embodiments of the power of God. Therefore, if all of you incarnations were to incarnate down here, what would happen? Transformation would take place very easily. Just as the Father takes this body on loan and yet doesn’t create any bondage, but simply enters and leaves when He wants and thereby remains free from bondage, in the same way, you servers have to remain free from any bondage of your sanskars or nature of your bodies. You need to be able to adopt any sanskar whenever and however you want. You need to be able to make your body function as you want. You need to be able to create whatever type of nature you want. Do not say, “My nature is like this, and so what can I do?” Do not say, “This is what my sanskars and my bondage are like!” No! Become completely free from bondage, the same as the Father. Some of you think that you are in the bondage of a body because of having to be in the cycle of birth and death. However, now that your body no longer belongs to you, is that body a bondage? So, how can you have any bondage? Now that you have died alive, to whom does your body belong? Have you surrendered all three, your body, mind and wealth? Or, have you only surrendered two and not the third? Can there be any bondage when the body and mind are not yours? To say, “What can I do? I have had these sanskars for many births and I have these karmic accounts of the body”, is to speak words of weakness. It is now, at the confluence age, that your old accounts of your old births are settled and you start everything afresh. Your old register has now been closed. You have started your new register. Has your old past register been closed? Or, are you still carefully holding onto it? Have you not yet closed it? So, do you understand what BapDada wants to see?

When so many incarnations appear, there will then be upheaval on earth. An incarnation means a soul who has come from up above. First, stabilise in the stage of the incorporeal world and then come down here. Do not take off from down here. You are, in any case, originally souls who are residents of the supreme abode; you are satopradhan souls. Therefore, remain stable in your original and eternal form. Do not stay in your stage of the final period, but remain in your original and eternal stage. What will happen then? You will become free from bondage yourself and those for whom you become instruments will also become free from bondage. Otherwise, those souls will also become tied in one or another bondage. Do everything whilst considering yourself to be a soul without any bondage, one who has just incarnated. Others will then also follow you. You saw sakar Baba, what did he remember? “Together with the Father, I am also in my karmateet stage and in the childhood form of my deity stage”. He constantly had his original and eternal form in his awareness. Therefore, follow the father! There is no need to ask you teachers if you are content. To ask you teachers this question would be to insult you! Therefore, BapDada cannot insult you. You are instruments, equal to the Father. To be an instrument means constantly to be an embodiment of having the awareness of Karankaravanhar. This awareness is a powerful awareness. I am karanhar, but only on the basis of Karankaravanhar. I am an instrument but I must not forget the One who has made me an instrument. Let there not be the consciousness of “I”. Constantly have BapDada’s name on your lips, in your mind and in your actions. This lesson is firm for you, is it not?

BapDada meeting groups:

1. Do you spend your whole day from the early hours of nectar till night according to the timetable and the elevated directions that Baba has given you for the whole day: how you have to wake up, how you have to walk, how you have to eat, how you have to interact? You have been given the elevated directions for all of these actions. Do you perform every action according to those elevated directions? Which one word do you remain aware of, so that your stage remains elevated in everything you do? Trustee! By remaining aware of being a trustee in everything you do, your stage will become elevated. This is because when you act as a trustee, every burden is the Father’s burden and you become constantly double light. When you are double light, you are able to take a high jump. If you consider yourself to be a householder, you have a tail dragging along behind you and every burden lands on you. When you have a burden, you are unable to take a high jump. In fact, you become even more breathless. When you constantly consider yourself to be a trustee, your stage will remain constantly elevated. Therefore, always keep in your awareness the elevated directions of constantly remaining a trustee.

2. What is the number one shrimat that all of you children have received from BapDada? The number one shrimat is to consider yourself to be a soul and, whilst considering yourself to be a soul, to remember the Father. You will not receive power from the Father by only considering yourself to be a soul. The reason why you are unable to maintain the stage of constant remembrance is that, whilst you are remembering the Father, you do not consider yourself to be a soul. Instead of considering yourself to be a soul, you remember the Father whilst considering yourself to be an ordinary bodily being. You are therefore unable to maintain that stage of remembrance. Before two things are put together, they first have to be made to match. In the same way, when you remember the Father whilst considering yourself to be a soul then, because you have become the same, you will easily be able to have that remembrance. Constantly continue to put this first shrimat into practice. This is your main foundation. When your foundation is weak, you are unable to experience your stage ascending. One moment, your stage would ascend and the next moment, it would descend. When a building’s foundation is not strong, there are cracks and it may collapse. In the same way, if your foundation isn’t strong, Maya will make you fall down. Therefore, always make sure that your foundation is very strong. You must constantly pay attention even to something that appears easy. If you don’t pay constant attention, even something easy then becomes difficult.

3. Do you constantly have the intoxication that you are the souls with all rights every cycle? You were those souls, you are those souls and you will be those souls every cycle. Do the scenes of the previous cycle enter your intellects just as clearly? Today, you are Brahmins and tomorrow, you will be deities. Do you have the intoxication that you were deities? Do you constantly remember the mantra, “hum so, so hum” (What I was, so I will become). If you constantly maintain this intoxication, then just as everything else is forgotten by an intoxicated person, just as the whole world is forgotten, in the same way, when you remain in this intoxication, you are easily able to forget the old world. Do you experience your stage to be like this? Therefore, constantly check to see how long you remain in the intoxication of knowing that today you are a Brahmin and tomorrow, a deity. When you interact with anyone, do you still maintain this intoxication or does it reduce a little? Everyone remembers what he or she is. For instance, whilst a President is doing anything, he would not forget that he is a President. So, constantly remember your position. Through this, you will experience constant happiness and intoxication. Constantly have the intoxication of being those who are to become deities. At present, you are Brahmins, the topknots, and Brahmins are even more elevated than the deities! No matter how much Maya tries to shake off this intoxication of yours, she should be unable to do so. When Maya comes, she first tries to isolate you. She first makes you step away from the Father. Robbers also first get you on your own and then attack you. Therefore, stay constantly combined. Never become isolated. “I and my Baba”. Remain in the awareness of being combined.

4. Do all of you consider yourselves to be greatly fortunate? Look how great your fortune is! You have reached the land of blessings to fill your aprons with blessings. How many souls in the world have such fortune? A handful out of multimillions, and only a few out of that handful! Therefore, always remain happy in the awareness of what you used to listen to and speak about, and that you are now the souls who are the few out of the handful selected from multimillions. Do you have this much happiness? Constantly continue to dance in this happiness. How wonderful is my fortune! Continue to sing this song. Together with singing this song, dance in happiness. You know how to sing this song, do you not? How wonderful my fortune is! How wonderful my Baba is! How wonderful the drama is! Constantly continue to sing this song. You are very lucky. The Father always says that each of you children is a lovely child. So, you are the loveliest and also the luckiest. Never consider yourself to be ordinary; you are very elevated. Once God Himself belongs to you, what else would you need? When the Seed belongs to you, the tree is included in it.

Therefore, remain in the constant happiness of knowing this. When others see your happiness, they too will begin to dance in happiness.


May you be a master liberator who remains stable in the self-respect of your original form and your original home.

In today’s environment, every soul is in one type of bondage or another. Some are influenced by suffering through their bodies, some through their relations, some through their desires, some through their own natures and the sanskars that cause sorrow, and some are influenced by the sorrow of not being able to attain God, and they therefore call and cry out. Souls who are so peaceless and who are experiencing sorrow want to be liberated. Therefore, in order to liberate them from such sorrowful lives, remain stable in the self-respect of your original form and original home, be merciful and become a master liberator.


In order to be constantly unshakeable and immovable, stay seated on a constant and stable seat.

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