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The b enefits of slowing down the speed of thoughts.

Today, BapDada has come to meet His children who constantly remember the One, those who belong to the one Father and none other, those who stabilize in a constant and stable stage and are embodiments of remembrance. BapDada is seeing the elevated lines of every child’s birth of dying alive. In today’s world people tell souls their fortune and the greatness of their virtues and their task by reading the lines on their palms. However, BapDada does not look at the lines on your palms. Baba is seeing at the lines of the speed and stage of each of you children on your lips, eyes and forehead. Usually, someone tries to recognise another person by his face. Because those people are body conscious, they check physical things. BapDada sees an embodiment of remembrance on the forehead, the volcanic form in the eyes and the stage of being as loving and detached as a lotus in the smile on the face. The lines on the forehead of those who are constant embodiments of remembrance will show that they have a very slow speed of thoughts. They won’t have any type of burden; they won’t be under pressure. One thought will not give birth to many thoughts in one minute. Just as a physical illness of the body is examined by the pulse being felt, so, the lines on the forehead too are a sign of the speed of thoughts. If the speed of thoughts is very fast, if thoughts constantly arise one after another, then, through the extremely fast speed of your thoughts, you are wasting the energy of your fortune. It is just like how the power or energy of the body is wasted by someone who speaks too quickly or who is always talking. What do you tell someone who is constantly talking, who talks too much and too loudly? Speak less and say it softly! In the same way, the speed of thoughts wastes spiritual energy. All of you children are experienced in this. What is the speed of thoughts when you have waste thoughts and what is the speed of thoughts when you are churning knowledge? A lot of energy is wasted by one and energy is created by the other. When the speed of waste thoughts is fast, you never experience yourself to be an embodiment of power. Just as when you have lost all your physical energy, you say that your head has become empty, in the same way, such a soul experiences himself to be empty of all attainments. To increase your physical energy, you are given an injection or a bottle of glucose. In the same way, a soul who is weak in spirituality has to follow this method of effort-making in his awareness: I am a master almighty authority, one with all powers. What points did BapDada relate in the murli today? What is the brake for waste thoughts? To try to put a full stop. All these methods are ways of injecting yourself. With this injection of the right method of effort, you become powerful for some time. Or you give yourselves glucose through special programmes of remembrance or through special gatherings or company. However, someone who has the habit of thinking too fast will experience himself to be powerful for a short time by filling himself with that power but will then become weak again. This is why, seeing the result from the lines on your forehead, BapDada is once again reminding you children of the shrimat: Don’t allow the speed of your thoughts to become too fast! For spoken words you tell others: “Instead of ten words, speak only two words and let those two words be powerful enough to carry out the work of one hundred words.” Similarly, this applies to the speed of thoughts; only have thoughts that are necessary. Thought is the seed that should be filled with the fruit of success. Do not let it be an empty seed that doesn’t bear any fruit. This is known as constantly having powerful thoughts and not having wasteful thoughts. The number of powerful thoughts would automatically reduce, while the number of waste thoughts would increase and there would be no attainment. Consider waste thoughts to be like a bamboo jungle: one automatically grows from another and they rub against one another and catch fire and then burn themselves in the fire they themselves create. In the same way, one wasteful thought rubs against another wasteful thought and creates a fire of one vice or other and causes you distress. Therefore, slow the speed of your down.

Whether you call it the treasure or the special energy of this birth, in which you have died alive, this is what your thoughts are. The basis of dying alive is pure thoughts. I am not a body, but a soul. This thought changed you from a shell into a diamond. I am a child of the Father from the previous cycle. I am an heir, I have all rights. This thought made you into a master almighty authority, one with all powers. So, this is your treasure, this is your energy and these are your thoughts. How do you use your special treasures? Recognise the treasures and the energy of your thoughts and use them accordingly, for only then will all thoughts become practical and you will become an embodiment of total success. So, do you understand what lines the Father looked at today? Think less, that is, have thoughts that take a practical form. Those who have such lines will constantly be emperors of the land without sorrow. Constantly speak elevated words through your lips. Elevated words are very few and can be counted, just as great souls are very few and souls are many and the Supreme Soul is just One. Therefore don’t waste either type of energy – thoughts or words. A mahavir or maharathi is one who speaks elevated words, one whose intellect has thoughts that take a practical form. This is the sign of a mahavir and a maharathi. Become such a maharathi that anyone who comes in front of you wants you, a great soul, to speak words of blessings for him or to have elevated thoughts for him. Words of blessings are always few. So you are maharathi, mahavir, deity souls, souls who are worthy of being worshipped by the devotees. Constantly have thoughts and words that are filled with blessings. Speak words that are filled with nectar, not ordinary words. Achcha.

To those who make themselves and others constantly cool with their elevated thoughts, to those who constantly speak words filled with blessings, to those who have elevated lines of fortune, to the constantly elevated souls, great souls, deity souls, worthy-of-worship souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

A vyakt BapDada meeting the double -foreign children:

All of you are the serviceable jewels who are constantly loving, co-operative and constant servers of BapDada, are you not? Therefore, each of you jewels is so invaluable that you are worthy of being placed in the showcase of the world. BapDada knows that you have come to belong to the Father after having climbed over very many high walls of different kinds. You climbed over the walls of religion, customs and systems; you climbed so many such walls! However, because of the co-operation received from the Father, you crossed all of those walls as if you were just taking a step. Nothing was difficult. It felt so easy that you understood that you belonged to the Father for all time. If you didn’t all belong to the Father, how could so many centres have been opened abroad? All of you had gone to your own places for the sake of service. Then the Father came and made you belong to Him. So, what do you think now? You are residents of Madhuban, are you not? All of you vote for Madhuban. Do you think that you are residents of Madhuban who have first gone on service? You have gone to the different places just as the children of Bharat went to different places. Each child has a different part to play in service. You became instruments for service easily in order to wake up your equals. BapDada is very pleased to see the variety of flowers from the various places. Have you ever seen a tree that has such a variety of flowers? This one tree that has so many different types of roses, different types of flowers, is always an embodiment of success. Why? You are souls who have been blessed by BapDada. Always remember three expressions: 1) Always maintain a balance. 2) Always remain blissful. 3) Give blessings to everyone. Let there always be a balance between self service and service of others. So many talents are shown through a balance. You will also become 16 celestial degrees complete by maintaining the balance of your intellect. Every act you perform will become an art. Your way of seeing will be an art because you listen to and see everything as a soul. In the same way, let your way of speaking, your way of walking, etc., all be an art. However, the basis of all of this is the balance of your intellect. To remain constantly blissful means to be an embodiment of bliss. The children of the Ocean of Bliss are embodiments of constant bliss. Achcha.

Now, we shall continue to meet. The confluence age is the meeting (mela) and so we shall constantly continue to meet. It is impossible for there to be a day or a second when the Father and the children do not meet. This is your experience, is it not? You are always combined with the Father, are you not? No one has the courage to separate you from the combined form. No one has the strength to do this. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be an intense effort-maker who tightens the loose screw of carelessness by making a determined promise.
The main reason for being loose in your promise is carelessness. For instance, no matter how big some piece of machinery may be, if even a tiny screw is loose, the whole machine becomes useless. Similarly, in order to fulfil your promise, you make very good plans, you also make effort, but the one screw that makes you weak in your efforts and your plans is carelessness. It comes in new forms. Now, tighten this loose screw. “I definitely have to become equal to the Father”. By having this determined thought, you will become an intense effort-maker.
Slogan: An attitude of unlimited disinterest is the foundation for the closeness of time.

*** Om Shanti ***

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