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The throne of souls who claim self-sovereignty is the karmateet stage

Today, BapDada is seeing the royal gathering. Each of you children who has claimed self-sovereignty has claimed the throne of your numberwise karmateet stage. The seat or the throne of you self-sovereign souls of the confluence age is the karmateet stage. “Karmateet” means, whilst performing actions, to be beyond any bondage of those actions, not to be influenced by action but, rather whilst performing every action with the physical organs, to experience the intoxication of having all rights. BapDada is seeing the numberwise gathering of the children who have claimed their numberwise sovereignty of the kingdom. Each throne is numberwise and your rights too are numberwise. Some have all rights and others just have some rights, just as, in the future, there will be world emperors and just emperors – there is a difference. In the same way, here too, to have total control over all your physical organs means to be free from the bondage of your actions. This is what is meant by having all rights. Others don’t have all rights, but they have some rights. Therefore, Baba is seeing the court of both types seated on the throne. On the forehead of each sovereign; many beautiful beads of various colours are sparkling. These are the beads of divine virtues. To the extent that you have imbibed divine virtues, accordingly, the beads are sparkling on your forehead. On some they are sparkling brightly and on others a little less so. Each one’s sparkle is individual. Are you able to see in the mirror of knowledge the picture of your rights in the court of your kingdom? All of you have this mirror, do you not? You can see your karmateet picture, can you not? Are you looking at your picture? It is such a beautiful court of the kingdom! The throne of the karmateet stage is such an elevated throne! Souls who have claimed a right to this stage, that is, souls who are seated on this throne, will be revealed to the world in the form of special deities. This gathering of self-sovereigns means the gathering of special deities. Does each of you consider yourself to be a special deity soul? Worthy-to-be-worshipped special deity souls are supremely pure. They are merciful towards everyone. They are master bestowers of blessings to all. They are master oceans of spiritual love and good wishes for everyone. All of you Brahmin souls have these sanskars merged within you, numberwise. However, as yet, very few of these have emerged in your present forms. Let the sanskars of you special deity souls now emerge. Before you speak about them, become an embodiment of that awareness and also an embodiment of power and then come onto the stage. This year, let all souls of the world experience that whoever they were searching for, the elevated souls they sought and from whom they wanted something, are you, the same elevated souls. Let the sound emerge from everyone’s mouth and mind: you are those same ones. Let them feel that, having met you, they have met the Father, and that whatever they have attained, they have attained that through you souls. Let them feel that you are the masters, the guides, the angels and the messengers. The feeling that emerges in each one should be: These are the ones! These are the ones! These are the same ones! The only sound to emerge from them should be: “They are the ones! They are the same ones!” They should applaud in the happiness of having now found you. Give them such an experience. In order to give them this experience, you need above all to be an embodiment of the eight powers and also an embodiment of all the powers of the ornaments. However, your form of a Shakti also has to be in the form of a mother. Nowadays, they are not content with just the form of a Shakti; they want the Mother Shakti. Only when you mothers who give love and sustenance, enable each one of the Father’s children to swing in the swing of happiness can the children claim a right to the Father’s inheritance. In order to make them worthy of meeting the Father, you, in the form of instrument Shaktis, have to give them this pure love and elevated sustenance through your attainments. To make them worthy means to make them into yogi souls. Everyone knows how to become a master creator. The great souls who create many followers are only great in name and enable others to have limited attainments. They even give love, but they cannot give sustenance. This is why others become followers, but they are unable to prepare children or give them such sustenance that would enable them to meet the Father. Because they can’t give them sustenance, they are unable to make children worthy of receiving rights from the Father. This is why people remain followers; they don’t become children. They don’t claim a right to the Father’s inheritance. Similarly, amongst you Brahmin souls too, you create a creation very quickly. Although you become instruments for them, there are very few worthy souls who give them such love and sustenance that they enable them to claim a right to the Father’s imperishable inheritance. In mundane life too, a mother sustains her children and makes them strong enough to be always able to face any problems that come to them, so that they stay constantly healthy and wealthy. In the same way, you elevated souls have to become world mothers. Do not just become a mother, but a world mother, an unlimited mother and make their minds so powerful that they constantly experience themselves to be destroyers of obstacles, full of all powers, healthy and wealthy. There is now a need for this type of sustenance. There are very few who give such sustenance. To be in a family means to give the experience of love and sustenance. Souls are thirsty for this type of sustenance. So, do you understand what you have to do this year? Let it emerge from everyone’s mouth that they have found their close relatives. First of all, give them the experience of a relationship and then the connection will become easy. Let such a wave spread everywhere, so that they feel that they have found those who belong to them. Then it will emerge from their mouths that they have attained whatever they wanted to attain. Just as you souls with all rights experience the Father in different relationships, in the same way, though different names will be given, let desperate souls experience attaining whatever they want to attain from you souls. Now create such an atmosphere! It is the mother who introduces her children to their father. It is the mother who enables the children to meet their father. Don’t just enable souls to come to you, but make them capable of forging a connection with the Father. Don’t create little children who constantly keep calling out for their mother, but teach them to say, “Baba, Baba!” Enable them to claim a right to their inheritance. Do you understand?

Just as the same sound emerges from everyone for the Father, “My Baba!”, so too, let everyone have the same feeling for you elevated souls that they believe you to be their mother. This is unlimited sustenance. Let everyone have the feeling of belonging. Each one of them should feel that you have positive thoughts for them and that you are their co-operative companions in service. This is known as being equal to the Father. This is what is meant as being seated on the throne of the karmateet stage and never ever having any karmic bondage of service. To have any consciousness of “mine” about your place, your service, your students or your co-operative souls is also a karmic bondage of service. Become karmateet from any of this karmic bondage. So, do you understand what you have to do this year? Become karmateet and bring souls close by giving them the feeling that you are those same ones, that you are everything for them. Take souls to their destination. Baba has now spoken to you about yourselves and about service. Achcha. All of you were wondering what you have to do now and what wave has to be spread everywhere. Achcha.

To the self-sovereign souls, to the souls seated on the throne of the karmateet stage, to those who give others the experience of having a close relationship with everyone, to those who give sustenance filled with unlimited love, to such special deity souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

The Father is extremely pleased to see the Shakti Army. The Shaktis are the Father’s constant companions, and this is why there is the praise of the Shiv Shaktis. Together with the Shaktis, there is also the Father’s memorial. Therefore, you have become combined, have you not? Shaktis are not separate from Shiva and Shiva is not separate from the Shaktis. Remain combined in the same way. Each one of you is a conqueror of the world, and no less. You conquer the whole world. You want to rule the world, do you not? In other armies, there are many divisions: two divisions, four divisions etc. Here, everything is unlimited. You belong to the army of the unlimited Father and your victory is over the unlimited. BapDada is also pleased that each child is not a master of the limited, but a master of the unlimited.

All of you children are the Father’s mouths, are you not? To be a mouth of the Father means to give the Father’s introduction with the mouth. This is why there is the praise of the Gaumukh (cow’s mouth). The words “Baba, Baba” constantly emerge from your mouths. Therefore, there is importance of the mouth, is there not?

BapDada calls all of you children, „the decoration of the Father’s home and the decoration of the Father”. So, the decoration of the Father’s home are leaving to decorate others. How many will you decorate and bring here? Each of you has to bring a bouquet in front of the Father. Each of you is an invaluable jewel because you know the Father and you have attained everything from the Father. Therefore, always stay in this happiness yourself and also distribute this happiness to others. Achcha.

The confluence age is the age to make progress and also enable others to make progress. Don’t come to a halt because of any situation. There is benefit for you and for others in constantly progressing. At the confluence age, BapDada is constantly with you, because it is only now that the Father is ever present in front of the children. As soon as you remember Him, He becomes present in front of you. See everything but see nothing! Hear everything but hear nothing! By listening to only the Father you will continue to make progress. Achcha.

Avyakt BapDada Meeting the London Group .

Today, Baba has especially come to celebrate a meeting with children who live in London. In fact, everyone is constantly loved by BapDada; everyone has received a special chance of a meeting. However, today, Baba has especially come to meet the residents of London. Children who live in London gave their co-operation in service from their hearts and the souls will continue to give this co-operation with a lot of love from deep within their hearts. Each one of you pays a lot of attention to your own flying stage. Of course, all are numberwise but, nevertheless, your speed of effort is good. (A bird came flying into the hall.) All of you are very happy to see the bird flying. In the same way, your own flying stage is also lovely. When you fly, you are free, you are totally independent, but when you come down, instead of flying, you come into bondage. To have the flying stage means to be free from bondage and accurately linked in yoga. So, what do you residents of London think? You do have the flying stage, do you not? You don’t come down, do you? Even if you do come down, it is only to take up those who are down below and make them fly with you. Otherwise, you don’t come down. Do you have the practice of coming down to serve those who are down below, to encourage them and give them enthusiasm and then go back up again? What do you think? Each of the group of the London residents is constantly beyond the attraction of physical bodies and the physical world and is constantly loved by the Father. This is known as being like a lotus flower. Whilst living there for the sake of service, you remain loving and detached. Therefore, this is a loving and detached group, is it not? London has connections with all the centres abroad. So you London residents have become the foundation of this tree of service. If the foundation is weak, the whole tree becomes weak. This is why you, who are the foundation , must constantly pay attention to yourself and remain aware of your responsibility for service. Generally, everyone is responsible for self-service and world service. The other day, Baba told you that each one is wearing this crown of responsibility. Nevertheless, today, Baba is especially drawing the attention of you children who live in London to this. This crown of responsibility constantly makes you double light. It is not a crown with a burden. It is one that finishes all types of burden. You have experienced that, when you keep busy in all types of service – with your body, mind and wealth and through your thoughts, words and deeds – you can easily become a conqueror of Maya and a conqueror of the world. You easily and naturally forget the consciousness of the body. You don’t need to labour for that. You do experience this, do you not? At the time of doing service, you don’t think of anything else except the Father and service. You continue to dance in happiness. Therefore, this crown of responsibility is light, is it not? That is, it makes you light, does it not? This is why BapDada is especially reminding all the children of their title of „spiritual servers”. Even BapDada comes here as the spiritual Server. So the Father’s form is also the form of the children. So all of you double foreigners are wearing your crowns, are you not? You are constantly spiritual servers, like the Father. As soon as you open your eyes, you celebrate a meeting and become present on the field of service. Service begins with „Good morning” and there is nothing but service till you say „Good night”. Just as you are constant yogis, in the same way, you are constant spiritual servers. Even when you do physical service, you fill souls with the power of spirituality because, together with doing physical service, you are also doing service through the mind. Therefore, spiritual service is merged in physical service. When you prepare food, you fill that food with the power of spirituality. This is how the food becomes Brahma Bhojan; it becomes pure food. It becomes like prasad (food that has been offered to God). Therefore, spiritual service is merged in physical service. This is the way you become constant servers and constant conquerors of Maya, you become destroyers of obstacles. So, what are you residents of London? Constant servers! Maya doesn’t come to London, does she? Or does Maya like London too? Achcha.

Blessing: May you be loving and detached and, by practising being an instrument, experience progress in yourself and others.
The lesson of being an instrument makes you constantly loving and detached. If you practise being an instrument in a natural and easy way, there is constant progress in yourself and others merged in every step of yours. The feet of such souls are not on the ground, but on the stage. Let the souls who have become instruments constantly have the awareness of being examples of souls who are equal to the Father in front of the world.
Slogan: Children of the Bestower of Happiness, constantly continue to swing in the swings of happiness; they do not experience any waves of sorrow.
*** Om Shanti ***

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