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The special birthday gift is that you allow pure feelings and feelings of love to emerge and that you become victorious over the great enemy, anger .

Today, BapDada is pleased to see His birthday companions as well as His service companions. Today, all of you are enjoying the happiness of BapDada’s alokik birthday together with the happiness of the birthday of His birth companions. Why? No one else can have such a unique and extremely lovely alokik birthday. You would never have heard before of the father’s birthday being the same as the children’s birthday. Today, you are all celebrating this unique and lovely, alokik birthday, which is as valuable as a diamond. As well as this, all of you are aware of the uniqueness and loveliness of this alokik birthday, which is so unique in that God Himself is celebrating the children’s birthday. The Supreme Soul is celebrating the birthday of the children, the elevated souls. Many people in the world say just for the sake of it that the One who created them is God, the Supreme Soul, but they neither have that consciousness nor do they live in it. All of you speak from experience that you belong to God’s clan or that you belong to Brahma’s clan. The Supreme Soul celebrates your birthday and you celebrate God’s birthday.

You have arrived here from everywhere today for what? To give greetings and to receive greetings. So, BapDada is especially congratulating His birthday companions. He is also congratulating His service companions. Together with congratulating you, BapDada is also showering you with pearls of supreme love, diamonds and ornaments. You have seen pearls of love, have you not? Do you know what pearls of love are? Do you know them? Everyone else showers flowers, showers gold, but BapDada is showering all of you with supreme love, with pearls of alokik love. BapDada is not congratulating you just onefold, but He is congratulating you multi, multi, multi-millionfold from the heart. You are also giving congratulations from your hearts. They are reaching BapDada too. So, today is a day of celebration and also a day for giving greetings. What do you do when you celebrate something? A band plays. Therefore, BapDada is listening to the bands, the harmoniums and the songs of happiness in your minds. Devotees continue to call out whereas you children merge yourselves in the Father’s love. You know how to merge, do you not? This merging is what makes you become equal.

BapDada cannot separate the children from Himself. The children too do not want to be separated, but they sometimes step away a little through Maya’s games. BapDada says: I am the Support of you children. However, children are mischievous, aren’t they? Maya makes them mischievous: you are not really like that, but Maya makes you become that. She makes you step away from this Support. In spite of that, BapDada becomes your Support and brings you closer. BapDada is asking all of you children: What does each one of you want in your lives? Foreigners like two things very much. These are the foreigners’ two favourite words. (Companion and company.) You like both these words. If you like them, raise one hand! Do the people from Bharat like them? The Companion is essential and c ompany too is essential. You can neither stay without your Companion nor can you stay without c ompany. So, who have all of you found? Have you found your Companion? Say, “Ha ji” or “Na ji”! (Ha ji.) Have you found company? (Ha ji.) Did you ever find such company or such a Companion throughout the whole cycle? Did you find them in the previous cycle? He is such a Companion that He never steps away. No matter how mischievous you become, He still remains your Support. He also fulfils all the attainment that your heart’s desire. Do you lack any attainment? Is everyone’s heart really saying “Yes” or are you simply saying “Yes” for the sake of it? You sing, “We have attained everything we wanted.” Or, do you still have to attain it? Have you attained it? Have you attained it? Is there anything more that you still have to attain? Or, do you still have a few desires left? Have all of your desires been fulfilled, or do some still remain? BapDada says that some desires still remain. (The desire to reveal the Father still remains.) It is the Father’s desire that all the children come to know that the Father has come. The Father has come and some children are left out! This is why it is BapDada’s special desire that everyone should at least come to know that their constant (eternal) Father has come. The rest of the limited desires are fulfilled, but their desires out of love still remain. Each one of you wants to come onto the stage. Do you have this desire? (Baba Himself now comes to everyone.) Has this desire also been fulfilled? You are contented souls. Congratulations! Because all the children are sensible. You understand that, according to the time you have to make your form the same. This is why BapDada, too, is bound by the bonds of the drama, is He not? Therefore, all of you children are, according to the time, always content and constantly sparkling as jewels of contentment. Why? You yourselves say: We have attained everything we wanted. These are the words of Father Brahma’s first experience. Therefore, the words of Father Brahma are the words of all the Brahmins. So, BapDada is making all of you children revise: constantly stay in the Father’s c ompany. The Father has given you the experience all relationships with Him. You even say that all your relationships are only with the Father. Since all of your relationships are with Him, why do you not use each relationship in your tasks, according to the time? When you constantly continue to experience all the relationships that you need from time to time, you will then have the Companion and also the company. In that case, your mind or intellect cannot go towards other companions. BapDada is making you this offer. Since He is offering you all relationships, enjoy this happiness of all relationships. Use all of these relationships in your tasks.

When BapDada sees that some children sometimes feel alone or a little dry, He feels mercy for them. When there is such elevated c ompany, why do you not use this c ompany in your tasks? What do you say then? “Why? Why?” BapDada has told you not to say “Why”. When this word comes, “Why”, it is a negative word, whereas “fly” is a positive word. Therefore, never say “Why? Why?” Instead, remember the word, “fly”. Make the Father your Companion and stay in His Company and fly. You will enjoy yourself a great deal. Use Him in both forms – the Companion and the c ompany – in all your tasks throughout the whole day. Will you ever find such a Companion again? BapDada even says: If you get tired – either physically or mentally – then your Companion is also ready to massage you in both ways. He is even ever ready to entertain you. There is then no need for any limited entertainment. Do you know how to use Him in this way? Or, do you just think: He is the greatest Father, He is the Teacher and He is the Satguru. He is all relationships with you, however. Did the double foreigners understand?

Achcha, all of you have come to celebrate the birthday, have you not? You want to celebrate it, do you not? Achcha, whenever you celebrate someone’s birthday, do you give them a gift? Or, do you not give a gift? (You do give it.) So, today, all of you have come to celebrate the Father’s birthday. It is called Shiv Ratri. So, you have come especially to celebrate the Father’s birthday. You have come to celebrate it, have you not? What gift did you give for the birthday today? Or, are you just going to light candles and cut the cake? Is this how you will celebrate? What gift did you give today? Or, will you give it tomorrow! Whether you give a small gift or a large gift, you do give a gift, do you not? So, what did you give? You are thinking about it. Achcha, do you want to give it? Are you ready to give it? Will you give whatever BapDada asks for, or will you give whatever you want to? What will you do? Will you give whatever BapDada asks for, or will you give what you want to give? (We will give whatever BapDada asks for.) Be careful! You will have to have a little courage. Do you have courage? Do those of you from Madhuban have courage? Do the double foreigners have courage? You are very good at raising your hands! Achcha. Do the Shaktis and the Pandavas have courage? Do the people from Bharat have courage? Very good! The Father accepts these greetings. Achcha. Should Baba tell you? You are not going to say that you will have to think about it, are you? Don’t say, “ga, ga”. (When “ga” is added to the verb it puts it in the future tense, i.e. we will think about it, we will see to it at some time in the future.) BapDada has seen one thing in the majority of you – not the minority, but the majority! What has Baba seen? Whenever a circumstance comes in front of them, the majority has third number anger. There is one, two and three. A trace of anger of the third number emerges , even though they do not want it to. Some have it in the form of great anger, some have anger in the form of force and some have the third type of anger in the form of irritation. Do you understand what irritation is? That too is a form of anger. It is slightly less. It is the third type, so it is slightly less. The first type is very powerful. The second type is a little less than that. Then, the language that you all now use has become very royal! What do you say in a royal way? Because the situation was like that, of course there would be some force! So, today, BapDada wants to accept this gift from everyone. Let alone anger, let there not be even the slightest trace of anger. Why? When you become angry you do disservice, because anger between two people is always seen. It isn’t seen when you are on your own. It manifests itself between two people and is then visible. Even if there is a slight trace of dislike for someone in your mind, there would definitely be some force towards that soul in your mind. BapDada doesn’t like this type of disservice. So, do not let the slightest trace of any type of anger emerge. Just as you pay attention to celibacy – it is remembered that lust is a great enemy – in the same way, anger, too, is a great enemy. It does not let your pure feelings, your feelings of love, emerge. It will then turn your mood off; you will step away from that soul. Neither do you go in front of that soul, nor do you speak to that soul; you reject whatever that soul says. You do not allow that soul to progress. Even those outside are able to see all of this and so you may then say, “Today, that person isn’t feeling very well. It isn’t anything really.” So, can you give this birthday gift? Those of you who feel that you will try, raise your hands! Those of you who are going to think about giving this gift, that you are going to try, raise your hands! The Lord is pleased with an honest heart. (Some brothers and sisters stood up.) They are slowly getting up. Congratulations for telling the truth! Achcha, those of you who have said that you will try, that is fine, but how much time do you need to try? Do you want one month? Do you want six months? How much time do you want? Will you give this up or do you not even have any aim of giving it up? Those of you who have said that you will try, stand up again! Those who think that they will try for two to three months and then let go of it may sit down. Those of you who feel that you need six months: even if it does take you six months, you must reduce it. Do not stop paying attention to this, because it is absolutely essential. This disservice is visible. Even though you may not say anything, your face speaks. This is why BapDada is showering pearls of knowledge, love, happiness and peace on all of you who have maintained your courage. Achcha.

In return BapDada is especially giving all of you this blessing as a gift: if ever, even by mistake against your conscious wish, anger manifests itself, simply say from your heart the words, “Sweet Baba”. So, those who remain courageous will definitely continue to receive extra help from the Father. Say “Sweet Baba”, not just “Baba” on its own, but “Sweet Baba”. You will then receive help. You will definitely receive it, because you have kept the aim. By keeping your aim, you will definitely develop the necessary qualifications. Those of you from Madhuban, raise your hands! Achcha. You have to do this, do you not? (Ha ji). Congratulations! Very good! Today, Baba will especially give toli to all of you from Madhuban. You work very hard. You won’t receive toli for becoming free from anger, but for the hard work you do. Everyone will think that you have been given toli because you raised your hands. You work very hard. Madhuban is an example of making everyone content through service. So, today, Baba will sweeten your mouths. All the rest of you can sweeten your mouths on seeing their mouths sweetened. You will be very happy, will you not? All of you are organising a programme, “The Culture of Peace”. This too is one of the cultures of the Brahmin family. The manners of the Brahmin clan are the foremost culture. BapDada has seen that, when the Dadis give gifts they give cloth bags on which it is written: Speak less, speak softly and speak sweetly! Therefore, today, BapDada is giving you this gift. He is not giving you the cloth bag, but He is giving it in the form of a blessing, as a gift. Let the Brahmin culture be revealed on the face and in the behaviour of every Brahmin. You will hold those programmes and give lectures, but it is first necessary to have these manners yourself. Let each Brahmin come into contact with others with a smile. Let it not be one type of behaviour with one person and another type with someone else. Do not let go of your culture when you see someone. Forget the things of the past! Show your new sanskars of manners in your life. You have to show them now. Is this all right? (Everyone said Ha ji.)

It is very good that the majority of double foreigners is very good at saying, “Ha ji”. This is good, because, for the Bharatwasis, to say “Ha ji” is one of their codes of conduct. Just say, “Na ji” to Maya, that’s all! Say “Ha ji, Ha ji” to souls, and “Na ji, na ji” to Maya. Achcha. Did all of you celebrate the birthday? Did you celebrate it and give a gift? Have you accepted the gift? Achcha.

To all the most elevated Brahmin souls everywhere, to those who constantly stay in the Father’s company , to the loving souls who make the Father their Companion, to those who remain constantly merged in the ocean of the Father’s virtues and who are equal, to BapDada’s elevated souls, to the master ocean (sindhu) souls who constantly put a full-stop (bindu) in a second, love, remembrance and many, many congratulations, congratulations, congratulations from BapDada. BapDada says namaste to each child all the time and, today too, namaste.

Blessing: May you be a master sun of knowledge and dispel darkness and give light to the world.
Someone who dispels darkness and gives light to the world is a master sun of knowledge. A soul is an embodiment of light, the form of light and might , and also gives light and might to others. Where there is constant light, there is no question of darkness; there cannot be any darkness. Those who give light to the world cannot be in the dark themselves. “Complete purity” means light. Such souls do not have any darkness, that is, they cannot have any trace of the vices.
Slogan: To remain light in your nature, sanskars, relationships and connections is to be harmonious.
*** Om Shanti ***

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