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BapDada meeting the children who have a right to the authority of ruling and the authority of religion

BapDada is seeing all His children who have all rights. There is the praise of you elevated souls having both authorities in your hands – the authority of ruling and the authority of religion. This praise is remembered of your future reward. However, the basis of your future reward is your present elevated life. BapDada is looking at all you children everywhere to see to what extent you have attained the authority of ruling and the authority of religion. It is at this time that you souls fill yourselves with these sanskars. Those who are kings now will have a right to the kingdom in the future. Souls who are embodiments of dharna at this time will attain the authority of religion. Therefore, to what extent has each of you imbibed both authorities in yourself?

The authority of ruling means to be an embodiment of all rights. A soul who has the authority of ruling will, through having all rights, be able to use all his physical and subtle powers as and when he wants. This authority is the sign of the authority of ruling. The second sign of those who have the authority of ruling is that they will have every task carried out with law and order. To have the authority of ruling means to have the power to sustain your subjects as their mother and father. The authority of ruling means to be always full of everything oneself and also to keep others full. To have the authority of ruling means, in particular, to have all attainments – to have happiness, peace, bliss, and love – to be full of the treasures of all virtues. It means to be full of all treasures oneself and to keep everyone else full. Have you become souls who have the authority of ruling, that is, have you become souls who have all rights? Does each one of you experience yourself to have the speciality of giving sustenance, the same as the mother and Father? Let all souls who have a relationship or any contact with you experience you to be their elevated ancestor souls. Let them feel that it is through you souls that they will attain true love and make progress in their lives, because it is only by being given sustenance that someone can experience love and make progress in his life. It is by receiving sustenance that souls become worthy. Just as a small child develops courage to reach the destination of his life through the sustenance he receives, similarly, by receiving such spiritual sustenance, weak souls become embodiments of power. They too develop the courage to reach their destination at a fast speed. They constantly experience plenty of true love from the Father, the Ocean of Love, as their sustenance. Do you experience yourself as having these signs of the authority to rule in this way? Have the sanskars of dependency been transformed, so that you experience yourself to have the sanskars of having all rights? Have you filled yourself with the sanskars of the authority of ruling? Is it that the signs will be visible here, or will they be revealed in the future? There is one more speciality of those who have the authority of ruling. Do you know what it is? To have a constant and united ‘kingdom’ (sovereignty). This is the praise that you sing of your kingdom, is it not? Do you also check the signs of your authority to rule, to see whether all of these signs are constant and unwavering? Your authority never wavers, does it? If, at one moment, you have all rights and the next moment you are dependent, would that be said to be unbroken? Through this, you can know yourself as to what your reward will be. Am I one who has a right to the kingdom? Or, am I one who will be part of the kingdom?

In the same way, to have the authority of religion means to experience yourself to be a soul who has the power of dharna within you: for instance, to experience yourself to have the power of the dharna of purity.

With the power of purity you become constantly and supremely worthy of being worshipped.
With the power of purity you transform the impure world.
The power of purity cools down souls who are burning in the fire of vices.
The power of purity liberates souls from the bondage of their sinful actions of many births.
The power of purity gives sightless souls the third eye.
The power of purity enables support to be given to the structure of this world to prevent it from falling.
It is on the basis of the pillars of purity that the world is given a little support from the copper age onwards.
Purity is the crown of light.
In this way, the dharna of purity is the authority of religion. In the same way, let the dharna and speciality of every virtue be merged in the soul – this is known as having the authority of religion. To have the authority of religion means to have the authority of dharna. Have you become such souls who have the authority of dharna? There are two specialities of religion. The authority of religion easily transforms the self and others. The power of transformation would be very clear. Throughout the cycle, look at the speciality of all the souls who came down with authority of religion. Their speciality was to transform human souls. From being ordinary human beings, they were transformed into Buddhists, Christians or into belonging to some other sect. However, they were transformed. Therefore, the authority of religion means to have the authority to bring about transformation – first of all, in oneself and then, in others. The second speciality of those with the authority of religion is firmness; they are not those who fluctuate. Only with the power to remain firm are you able to bring about transformation. No matter whether there is assault, defamation or opposition, you have to be remain firm in your dharna. These are the specialities of those who have the authority of religion.

Those who have the authority of religion will be humble in every act they perform.
To the extent that they are full of their dharna of virtues, that is, to the extent that they are embodiments of the fruit of their virtues, they will accordingly also be full of humility.
It is through their stage of humility that they are able to reveal every virtue.
One who has the power of the dharna of all the different virtues of the Brahmin clan means to be one who has the authority of religion.
So, have you souls filled yourselves with both sanskars of the authority of ruling and the authority of religion? Is there a balance of the two?

Today, BapDada was looking at the chart s of all you children to see to what extent you have all rights to the authority of religion and the authority of ruling. Are you numberwise or are all of you the same? Can each of you know what your number is? All of you sitting here are kings, are you not? You are those who create subjects, are you not? You yourselves are not subjects, are you? Therefore, all of you have to make yourselves into those who have the authority of ruling and the authority of religion. Do you understand what the signs are of those who belong to the ruling clan?

Those from the Delhi and Maharashtra zones are sitting here. Those who live in the capital should also have a right to the kingdom, should they not? And, those from Maharashtra will become great. To be great means to have a right to the kingdom. Therefore, the great, elevated souls from both places have come here. What will the foreigners become? Those with a kingdom or those who simply look at the kingdom? You will go ahead of everyone, will you not? Achcha.

To those who have all rights to the authority of ruling and the authority of religion, to those who make themselves full and make others the same, to the elevated souls who, with the power of transformation, transform themselves and transform the world, to the pure souls who are praised and worshipped throughout the whole cycle, to the souls who are embodiments of all virtues and who, with their virtue of purity, make everyone virtuous, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting groups: Bring about transformation in yourself according to the time.

Now, according to the time, the speed of transformation has to be fast. Since time is moving fast, if those who are bringing about transformation don’t move fast, then the time will change but the weaknesses will still remain in them. What symbol is used to portray souls who have weaknesses? A bow and arrow. Do you want to become one with a bow and arrow or one under the canopy? You want to become part of the sun dynasty, do you not? The sun is always bright and does everything at a fast speed. In comparison to the sun, the moon is shown to be very cool. Therefore, you mustn’t be cool in your efforts. If you remain cool in your efforts, you become part of moon dynasty. The sign of those of the sun dynasty is that they make intense effort – they do something as soon as they think of it. It isn’t that you think about something this year and do it next year! “Intense effort” means to be in the flying stage. The time for the stage of ascent is now over. You have been shown a very good way to move up. Simply remember the gift of one expression. What is that? “My Baba”. This one expression is such a lift that, you can go to the top from down below in a second. Do you not know how to use this lift? Since it is now the time to use a lift, why do you still climb the stairs? There is no tiredness in using a lift. As soon as you think of it, you arrive there. So, who are you? The lift is of just one expression; you don’t need to think a lot. Just the one expression, the one number, will enable you to arrive there. Since you say “My (mera) Baba”, “I (me)” am merged in that. Use this easy lift. Those who use it will reach there, whereas those who simply look and think about it will be left behind. So, now become an embodiment of the awareness of this one expression and become a constantly powerful soul.

Constantly move forward at every step and also enable others to move forward. To the extent that you yourself are full, to that extent you will be able to make others full. Achcha.

Questions and Answers from Avyakt murlis:

Question: What is the basis of success in any effort?

Answer: The right method. Whatever thoughts you have, if they are accurate and based on the right method, you will definitely be successful. If you don’t use the right method, understand that you will not have any success. And, this is why, whatever task is carried out on the path of devotion, value is placed on the method used for it.

Question: By doing service with which method can you attain success?

Answer: Serve in three forms and three ways simultaneously and you will be successful. Those three forms are: 1) Knowledge-full. 2) Powerful. 3) Love – ful l. Law is also included in love. Along with this, serve in three ways: with your thoughts, words and deeds. When you serv e with your words, your mind also has to be powerful. With your powerful stage, change their minds and then, through words, make them knowledge-full. Then, through your actions, that is, with whoever comes into contact with you, let there be such a lov ing connection that they automatically feel that they have come into their Godly family. Let your activity be such that they themselves experience this to be their real family.

Question: What would be the sign of a powerful stage?

Answer: The children who have a powerful stage will finish any type of environment, atmosphere or any problem created by Maya in a second; they will never be defeated. All those souls who come as a problem will surrender themselves to these souls. This is referred to in other words as “matter being your servant”.

Question: How can you recognise to what extent you have passed in all subjects?

Answer: To the extent that you pass in any subject s , on the basis of those subjects, you will receive your objective and respect. Together with this, you will experience attainment. For instance, for the subject of knowledge, you will experience receiving light and might. On the basis of the subject of knowledge, you will receive just as much respect from the divine family as from other souls. Similarly, the objective in the subject of yoga is: whatever thoughts they have will be powerful. Whatever problem there happens to be, with the power of yoga they will feel in advance what is going to happen and this is why they will never be defeated. With the power of yoga the burden of their past sanskars will continue to finish. None of their sanskars will obstruct their efforts.

Question: What is the way to check the objective of any subject?

Answer: Respect is the way to check how close you are to your objective. If I am knowledge-full, then whoever I give knowledge to will give just as much respect to knowledge. To give respect to knowledge means to give respect to the knowledge-full ones. When you have your objective and respect in every subject and in every thought, you will become perfect.

Question: What are the signs of those who are perfect in every subject?

Answer: Those who are perfect will be beyond any effect. They will be beyond the influence of bodies, of their thoughts, of the vibrations of souls who come into contact with them and of the atmosphere – that is, they will be beyond any effect.

Blessing: May you be knowledge-full and finish any feeling of dislike by becoming a master ocean of love.
Knowledge-full children, that is, children who have knowledge, are master oceans of love for everyone. They have nothing except love. Today, there is a greater need for love than for wealth. So, become a master ocean of love and have mercy for those who insult you. Just as the Father has feelings of mercy and benevolence for all the children, similarly, children who are oceans of forgiveness and are merciful, like the Father, cannot have any feelings of dislike for anyone.
Slogan: To finish all limitations and adopt an unlimited vision and attitude is the basis of unity.
*** Om Shanti ***

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