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Avyakt BapDada 15th March 2014

Greetings of Holi to all the holy children. Today, each one of you holy children has come here to celebrate Holi with BapDada. So, BapDada is also giving all the holy children greetings for Holi. The Father and the children know just how lovely each child is. The Holiest Father is giving every child greetings of Holi with deep love. All of the children are the holy children of the Holiest Father.

On this day, every child knows their stage of becoming holy and of making others holy. The Father knows and you also know to what extent each of you children has become holy in your thoughts, words, deeds, relationships, and contacts, and to what extent you have become pure – because BapDada loves the holiest children very much. So, today, let each child accept congratulations for becoming the holiest. Every holy child is number-wise, but has a right to BapDada’s love. So, BapDada is giving each and every child from everywhere, whether from this land or abroad, congratulations with lots of love from the depths of His heart for becoming holy. Congratulations. Congratulations.

Those on the path of devotion have created these types of days, but they have given importance to each day. You celebrate this day, the devotees also celebrate it, and the ordinary children too celebrate it. However, each of you children celebrate it in your own way. From amrit vela onwards, the children have formed lines for saying “Congratulations, congratulations” to the Father. Each child from everywhere, whether from this land, abroad or villages, is giving lots and lots of congratulations to the Father – and to all of you – from their heart. And BapDada is responding to the congratulations of the children with lots and lots of love.

Today, at amrit vela, from everywhere, the Father heard the songs of the children’s hearts: „Greetings of Holi, greetings of Holi”. The Father is also congratulating each of you children who are personally in front of the Father. However many there are, and even to the last child at the very end, BapDada is saying: Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations. At this time, each one’s face appears to be lost in the Father’s love.

Whilst giving drishti through his eyes, BapDada is celebrating a meeting with all the children from everywhere, saying: Children, every day, constantly continue to move forward with the same happiness and pleasure of this meeting. Just as this day is called Holi, in the same way, become holy every day of your life – that is, become pure, and continue to spread the vibrations of purity everywhere.

BapDada is pleased about one thing. What did he see? That each child is congratulating BapDada, and congratulations from all the different places have filled his aprons. Let these congratulations always be remembered. Congratulations for Holi.

Today, from amrit vela onwards BapDada gave all the children from everywhere greetings from his heart. Let each child continue to move forward in every subject. BapDada is the Companion of every child. Right now, on this day, along with blessings from his heart, BapDada is giving congratulations to each child who has come personally in front of Him. Congratulations. Congratulations.

„Ho li” (already happened) . What would you say of the second that just passed? It is „ho li” – it has already happened. From amrit vela, every child according to their own time, sang the song of congratulations, the song of their heart. Although they were not singing through their lips, BapDada’s ears heard the song of congratulations from their heart. So, BapDada is responding to each of you children with personal congratulations, along with blessings to every child from his heart, along with love from his heart: congratulations, congratulations, congratulations.

From today onwards, every day at amrit vela, accept blessings from the Father according to your efforts. What are the Father’s blessings? BapDada wants to see every child in the form of an intense effort-maker. When any situation comes, it is the duty of the situation to come, and it is the duty of you children to claim blessings from the Father’s heart. Every day at amrit vela, accept blessings for yourself from the Father. Throughout the day, experience BapDada with you as your Protector.

So, what is the meaning of the Father’s company? Whatever the Father and the murli that you listen to at amrit vela says, there are blessings also merged in it, as well as love and remembrances. So, claim blessings every day, continue to fly, and make others fly. Therefore, to celebrate Holi means to make the past and the present constantly an embodiment of success. You are embodiments of success. Success is your blessing since birth. With this awareness, remember the day again and again. BapDada’s blessing is: Success is with every child because BapDada is with you.

So, success is constantly with each one of you children. You simply have to put it into the practical form. You are embodiments of success. Your form is of success itself. So, on this day, keep this blessing in your awareness that success is our birthright. This awareness will change even matters of failure into success. So, on this day, remember: „I am an embodiment of success”. Constantly keep in your awareness this blessing that you received today from BapDada: „Success is my birthright”.

So, today, Holi means to let go of the past. Holi means the past. So, whatever you have done, today let that be the past, and for the future, remember: „Success is my birthright”. Every day at amrit vela keep this blessing in your awareness, and check yourself the whole day, and become an embodiment of success.

Now, you have become very knowledge-full. You give a message to the world, and BapDada gives each of you children this blessing: Success is your birthright. So, every day at amrit vela, keep this blessing in your awareness: „Success is my birthright”. If anything happens in a practical way, then remember this blessing of success, and put it into the practical form.

The special blessing for today, for Holi, is to become equal to the Father – it is that you definitely have to become equal to Father Brahma, and complete, like him. Follow the father. Father Brahma was in the corporeal form, and even now he is your helper. Therefore, follow Father Brahma. „Success is my birthright”: You have a right, do you not? You have a right, do you not? Raise your hands!

So, where success is your right, Maya is not a big deal. Continue to watch the games of Maya. It is Maya’s duty to come, and so what is your duty? To gain victory. Always remember this. “I am a victorious jewel of success”. It is possible, is it not? Is it possible? You have a right to success, do you not? Achcha.

Many, many, many congratulations for today. Is everyone fine? Raise your hands! Raise them in this way (asking for both hands to be raised and for each one to clap) . It looks very good. BapDada is also giving a basketful of many, many congratulations. No matter what happens, remember it. Do not leave the Father’s gift. Achcha.

To all the children from everywhere, from this land and abroad: congratulations, congratulations, congratulations of this day.

It is the turn of Delhi and Agra to serve: (25,000 have come in total, and 14,000 have come from Delhi and Agra) Very good. Delhi has the blessing, according to the drama, that even in our kingdom Delhi will be a special place where there will be the kingdom of Lakshmi and Narayan. What are those from abroad thinking? Those from abroad are thinking that they too will belong to Delhi. No matter where you may be, Delhi will be the main place, and so there will be the coming and going. You will come to the functions, will you not? You will continue to meet. You will continue to dance. You will continue to rule with enjoyment. You will have the company of the Confluence Age there too.

According to your stage, however close you are now, to that extent you will be close in the family there too. Where will those from abroad go? They will come to Delhi. Together, all of you will rule together very well. Achcha.

(double foreigners)

Double foreigners have filled half the hall. It is good. Now, just as those from Bharat come, so those from abroad also come from every country and take benefit. It is good. You are welcome. And when you go back, you will return with many others. Achcha.

Giving lots of love from the heart to each and every child, Baba is saying good night. It is good. Double foreigners have progressed well. In your efforts too, in some places, you are paying very good attention. BapDada is especially giving each of those children love and remembrance.

(to the Dadis)

All of you are looking after everything well. You are carrying out the task as instruments. You are doing well and will continue to do so.

(to Mohiniben) Each one of you has a blessing. The blessings are making you move forward and you will arrive there together. You will rule together, will you not? Today, Dadis from everywhere have come.

(Rukmani Dadi) You may not be seeing it now, but your intellect is very good and healthy. Therefore, whatever is happening now, you know that you are moving along, and you are making everything move along. You are fine. Congratulations. Achcha.

(to the three senior brothers) The Trimurti is paying attention to the whole Yagya. This Trimurti is instrumental to look after the whole Yagya, and there are also your companions. There is also this one. Your companions are also very good. The way you are making it function is also good. Come closer to one another. Come close in your sanskars. You are close anyway, but now also pay attention to this aspect in harmonising your sanskars. Let it be felt that you are not three, but one.

Your companions are also very good. BapDada has not received any reports about them. They are good, but they have to be made even better. The activity of the Yagya is moving along very well. It does not matter. You are paying attention, and you will continue to do so in the future. Each one of you is looking after the duty that you have undertaken very well. BapDada is pleased.

(A Sant-sammelan – Saints conference – is going to take place in Haridwar, and Baba was asked: „What are your inspirations?”) Whenever you go to such a religious place, you have good wishes for them, and you should praise them so that they feel that you have regard for them. It is good.

(Rameshbhai gave remembrances of many others) Tell all of them that BapDada has given remembrances to them.

(Everyone celebrated the Platinum Jubilee of Sarla Didi in Gujarat with a lot of splendor.) It is good. You have been blessed from birth. Now, the blessing has become a garland around your neck. Therefore, just as you are moving along as an instrument, so continue to move further forward; continue to expand everything. Achcha.

(Amarben) This one is also giving you good company. It is good. Both are good.
Achcha. BapDada is giving special love and remembrance to each one. If you all come onto the stage, there will be chaos, but BapDada is giving each one of you drishti and love from a distance.

(„Will Baba come next season?”) The Confluence Age is for staying together, going together, and ruling together. Even if the Father does not stay with you in the corporeal form (Shiv Baba will not stay with us in the Golden-Aged kingdom) , he will continue to give you inspirations for the kingdom.

(„Baba, keep the chariot okay”.) Baba will keep the chariot okay. Achcha.

(Rukmaniben gave Baba remembrance of Didi Nirmal Shanta.) Today is the anniversary of Didi. Wherever she is, the daughter is happy, and so you should also remain happy. („Baba, I am going on service to Patna.”) It is good. Continue to move forward.

(“The Future of Power” has had 35 programmes in 35 cities all over Bharat. A very beautiful cake, in the shape of Bharat, was made to honour this. BapDada, Dadis and senior brothers cut this cake.)

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