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Avyakt BapDada 12th October 2014

Many, many congratulations from the Father, Dilaram (Comforter of Hearts) Deepraj (King of Deepaks) , to each of the very very sweet and lovely deepaks; and lots of love from the heart. BapDada is merged in each one’s heart. Deepraj is merged in your hearts, is he not? Yes? Raise your hands. Each one’s heart is speaking while not speaking – what is it saying? You are the deep (deepak) children of Deepraj, and you deepaks will remain constantly lit. It is like that, is it not? If it is, then raise your hands! Wah deepaks of Deepraj! wah!

BapDada is very pleased to see each one of his deepak children, and his heart is repeatedly saying “Wah deep children, wah!” BapDada much loves every child – every Deepak – very much. Why are you so deeply loved? Is there anyone else in your heart? Dilaram Father. BapDada is seeing that only Dilaram is visible in each one’s heart. For Dilaram to reside in your heart reminds you of Deepawali. The very names are Dilaram and Deepak. “Mera Baba” (my Baba) is merged in each one’s heart. When you say “mine”, whatever is mine is rarely forgotten. So, who is in each one’s heart? My Baba. Who is in the Father’s heart? Each child. What does BapDada think on seeing each one of you children? Wah children, wah! Although you are number-wise, for the Father each child is “Wah, wah!” The Father is merged in each child’s heart.

If anyone asks you who is in your heart, what would you say? “My Baba”, because it is difficult to forget and easy to remember that which is “mine”. It is difficult to forget that one. So, BapDada is seeing that BapDada is merged in the hearts of the majority of you children. On seeing each of you children, the Father also says, “Wah children, wah”. Only at the Confluence Age do you experience this relationship in a practical way. If you look in everyone’s hearts, what do you see in them now? “My Baba”. And, what is in BapDada’s heart? Each child. No matter how many children the Father has, they are all merged in his heart. This spiritual relationship can only be experienced now at the Confluence Age. What would each child say? “My Baba”. What would the Father say? “Each child is Mine”. This relationship is experienced in a practical way only now, at the Confluence Age.

Seeing each of you children, Baba also says: My beloved child. And, what do the children say? “My Beloved Baba”. Are all of you happy? You constantly continue to receive the nourishment of happiness from the Father, and the children also constantly keep the blessing received from the Father in their hearts. The Father is looking at the children visible in this gathering, and the children are looking at the Father. The Father says “Wah children!”, and the children say “Wah Baba!”. What is on each one’s face? God’s love.

So, all the children constantly and easily continue to fly with the Father’s congratulations. You are those who fly, are you not? Raise your hands! You are not those who walk, but those who fly. Are all of you those who fly or are there also those who walk? You continue to fly because this is the time to fly. This song continually plays in each one’s heart: “Wah Baba! Wah me!” Who is in each one’s heart? Speak! My Baba.

So, do you constantly experience the consciousness of “mine” in your form? Or do you forget it whilst doing your work? In fact, if you think about it, even a small thing that belongs to me is difficult to forget. If you make something belong to you, the remembrance of that becomes immortal. So, what does each one’s heart say? Is it „My Baba” or is it „Baba of the Brahma Kumaris?” It is „My Baba”. And, BapDada is also pleased to see each child: My children.

So today is the day of Deepmala (garland of lamps) ; and BapDada – and all of you too – are seeing the Deepraj (King of Deepaks) and the deepaks. Deepraj is pleased to see each and every deep (lamp) , and what song does he sing? “Wah children, wah!” You are the “Wah” children, are you not? Those who are “Wah” children, clap your hands. So, today, who is in each one’s heart now? “My Baba” – Everyones’s face is smiling because it is “Wah Baba, wah!”.

Today, the children are personally seeing the Father, and the Father is also seeing the children; but even if you are far away, the Father is merged in your heart. Is the Father merged in your heart? Raise your hands! Is Baba in the hearts of all of you? There is nothing else. In the Father’s heart, too, there is each child. The Father cannot stay without the children, and the children cannot stay without the Father.

This gift of the Confluence Age – the meeting of the Father and the children – takes place only once in the whole cycle. It takes place repeatedly at the Confluence Age, but it takes place only in this one age – the Confluence Age.

And this life is so easy! You don’t have to do any physical hatha yoga postures. Simply “My Baba”, that’s all. It is difficult to forget that which is “mine”. Once you make the Father yours, the effort of forgetting finishes. Even a small thing that is “mine” is remembered so much.

The Father loves every child. It isn’t that because Baba has so many children, you think: „Does Baba remember me or not?” No, the Father is the World Father; and in that too, who is with him in the main relationship? You children. Each one of you is so lovely. You say “Lovely Baba”, and Baba says “My sweetest, loveliest children”. Each child is loved by BapDada from his heart.

So, even today, see where all of you have come from in order to meet the Father – the One loved by the heart. You are celebrating Deepmala. BapDada is pleased to see the living deepaks: Wah children! wah! You are “Wah wah!” are you not? Are you “wah, wah!”? Those who are, raise your hands! Are all of you that? BapDada has you children in his heart. Who can remain merged in the Father’s heart? All of you know that anyway. The children are in the Father’s heart, and the Father is in the children’s hearts.

This relationship of the Confluence Age will not be there in the whole cycle. It exists now, and that too is the fortune of this birth. So, you are celebrating Diwali, are you not? Each deepak is especially loved by Deepraj. No matter what each of you children considers yourself to be, each child is loved from the heart by the Father. What is in each one’s heart? The Father is in the children’s hearts, and the children are in the Father’s heart.

(2000 double-foreigner brothers and sisters have come from 105 countries) : Bharat is there anyway, and BapDada comes in Bharat.

(We are receiving so much love from Baba, so what should we give in return?) Children know what they have to do. All of those who have come from abroad, stand up! Congratulations.

(Sindhi brothers and sisters) : Welcome. This is the name of the place of establishment (Sindh) . BapDada is pleased, whether each child is Sindhi or Hindi, in the majority, each child remains happy. Upon seeing this, Baba is very pleased.

Never lose your happiness. There may be situations, but why should those situations take away your happiness? Happiness is each one’s own property, and that should never be lost. Situations come, and those are papers that come. The children who are good effort-makers always pass their paper. A paper is not a big thing for them. They are always ready. The sign of those who remain ready in this way is that the waves of happiness are always visible on their faces. No matter how many situations come, you stay in a double relationship – lokik and alokik; and those who remain constantly happy continue to move forward at every step. And, on seeing these children in a subtle form, there is definitely love in his heart for these children. They also feel that Baba loves them. There are many children who remain happy in their hearts and will always remain happy. Those who are not like that, they should also always remain happy.

(10,000 brothers and sisters have come from Uttar Pradesh, West Nepal, and Banaras) : It is good. You have done well and are doing well. Are you satisfied with this much service? Congratulations!

(Double foreign centre residents) : It is good. There is good progress abroad too. BapDada is pleased.

(All the Indian teachers) : The residents of Bharat are no less. It is good that whatever task you carry out is good.

All the children, please accept BapDada’s love and remembrance from the depth of his heart and soul, with lots of love. If this love and remembrance stays with you at all times, no obstacles will come. You will become free from obstacles. Simply “My Baba”. Generally, no one forgets that which is “mine”. By remembering “My Baba” and the “inheritance from Baba”, you will remain constantly happy.

BapDada is meeting each one of you individually from the heart. It isn’t that Baba has not met those who are sitting at the back. Baba is meeting you. Each child is close to BapDada. Whether someone has come here or not, BapDada is giving love and remembrances to all of the children everywhere. In everyone’s heart, there is just “Sweet Baba, lovely Baba”. Some say this, and others don’t say it with their lips, but Baba is in each one’s heart. BapDada also says: Wah children, wah!

(Mohiniben gave Baba remembrances from Brother Brijmohan – who could not come because of his health) Give him special remembrance.

(Senior sisters from abroad) : Everything is moving along free from obstacles, is it not? All of you are instruments for service with a lot of love from your hearts. BapDada is pleased. Until now, each one of you has been doing whatever you should be doing, according to your capacity. Congratulations! Success is your birthright. It is moving along well and will continue to do so, because Baba is seeing each one of you and you are making very good effort. All the jewels that have emerged from abroad are good. Though there are few, they are good.

(Dr. Nirmala told BapDada that Australia has a new home in Sydney.) Give love and remembrance to those from Sydney. All places are okay. Everyone’s remembrance reaches BapDada. What else is there in each one’s heart now? Just that you are fine – you are moving along fine, and making everyone move along fine. There is progress.

From BapDada, to each child, whether here in front of Baba, whether at a centre, whether in this land or abroad, BapDada is giving each one of you congratulations for Diwali. So, in this way, continue to receive from BapDada the certificate of being a star of success. Now, at this time, you are embodiments of success, are you not? So, constantly be an embodiment of success. Constantly continue to give and take congratulations for happiness from one another. Are all of you happy? All of you have celebrated Deepmala – that is, you will constantly continue to sparkle like the deepaks. No situation will trouble the Deepmala of any of the deepaks. Remain constantly happy, and share that happiness. Constantly remember this slogan of this Diwali.

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