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The way to make something that is difficult easy is constantly to see the Father

Today, BapDada has especially come to meet those from London. To meet means to become equal to the Father. What signal has BapDada been giving you since you came to Him? Children, all of you elevated souls are equal to the Father in all virtues and all attainments; you are the masters. You are even more elevated than the Father; you are the crown on the Father’s head. Have you become master almighty authorities and full masters, full of all virtues, equal to the Father, as Baba has previously told you? Only when you become equal to the Father at this time will you become those future deities who have a right to the kingdom of the world. Are you continually checking yourself to see to what extent you have become equal to the Father? Whilst keeping each virtue and power in front of you, check yourself as to what percentage you have become an embodiment of each virtue and power. It is easy to follow this instruction, is it not? BapDada is the example in front of you. See the Father in both forms, the corporeal form and the incorporeal form, and continue to follow them. There is the saying: As is the father, so are the children. “Son shows father” is also remembered. The relationship between father and child is of the child following the father. It is not difficult, but you make it difficult. If it were difficult you would constantly find it difficult. Some find it easy and others find it difficult. Why is it like this? The same person sometimes finds it easy and sometimes difficult. Why is this? What does this prove? It is due to the weakness of those moving along that they find it difficult.

Even today devotees sing praise of the Father. Together with praising the Father they still also praise you great souls, you worthy-of-worship souls. Do you remember your praise? To whom do souls go when they encounter a difficult situation? They either go to the Father or to you deity souls. How can those who remove the difficulties of others find something to be difficult themselves? What enters your intellect when you find something difficult? What is it that makes you feel it is difficult? You are very experienced in this. Instead of looking at the Father, you begin to look at the situation. When you get engrossed in the situation many questions arise. If you were just to look at the Father, then, because He is a Point, you would be able to put a full stop to all situations. Situations are the tree and the Father is the Seed. Because you try to carry the tree of expansion, you are neither able to hold the tree nor the Father. You put the Father aside and are unable to accommodate the tree of expansion in your intellects. Then, because you are unable to fulfil your desire, you get disheartened. The sign of someone being disheartened is that he is constantly complaining about one or other situation or person. The more he complains, the more he himself becomes trapped, because all of that expansion itself becomes a trap. The more you then try to move away from it, the more trapped you become in it. There can either be the Father or the situations. You have been listening to and relating things about situations for half a cycle. What do the Bhagawad and the Ramayana of the path of devotion consist of? They are such long stories. When those situations arose, the Father was not there. Even now, when you get involved with situations, you lose the Father. What game do you then play? (Hide and seek.) You blindfold your third eye and then try to look for Him. The Father continues to call out to you and you continue to search for Him. What happens eventually? The Father Himself has to come and give you His company. Why do you play such games? Because many colourful things that take place within the expansion of those situations attract you. If you were to step away from all of those, you would constantly remain an easy yogi. Those of you from London do not experience anything to be difficult, do you?

Learn how to keep yourself busy. When you don’t have time for anything else, you won’t go into the expansion of other things. When you are busy with a large programme, then, no matter what else is happening at that time, you would step away from it all. At that time, you are only concerned about that service. You don’t even think about eating or sleeping. As world-benefactor souls, constantly keep the plan of the unlimited task emerged. Give your intellect such an unlimited task to do that you won’t have time for anything else. Make a list of things in your daily diary to keep your intellect busy. Through this you will automatically experience easy yoga. When you speak of this yoga you say that it is easy Raja Yoga. You do not say that it is sometimes easy yoga and sometimes difficult yoga. Therefore, BapDada wants to see all of you children stabilised in the form that you apply to the name. If, even after you have become master almighty authorities, you experience anything to be difficult, then when would you find it easy? If not now, then never! Therefore, to resolve this, make a programme amongst yourselves.

Meeting the London group:

Each and every one of you jewels is extremely loved and very precious, because each of you jewels has your own speciality. This world task will only be accomplished with the specialities of each and every one of you. When you have cooked something, then, no matter how beautiful the food you have prepared may appear, if you haven’t put in basic ingredients like sugar or salt, that dish won’t be worth eating. In the same way, for such an elevated task of the world, each of you jewels is essential; everyone’s finger is needed. Everyone’s finger is shown in that picture. The task of world transformation will not be completed with only the fingers of the maharathis, because everyone’s finger is needed. Each of you is a maharathi in your own way and BapDada cannot do anything by Himself. BapDada and the instrument souls keep all of you souls at the front. Therefore, all of you are absolutely essential and elevated jewels. You are the jewels that have been accepted by BapDada. There is a memorial of how God’s vision fell on a stone and how that stone became divine. However, you are the elevated jewels that have been accepted by Him. Know the greatness and the value of your task. The praise of the Shaktis belongs to you Shaktis and the praise of the Pandavas belongs to you Pandavas. Therefore, all of you are great souls. What is the sign of a great soul? The greater a soul is, the more humble that soul is. Great souls always experience themselves to be obedient servants. Your group is like this, is it not? You Shaktis from Shakti Bhavan would be constantly remembering your form, would you not? You remember your stage according to your place. The speciality of a Shakti is to be a conqueror of Maya. No type of Maya can come to a Shakti, because a Shakti rides on Maya. Shaktis are always shown holding a trident in their hand. What does this symbolize? The trident symbolizes your stage. The titles of the confluence age, such as, “master trimurti, trinetri, trikaldarshi and trilokinath”, all indicate your stage and are symbolized by the trident. Do you have this stage in your awareness? Underline the word “constantly”. Because you have moved away from the atmosphere of the world, you have made your fortune very great. BapDada is very pleased to see the fortune of you children.

2. Do you constantly move along whilst considering yourselves to be worthy-of-worship souls? “Worthy-of-worship souls” means to be great souls. What speciality do great souls constantly have? They consider themselves to be guests. Those who move along whilst considering themselves to be guests become great, worthy-of-worship souls. Why? Because renunciation creates fortune. By considering yourself to be a guest, you become free from attachment to the building of your body. Nothing belongs to a guest. He is given everything to use for his needs but there is no feeling of any of it belonging to him. Guests will use everything but have no feeling of anything belonging to them. Therefore, they will be detached and loving, whilst using everything. Whilst living at home, those who consider themselves to be guests will be loving and detached and use everything for service. You are such great souls, are you not? You consider yourselves to be guests, do you not? Today, you are here and tomorrow, you will return home and, after that you will come down and enter your kingdom. This is the only concern you have, is it not? Therefore, constantly remain detached from your body. When you become detached from your body you also become detached from your bodily relations and possessions. This stage of being beyond is such a lovely stage! One minute you come down to perform actions and the next minute you go beyond. Do you experience this? Your non-living, worthy of worship idols are kept in the temples. However, the memorial of your confluence-aged stage of being beyond is still remembered on the path of devotion. Though temples are built to Lakshmi and Narayan, would they feel them to be theirs? They are totally beyond that feeling. Those non-living idols that become worthy of worship have no feelings of anything belonging to them. Therefore, you living worthy-of-worship souls also need to have the attitude of being guests. The more you have the attitude of being a guest the more elevated your family and your stage will become. It is only in name that you are called residents of London, because you are in fact all guests. Today, you are here and tomorrow, you will be there. Just remaining aware of the two words “today and tomorrow” makes you aware of the whole cycle. You are such great, worthy-of-worship souls. You souls who live in London have very good faith and enthusiasm. You are not weak souls. When obstacles come, you overcome them. You are not goats, you are lionesses. To be a goat means to bleat constantly: “I, I (“Mai, mai”). The flag of the Shakti Army is flying high. Each Shakti has to be one who glorifies the Almighty Father. When the Shakti Army goes onto the battlefield, there will be cries of victory. Where will the bugles of victory first be blown? In London or in America? BapDada constantly congratulates you loving children at amrit vela. He constantly sings the song “Wah My children! Wah!” Are you able to hear this song?

Meeting the Teachers: You are the decoration of London’s service. Just as there are the Queen’s decorations in the London Museum, so you too are decorations of BapDada’s service in His museum. You are constantly great and also constantly humble. This speciality not only makes you great but it also makes the service you do great. You are all clever at harmonising your sanskaras, are you not? When someone doesn’t know how to use his hands or feet physically, what do his companions do? They put their hands over the hand or the foot of the one who can’t use them to teach him how to use them. So, what must all of you do? You must move forward, become co-operative and teach them the dance of harmonising sanskaras by giving your hands of co-operation. You are number one in this, are you not? On the basis of this speciality, those who perform the dance of harmonising their sanskaras the most and who co-operate with Baba are the ones who will take the first birth with Shri Krishna and dance with him, whilst holding his hands. You want to dance with him, do you not? The easiest way to perform the dance of harmonising your sanskaras is to become humble yourself and to give others the elevated seat. When you offer your seat to others they will get off that seat by themselves and offer it to you. However, when you yourself try to sit on that seat first, others will not allow you to do so. If you make others sit on it, they will get off and make you sit on it. To seat others on that seat means to seat yourself. Let the lesson of “You first!” be very firm. You will then be able to harmonise your sanskars with others easily. You will receive your seat and the dance will be performed. You will also receive the opportunity to perform that future dance. Therefore, this is such an easy matter.

This is the truly serviceable group of London. The word “servers” is very sweet. Do you prefer the word “teacher” or “server”? Even the Father calls Himself your Obedient Servant. When you call yourself a servant, you automatically become crowned. This is the way to become clever. There is much less labour but so much more attainment! Therefore, become the clever children of the clever Father.

France: Are you constantly moving along on the pilgrimage of remembrance and accumulating an income of multimillions at every step you take? Those who earn an income of multimillions at every step would be extremely prosperous. Do you experience yourselves to be such full souls? Have you received limitless treasures? Have you received the key to the treasure-store? Do you know how to use the key? Does the key sometimes get stuck whilst you are trying to use it? This key is very easy to use. “I am a soul who has all rights.” The awareness of having all rights is the key to all treasures. Do you know how to use this key? You can take as many treasures as you want with this key. Whether you want happiness, peace or love, you can receive anything you choose.

Question: What weight do you souls need to lose in order to become powerful?

Answer: You souls are carrying the weight of waste: waste thoughts, words and actions. This makes the soul heavy. In order to finish this waste, keep yourself constantly busy in service. Increase your churning power! Souls become powerful by churning. Just as you increase the strength of your blood by digesting your food properly and that strength works for you, in the same way, power in the soul increases when you churn.

Question: What very well-known mantra of the path of devotion can make you constantly swing in the swing of happiness, when you keep it in your awareness?

Answer: On the path of devotion, the mantra of “hum so, so hum” is very well known. You children are now able to experience the secret of “hum so” in a practical way. This mantra is for us: We Brahmins will become deities. We were deities and we deities have now become Brahmins. It is now that we have become aware of this. When we see the images of the deities, our intellects are then aware that they are our images. This is a wonder! Constantly maintain this awareness and you will swing in the swing of happiness.

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