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The cause of your experiencing difficulty on this easy path and the easy solution to it

The cause (kaaran) of your experiencing difficulty on this easy path and the easy solution to it (nivaran)

Today, Baba has especially come to meet you double-foreign children. You double foreigners are doubly fortunate; why? Because, firstly, you have come to know BapDada and claimed your right to your inheritance. Secondly, you have come now, last, and you have great hope that you will go fast and come first. By coming at the end (last) you are fortunate in that you have come at a time when everything is ready-made and already prepared for you. The children who came to Baba at the start churned all the knowledge and made the effort to extract the butter, whereas all of you have come when it is the time to eat the butter. It has been made very easy for all of you, because the children who came at the beginning have already walked along this path and become experienced. All of you have easily reached your destination by taking the help of all of those experienced ones. So, you are doubly fortunate, are you not? According to the drama, you have received double fortune. Therefore, what do you now have to do? Just as the experienced maharathi instruments have served all of you with their experience, in the same way, all of you have to make others experienced on the basis of your own experience. To relate your experience to others is the easiest service of all. All the points of knowledge are not just points of knowledge but they are points of experience. It is very easy to relate one’s experience of every point. Do you experience this to be that easy or do you find it difficult? Firstly, it is easy because it is your own experience. Secondly, BapDada relates the knowledge of the beginning to the end in the form of a story. It is very easy to listen to a story and then relate it. Thirdly, you souls are not hearing for the first time what the Father is telling you. You have heard it many times and it is now just being repeated for you. Anything that is repeated is very easy to listen to and to relate to others. New things are difficult to remember but it is very easy to remember and repeat the things that you have heard many times before. Look at your remembrance; it is the remembrance of such a lovely and close relationship! It is not difficult to remember someone with whom you have a close relationship. You would constantly remember that one even against your conscious wish, and look what you have attained from Him! It is also very easy to remember someone on the basis of what you have attained from that one. Knowledge is very easy and remembrance is also very easy. Nowadays, for all of you long-lost and now-found children, the course of knowledge finishes in seven days and the yoga camps are completed in just three days. So, you have fitted the ocean (sagar) into an earthenware pot (gagar). It would be difficult to lift the ocean, but it isn’t difficult to lift an earthenware pot. The ocean has been merged into the earthenware pot and you have been given that earthenware pot. Knowledge and yoga are merged in the two words: „You” (aap) and „Father” (Bap). So, knowledge and remembrance are included in these. Therefore, it is easy to imbibe knowledge and yoga in two words. This is why you have the title of easy Raja Yogis. Do you find this to be as easy as your title? Can anything be easier than this? In fact, the reason why you find something difficult is because of your own weakness. One or another old sanskar becomes an obstruction whilst you are moving on this easy path and stops you. Then, because you don’t have power, you start to try and break that rock, and, whilst you are trying to break it, you become disheartened. However, what is the easy way to overcome an obstruction? You don’t have to break the rock, but jump over it. To have waste thoughts such as, “Why did this happen? This should not happen! For how long is this going to go on? This is very difficult! Why is it like this?” is like trying to break the rock. However, when you just remember the one word “drama”, you become able to take a high jump. It would take days and months to break the rock, whereas it takes just a second on the basis of this one word. So, the cause is your own weakness in knowledge. The second weakness is that you are unable to be touched by a point of knowledge at the time you need it. Generally, you have all the points in your intellect and in your diary. However that point of knowledge is not visible in the diary of your intellect at that time. To resolve this, revise daily the main points of knowledge. Continue to experience these points and check yourself within. Then, by checking yourself, you can change yourself. Your time won’t ever be wasted then and you will be able to experience many things in a short time. Each of you will constantly experience yourself to be a master almighty authority. Do you understand? Now, stop trying to break the rock of your problems with the hammer of waste thoughts. Now stop being a labourer and become an emperor. You are emperors of the land that is free from sorrow. There will then neither be any mention of a problem, nor will your time be wasted in trying to solve that problem. Your old sanskars will no longer attack you but will become your servants. Therefore, become an emperor, remain seated on your throne and keep wearing your crown and tilak.

BapDada meeting a German group:

Are you embodiments of the experience of easy knowledge and yoga? BapDada is seeing the fortune of every elevated soul. Just as the Father sees the sparkling star on each one’s forehead, similarly, do you also constantly see the sparkling star at the centre of your forehead? Is your star sparkling? Does Maya sometimes cover up that sparkling star? Does Maya come to you? When will you gain victory over Maya and conquer the world? From today, right now, have the determination that you will now definitely become a master almighty authority, a conqueror of Maya and a conqueror of the world. Do you have this much courage? When you have courage, BapDada definitely helps you. When you take one step, BapDada definitely helps you with a thousand steps. It is easy to take a step, is it not? So, before you leave here, take from Madhuban, the land of blessings, the blessing of the title of “Easy Yogi”. This is not a group of Germans, but a group of easy yogis. When any adverse situation comes in front of you, give it to the Father. Say “Baba” from your heart and that situation will end. To say the word “Baba” from your heart does magic. You have been given a word of such great magic. It is just that you forget it when Maya comes. The first thing that Maya does is to make you forget the Father. So, you have to pay attention to this. When you pay attention to this, you will constantly experience yourself to be like a lotus. No matter how much rubbish of Maya’s problems there may be, you will be able to remain beyond all of them on the basis of remembrance. The picture of the lotus flower applies to you. This is why the German group has created their float like a lotus. Is it just Father Brahma who is sitting on the lotus? Or, are all of you also sitting on the lotus? Your seat is the stage of a lotus flower. Never forget your seat and you will always remain cheerful, and you will then never be shaken by any adverse situation. You will constantly have a cheerful mood. Everyone who sees you will praise you as being a constantly easy and cheerful yogi. Constantly keep the magic of the word “Bap” (Father) with you. Remember these three things. The speciality of this German group is that you have come running to Madhuban with a lot of love. To have love for Madhuban means to have love for the Father. BapDada has just as much love for you children. Is the Father’s love or the children’s love greater? (The Father’s.) Your love for the Father is just as multimillion times great. The Father would always put His children at the front. The children are the Father’s masters. Look! All of you are to become the masters of the world. The Father will not become a master, yet He makes all of you into masters. So, you are all ahead of Him, are you not? The Father has this much love for all of you children. This isn’t your fortune just for one birth, but your fortune for 21 births; it is an imperishable fortune. This is a guarantee.

The German group has to show wonders. You have worked hard to create a picture of the God of the Gita. Now, bring some famous person here so that the sound can emerge that Shiva is the God of the Gita. Seeing the effort of the children, BapDada gives you many, many congratulations. You selected a very good topic. If you prove this topic to be correct, there will be cries of victory throughout the whole world. Just as you have made this effort, now make effort so that the sound can be heard clearly everywhere. You have churned the ocean of knowledge very well and you have also created very good pictures.

Meeting a group from Nairobi (Kenya):

The moths who come last and constantly go fast in front of the Flame are clever at dying alive for all time. Are you the true moths? Seeing the moths, the Flame is very happy. The Flame is proud of such moths. You children are constant embodiments of the remembrance of the Father. Just as you remember the Father, He too remembers you. Whereas all of you tried to garland the living One indirectly through the non-living images, now the Father constantly turns the beads of the rosary of the children’s virtues, and so you are so lucky. Souls remember the Father and the Father remembers you great souls. So, you have become even higher than the Father. This is why the children’s place is in the Father’s crown. You are the valuable beads of the crown. The real jewels and diamonds sparkle so much. Nowadays, even real jewels look like the artificial ones. In the golden age, each jewel will shine like a bulb. It will be brightly sparkling. Just as you use lighting film on a plain bulb to create light of that colour – you use green film to create a green light or red film to create a red light – similarly, there, you will have as much naturally coloured light as you have diamonds of different colours. As soon as there is even a little light, the room will begin to sparkle. So, all of you are the real diamonds of BapDada’s crown. One kind of hero (diamond) is one that sparkles, and the other is one who plays the elevated main part, a hero or heroine. So, you are double heroes. Constantly maintain the intoxication of being double heroes.

The beautiful fragrance of Nairobi is reaching the subtle region. You children have courage. Such a big group is the proof of your courage. This proves that the children from Nairobi are servers like the Father. This is why you have served everyone and brought them here. This is the practical proof of service. You have received the fruit of determined faith. You developed faith in your intellect and then, with the Father’s help, the impossible became possible. Instead of a little hut, you have now received a palace. (Baba, have you seen the palace [centre]?) BapDada doesn’t stop doing His work. The Father constantly looks after His children. In the world too, a mother would definitely be around her children because she loves them. So, how could BapDada and the Mother and Father not circle around you children here? This is why He comes here every day. Both Bap and Dada are bodiless in terms of a physical body. One has a subtle body and the other One is incorporeal. Neither of them needs to sleep, and they are therefore able to go wherever they want.

How many centres are there in Africa now? The area of Africa is very large; therefore, you should go everywhere and continue to increase service so that no one can then complain to you. Open centres everywhere. Go and serve, give the message, open a Gita Pathshala and continue to move on.

Meeting a group of teachers:

Teachers means those who are equal to the Father; those who transform many others through their thoughts, words and deeds. You are servers not just through your words, but also through your thoughts and deeds. Those who are embodiments of success in all three types of service pass with honours. You should claim equal marks in all three. So, you are the teachers who will pass with honours, are you not? Many would simply pass, but only a few special ones would pass with honours. So what aim have you kept? Check your timetable every day: Did I keep a balance of all three types of service throughout the whole day? By maintaining this balance, you will experience all virtues. As you walk and move around, you will be able to experience and enable others to experience all virtues. Everyone would then say that you donate virtues because the decoration of divine virtues would be very clearly visible. This is why, at the end, everyone will bow down and salute you, saying: “Deviji, deviji” (goddess), and this sanskar of the final time will then continue in the form of the worship of the goddesses. So, are you like this? To co-operate with one another through the Father’s virtues and the inculcation of the virtues in you so that you make others into embodiments of virtues is the greatest service of all. Virtues are definitely donated. Just as knowledge is donated, so too are virtues.

Now, each one of you will have to look after eight to ten centres. Only then can you say that you have done service. At present, each one of you is looking after four to five centres and later, each one will have to look after many centres. Now, increase service further.

Question: On what basis does BapDada see the result of each centre?

Answer: BapDada sees the result of each centre on the basis of what the atmosphere and situation are like there. If even two flowers emerge from a hard land then that’s worth more than even a hundred. Baba doesn’t see the two as just two but sees that two as equal to a hundred. No matter how small a centre is, don’t think of it as small. At some places there is quality, and at other places there is quantity. Wherever you children go, success is your birthright.

Question: In what double form should you do serve for expansion?

Answer: Do service as an embodiment of yoga (rup) and embodiment of gyan (basant). Serve with your drishti as well as your mouth. When you serve through both forms at the same time there will be double the result.

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