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18th January, the coronation day , the day when the crown of responsibility was handed over

Today, the Light of the World has come to meet His jewels of light. The long-lost and now-found children are the lights of the Father. Just as when someone has no sight, there is no world for him, so too, when you spiritual lights are not in the world, there is no light in the world, there is only darkness. So, all of you are the lights of BapDada’s eyes, that is, you are the lights of the world. Today, from amrit vela, on this special day of remembrance, BapDada was able to hear from the subtle region the songs of love of all of you children. Each child’s song was lovelier than the next one’s. Baba also heard many heart-to-heart conversations. Garlands of pearls of the children’s love were being hung around the Father’s neck. Out of the whole cycle, it is only now that BapDada is garlanded with garlands of such pearls. At no other time can Baba be garlanded with the garland of these invaluable pearls of love. What was merged in each of these pearls? On each pearl, there were the words, “My Baba!” “Wah Baba!” So, how many garlands were there? And, how beautifully was BapDada decorated with these garlands? In a physical way, a sign of loving someone is to garland him. So, here, too you have decorated Him with physical decoration, but BapDada’s decoration began in the subtle region at amrit vela. One garland after another became BapDada’s beautiful decoration. All of you can see that picture, can you not?

Today is the special day of the coronation of all the children. Today is the day that Adi Dev Father Brahma surrendered all his physical responsibilities. He surrendered the crown of physical service with the drishti of the eyes and handed it over into the hands of the specially beloved children. So, today is the coronation day, the day of the children being given the crown of responsibility of physical service by Father Brahma. (To Dadiji): Do you remember this day? Today is the day that Father Brahma gave you children the blessing, “May you be equal to the Father!”

Did you hear the words of the final thoughts and the language of the eyes of Father Brahma? What was it? The words through the signal of Baba’s eyes were: “The number of children will always continue to grow through the Father’s constant co-operation.” You can now see these last words in the practical form; these words that were filled with blessings. All of you are the corporeal form of the last blessing of Father Brahma. All of you are the variety of fruit that have emerged from the Seed of blessings. Today, Shiva was showing Brahma the big beautiful tree that has emerged from this seed of blessings. Scientists are trying very hard with their instruments to grow a tree that will give a variety of fruit, but Father’s Brahma’s tree of blessings, the tree that has been sustained with the sustenance of easy yoga, is totally unique and pleases the heart. There is a variety of fruit on this one tree. There aren’t separate trees; there is just the one tree with many types of fruit. Can you see such a tree? Can each of you see yourself in this tree? So, such a unique tree was made to emerge in the subtle region. Such a tree will not exist even in the golden age. Yes, you will receive some fruit from the efforts that the scientists are now trying to make. You will taste the juice of two to four types of fruit in just one fruit. They will do the hard work and you will eat the fruit. Are you eating it from now?

So, did you hear what day it is today? Just as Father Brahma willed his physical wealth to the children in the beginning, he also willed to the children his alokik property. So, today is the day to will everything to the children. On the basis of the will of this alokik property, your progress is revealed as the practical fruit of his will power. He made you children instruments and willed you his will power. Today is the special day of receiving the blessing of becoming equal to the father. Today is the day that is blessed with combined love and power. You had the practical experience of both – extreme love and extreme power – did you not? (To Dadi: Do you remember your experience? You had your coronation, did you not? Achcha. You now know the importance of today. Achcha.

To those who constantly bring about expansion through the Father’s blessings, to those who are embodiments of the awareness of belonging to the one Father and none other, to those who have received the blessing of being a constant angel like Father Brahma, to such equal and close children, on the day of power, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting Dadi and Didiji:

You are the special souls who have all rights to blessings from sakar Father, are you not? What blessings did sakar Father give you? Just as in the beginning, Brahma received the blessing, “Tat twam” (the same applies to you), so too, Father Brahma gave you children the special blessing of “Tat twam”. So you are the special heirs who have a right to the blessing of “Tat twam”. To keep this blessing constantly in your awareness means to become a powerful soul. Just as you used to experience the Father in a practical way in every action of yours, similarly, when you remain aware of this blessing, Father Brahma will be revealed in every action. So, you few original jewels have become instruments to reveal Father Brahma. Let souls experience the form of Brahma in the faces of you special souls; and they do experience this. They shouldn’t see you as Brahma Kumaris. Let them experience being equal to Father Brahma. Let them experience Father Brahma through you. You are such special souls who have received the blessing of being the instruments for such service. What does everyone say? “We have seen Baba!” “We have attained Baba!” So, who gave them this experience and who revealed the Father to them? You special souls who were crowned for this. Now, once again, they will begin to have visions of Father Brahma and the Shaktis. The children of Brahma and Shiva are merged in the Shaktis. They will have visions of Shiv Shaktis and Father Brahma. They will not see Brahma Kumaris, but they will see Father Brahma. They will not see the ordinary form, they will see the form of Shiv Shaktis. Just as the wonderful divine activities of the sakar form were seen in the beginning, so, it will be like that at the end too. The only addition will be that they will also have visions of the Shiv Shakti form. Nevertheless, the corporeal father is Brahma, is it not? The children who come here in the corporeal form definitely see and experience the Father. You also hear news of the co-operation they have received from Father Brahma. It is because he has been freed from all bondages of the body that he is able to co-operate with great intensity. This is because, according to the drama, it is eternally fixed for growth to take place.

What do you do when you want to spread light over a larger area? You put the light higher up. The sun too is only able to give light to the world because it is so high. Therefore, in order to give a powerful ray (sakaash) to the corporeal world, Father Brahma had to become a resident of an elevated place. He can now carry out and inspire others to carry out any task within a second. How could he have carried out so many tasks through words and letters? This is how he is able to co-operate with the children in an intense way and carry out his task. The method to use for the fastest service is thought power. Therefore, Father Brahma is constantly co-operating in bringing about expansion with the method of elevated thoughts. Expansion is also taking place fast. The method is fast and the expansion is therefore also fast. You are happy to see the garden, are you not? Achcha.

BapDada meeting sakar Baba’s lokik family (Narayan Dada and his wife):

Is everything fine? When are you now going to take a jump? Seeing all this expansion, can you not experience the easy method? What are you still thinking? It is just a matter of thoughts, is it not? Do you have to do anything else? As soon as you have the thought, it happens. All of these people (double foreigners) have come here from so far away. On what basis have they come here? They had the thought that this is what they want to do, that this is what they have to do and they arrived here. So, on the basis of their determined thoughts, they became those with a right from a distance. You have had a right from childhood. Do you remember your childhood? So what will you become? Will you simply keep observing or will you go into the flying stage and become an angel equal to the father? You are watching all of this, are you not? For how much longer will you just observe? For how much longer will you think about this? For how long are you going to think? BapDada wants to make the children fly with the wings of love. So, what do you need to do in order to sit on the wings? You will have to become double light, will you not? You can become double light whilst doing everything. It is just a game of imagination. It is a game of a second. Do you not know this game of a second? What did the Father do? He played the game in a second, did he not? You will be able to do this when the two of you co-operate with one another. You cannot move along on just one wheel. Both wheels are needed. Still, at least you come to BapDada’s home. BapDada constantly sees the children as elevated. The elevated Father wants to see the children elevated. This is a law, is it not? It is now in the hands of you children as to where you claim your seat. Think about this very carefully, but it is a question of a second. You have to make this deal in just a second. Achcha.

Special plans for the Abu Conference:

Bring souls to the Abu Conference having made them into loving souls, not just as VIPs. Make them into loving souls and bring them here and their relationship will be forged. (How do we make them into loving souls?) The more you praise the Father from deep within your heart, the more they will continue to be attracted to Him. Continue to say “Baba, Baba!” and continue to relate Baba’s greatness and they will continue to become loving souls. When they experience greatness in someone they automatically bow down to that person. Because devotees have that much faith and love for those non-living images, they bow down to them. There is such a vast difference between non-living and living things and yet they bow down to them. Here, too, wherever the President or Prime Minister goes, people automatically bow down before their greatness. When you continue to relate the greatness of the Father they will continue to bow their heads. All of you have become clever, have you not? You have knowledge of science, of silence, of this land and also of foreign lands. Therefore, experience is also in itself a power. The greatest power is that of experience. When you relate your experiences, everyone becomes happy. Even the ones who relate their experiences become powerful! This is a big weapon in itself. Elsewhere, there are many who simply speak, but none of them has the authority power of experience. Here the speciality is of experience. Those who have experience have greater authority than those who simply speak. Gradually, both scientists and those who study the scriptures will begin to feel that they are only on the surface, that they don’t have any foundation and that you people have experience as your foundation. Even though they have been able to reach the moon, they haven’t been able to experience themselves. So what if they reached the moon! They will come to understand this, but only at the end, because they are not going to become heirs. Therefore, at the end, both those from science, that is, those who have the weapons and those who have the scriptures, will realise what they are doing and what we are doing. Achcha. All of you are happy, are you not? This isn’t difficult, is it? Are you easy yogis? Are you easy servers?

Sisters from London gave an invitation to Didiji and Dadiji to visit them abroad.

Since you have to bring everyone here at the beginning of 1983 and all of them have to come here, there is a special need to pay special attention to the service taking place here. If you receive a special invitation from abroad for the UN, then it is essential to go. However, there isn’t that much need for to visit them there for your own conferences because those souls have to be brought here. Considering everything, it doesn’t seem necessary at the moment. However, to visit a foreign land now is such that one moment you are here and the next moment you are there. If any such event takes place then they (Didiji and Dadiji) will go there.

To increase the contacts you have with the UN is actual service. As much as possible, bring them even more closely into connection with you so that they have a homely feeling – just as when Shelley (Sally Swing-Shelley from UN office) came; because she was attracted by the loving contact, was she not? She received the sustenance of love. Wherever the big officers are, they have to remain official , because they are in that position. They don’t receive the sustenance of love. Here, there is the sweetness of a relationship. This is the speciality here. Anyone you come into contact or relationship with should have a family feeling. They should experience finding you to be very close souls whom they had lost. The service of increasing contact with them is good. The closer they continue to come, the more they will experience that you have something they want.

BapDada giving love and remembrance to the family of Uncle Steve Naraine (Vice P resident of Guyana) :

Give him lots of remembrance from the heart. He is a child who fully co-operates with his body, mind and wealth. He is number one in having complete loving faith in the intellect. Because of that budget, he is unable to come here. However, in terms of the budget of the Pandava Government, he is already here with his intellect. He is a very humble child. According to the drama, the whole family is serviceable. He has great courage. The whole family is very loving. There isn’t blind faith, but they are loving on the basis of knowledge. It is through their contacts that we have reached America. He has become an instrument for special souls for unlimited service. This is known as influencing many with the knowledge of one. He is a big mike. Seeing him, the Government there is very impressed. There is a very good influence of knowledge and yoga. They are very good servers.

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