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Success in plans through plain remembrance

What is BapDada seeing today? What has he come to see and do? Today, BapDada has come to make His extremely lovely children make a promise. You souls were clever at making a promise at the beginning. Just as you did not hesitate in making a promise at the beginning, so too, BapDada has come to take a promise from you now. Out of all the souls in the entire drama, you are known as the most courageous because you had courage and came close to BapDada and received love from Him. You took help from Him and also helped Him. So BapDada has come to test those sanskaras once again. All of you are ever- ready, are you not? The promise you have to make is that from now on, there will be unity, cleanliness, subtlety, sweetness and greatness in your thoughts, words and deeds visible to everyone at every step.

You were told that many were sent on service after the bhatthi. Do you remember those days? What did people say about you then? The words that emerged from everyone’s lips were that all of you have come out of the same machine: „What all of you say is the same, and the attraction of all of you is the same.” So whose influence was that? That was the influence of the subtle sustenance. Even whilst being in the corporeal form, you were visible to everyone as avyakt angels. In an ordinary form, you were visible as spiritual beings and as images that attract. Now, once again, just as that was the sixteen year bhatthis, this is the sixteen day bhatthi. But from now, everyone should come to know that you have come here transformed in order to transform the world. The entire divine family especially has an eye on this group. So the special souls have to reveal their specialities.

Whist speciality? You were already told of five things. Only when you remember these five things in your every thought, word and deed will you be visible to everyone as special souls. When you bring about specialities in yourself, you will be able to reveal the Father. You can only reveal the Father through your sanskaras of perfection. Now just through your service plans, but you can also reveal the Father through your sanskaras of perfection and your perfect Shakti-form. Although you have to create plans, those plans will only be successful when, together with the plans, you have total love. There should be plain remembrance; there should not be anything mixed in it. Only with plain remembrance can you be successful. Check before you create any plans. There should be plain remembrance. What was the promise you made at the beginning? Do you remember that song? You have to put that into practice now. That is, it should be visible to everyone that your love of the intellect is only for the One. Now, do you understand what you have come to do and see?

Baba likes variety. This is a heart-to-heart conversation. Some fail in this. At this time, you have become those who defeat everyone. You are not defeated; you do not allow yourself to be defeated. This is also good. However, you do become sensitive. If you want to learn the art of being victorious in whatever you are saying, then learn it from the children. When this little difference finishes, all these souls will surrender themselves to you. Just as all of you surrendered yourselves to Baba, so too, your devotees will surrender themselves to you Shaktis. However, these differences should finish. The most sensible ones that emerged are those who instantly struck a bargain. In front of the souls of the entire world, you are the most courageous and the most sensible. This is why BapDada says: This is the gathering of those who are the most sensible. You are also courageous. No matter how much courage others have, no one can have the courage that you have of giving an instant donation, which counts as great charity. Although everyone bathes in the rivers, you bathed in the Ocean. There is a difference between bathing in the rivers and bathing in the Ocean. You have passed in this. Now, it remains for you to pass in one other aspect. The marks are dependent on that one aspect.

No matte what direction you receive at any time in any form for anywhere; it can be given at any time, you can even be given a direction to be ready in one second; have all of you become ever-ready to this extent? When you were to leave the impure household, did you think about anything? You did not consider your jewellery, clothes or children. You did not consider anything. So, since this is a pure household, what need is there to consider those things? Previously, you were just lost in love, and you did all this out of love, not with knowledge. Love along made you ever-ready to that extent. Now, as well as love, you also have power. Even whilst having love and power, why is there a delay in becoming ever-ready? In the beginning, it was announced that everyone had to go onto the field at that time. So too, this has to repeat now, but in various different forms. Because BapDada knows the future, He warns you in advance and yet it should not be that you all keep yourselves in the bondage of service. Even whilst having bondages, you must not stay in bondage. To be in bondage to any soul is not a sign of becoming free from bondage. This is why all of you have to pass this one subject with honour. You will be warned about that which you never thought or even dreamt about. Those who pass in such a paper will pass with honour. This is why BapDada is telling you in advance. You are being given a signal in advance. This is known as going into the depth. What would be the speciality of those who have a subtle intellect? Those who have a subtle intellect will be able to mould themselves according to circumstance. They will have the courage to confront anything. They will never be confused, but they will go into the depth of whatever the situation is and move according to that. Only when you are light will you be able to mould yourselves. Only when something is warm and soft can it be moulded. If either is missing, it will not be moulded. Whatever it is, it is first heated and made soft, and then it can be moulded. What is the warmth and softness here? The softness is humility and the warmth is the form of power. Humility means the form of love. Those who have love for every soul will be able to remain humble. If there is no love, neither will they be able to become merciful nor will they be humble. This is why there has to be humility and the form of power. That is, to the extent that you are humble, there should be the feeling of being a master. There should be the feeling of being a master in the form of power; and in humility, there should be the virtue of serving. There should be service and also the feeling of being a master. You should be a server and also have the intoxication of being a master of the world. When you have both this softness and warmth, you will be able to mould yourself in every aspect. Each of you has to check that the intellect is equally balanced with warmth and softness. Sometimes, extreme humility causes damage and sometimes the extreme feeling of being a master causes damage. This is why there has to be the balance of both. There will be as much greatness as there is equality. Now, do you understand in which one aspect you will pass with honour?

The final paper is being announced in advance. You should be free from bondage at every moment. You should be free from any bondage even in terms of bondage of service. As soon as it is announced, you have to be ever- ready and come onto the field. This is the final paper which will be given to you at the right time in a practical way. If you pass in this paper, the others things are not a big thing. If you pass in this paper, it means you will have an avyakt stage. If you go beyond the consciousness of the body, the other things are not a big thing. It is through this that you can tell to what extent you have left the ropes of the boat of that life. One is the golden chain and the other is the iron chain. You have let go of the golden chain but now there are still the subtle golden chains. These are such that they are not visible to anyone.

This is why, just as you become free from any type of bondage, in the same way, you should be able to become free from the bondage of the body. Otherwise, it will be very difficult to be liberated from the bondage of the body. The final paper is of the final thoughts which lead you to your destination. To easily be free from the bondage of the body at the end is a sign of passing with honour. However, that will only be possible when your costume is not tight. If there is any tightness, you will not be able to be liberated easily. Tightness means attachment to someone. This is why, check one thing: has your costume become so loose that you are able to shed that costume in one second? If it is trapped somewhere, then there will be difficulty in shedding the costume. This is known as being ever-ready. Only those who are ever-ready in every aspect will be ever-ready to this extent. You saw in the practical form how Baba demonstrated being ever-ready so that when he was called, he-instantly left here in one second. Did he think: What will the children say? How can I go without meeting the children? Did Baba think this? As soon as he was warned, he was ever-ready. Because of being easy in the costume, it becomes easy to shed the costume. This is why you should try this at every moment. The praise of the confluence age is how Baba was detached even whilst being in the body. Only then was he able to be detached in one second. Only those who remain detached over a long period of time can be detached in one second. If there isn’t detachment over a long period of time, then this love for the body will make the soul repent. This is why you must not have love for it. The more detached you remain from this, to that extent you will be loved by the world. Therefore, this is the effort you have to make.

Do not think that only when a form of sickness is visible will you then go, or that you will put yourself right at that time. It is not like that. At the end, there will be such unique deaths of the children that the son will show the Father. It will not be the same for everyone. There are very few children who have the unique part of death remembered in the drama through which the son will show the Father. Only those who have the one special virtue will be able to do this. Only a few have this part. They will continue to reveal the Father till the end. This is also a very huge subject. The Father will continue to be revealed until the end by such souls. Such souls must definitely be powerful and must have the practice of being bodiless over a long period of time. They will become bodiless in one second. However, when something comes in front of you, when there are many complications of service in front of you, your practice should be such that in one second, even one second is too long, your thinking and doing should be simultaneous. You should not have to make effort after thinking about it. At present, it is only after you think about something that you can stabilise yourself in that stage. However, such souls will be thinking and doing at the same time. There will be no difference in their thinking and their stage. It will happen the moment they think about it. Those who have such a practice will be able to take the initiative for service. Only a few such souls are instruments. There isn’t a majority, it is a minority. Flowers will be showered on them here. At the end, those who pass with honour in this way will be showered with flowers in the corporeal form at the end, by those who are the bhagats of the copper age. So even at the end, they will be those who show the Father. Even their death is serviceable to this extent. Service even takes place through their death. The children are the instruments for service. Or is it the Mother and Father? They are in an incognito form. In service, the Mother and Father are the backbone, and the children are in the front. The Mother and Father do not have a role in this part of service. Only the children will reveal the Father. You receive a medal for this service at the end. In the drama, only some children will receive such a medal. Now, each of you should judge yourself whether you can be an instrument to claim such a medal. It isn’t that only the senior sisters will be able to become that. Anyone can become that. Even the new jewels will perform wonders.

Now, you must bring about newness in service. Just as you bring about newness in yourself, so you must bring about newness in service. Remember the five things to bring about newness. From everyone’s lips should emerge, „Where have they come from?” Just as people used to say this in the beginning. But at the beginning, you did not have the power of these versions. Now, that you have the power of these versions, the power of your alokik stage has become incognito! It has become hidden. This is why you must now show everyone such spirituality that they feel that just as the souls who emerged from the bhatthi became instruments for so much service, so too, they have now become instruments to change the scene of the world. The service now is greater than of that time. So you must become such a form of love and power before you go. No matter how many thousands of people you may be amidst, from a distance, you should be visible as alokik beings. You speak of the corporeal form: Any person who did not know Baba would understand him to be a unique being. Amidst thousands of people he was a sparkling diamond. So follow the father. Do not take their vibrations into yourself. Make them alokik through your vibrations. This is the newness you have to bring about. Now, because of service, you appear to be mixed with worldly people. Do not forget the mantra that you have of being detached whilst coming into relationship because of service. You had the relationship that you had to have, but now, there is no need to have a relationship in that way. There is no need to make yourself loose because of service. That time has now gone by. Now, amidst the lokik, you should be visible as alokik beings. You should appear amidst many others as the avyakt images. You should appear to be the avyakt beings whilst you appear to be the avyakt beings. This is the transformation. In the beginning, you used to bring about transformation in yourselves in spite of someone else’s vibrations or company. This is why they used to say that the Brahma Kumaris are very stubborn. However, the stubbornness was good. It was Godly stubbornness. This is why, even whilst being in the middle of those vibrations, you have to make yourself loving and detached. Will you not do this much service? People will not surrender themselves just through your words. How did all of you surrender yourselves? Through internal spiritual love. You created many subjects, but you now have to enable other souls to surrender themselves.

This is the service that still remains. You have created few heirs and many subjects. Subjects are created through words, but heirs are created with Godly love and power. So you have to create heirs. This is the effort of the first stage. You will not be able to make anyone into water through words. But with love and power, you can enable them to surrender themselves in one second. You also receive these marks at the end. How many heirs have you created and how many subjects have you created? What variety of heirs have you created and what variety of subjects have you created? And in how much time? Today, you being told on which questions you will receive marks in the final paper. Firstly, there will be this question in the final result. Secondly, you were told about revealing the Father through service till the end. The third aspect is how many times you failed in your stage from the beginning to the end. The full account will be announced. How many times you were victorious and how many times you failed. And if you did attain victory, in how much time did you do it? How long does it take it confront any situation that comes in front of you? You will also receive marks on this. The service done throughout your entire life, the stage of the self, and the proof of service till the end: these three things will be considered. Here also, you will see yourselves very clearly in fronts of the others. What was your account in these three things? And you can bring these in front of you and check your result in advance. Whatever weaknesses still remain can be revised and be removed. Even now, if you still have a weakness in these aspects, then remove them and make up for it. Even in half an hour, a train is able to make up time. It can even make up time for six hours in half an hour. Therefore, this is the last chance to make up the time. Now, we will see the result. In the beginning, Baba used to receive news that many elevated souls have come to them. Such news should come to Baba again. A bhatthi means to transform the self. Achcha.

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