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Give congratulations and bid farewell

Today, BapDada, the World Benefactor, is seeing all the children all over the world personally in front of Him. All the children have reached Madhuban in their subtle forms with the power of their remembrance. Each child has the pure thought to celebrate a meeting. BapDada is very pleased to see all the children because He knows the speciality of every child. Each child is playing his own special part on the basis of that speciality. The newness of Brahmin souls and the Brahmin family is that not a single Brahmin soul is ordinary or without a speciality. All Brahmins have a unique birth and are thus unique. This is why all of you are unique, that is, due to one or another speciality you are all special souls. You have the uniqueness of your speciality. This is why BapDada is proud of you children: all of you are special souls. In the same way, do you consider yourself to have the intoxication of your unique birth, your uniqueness, your spirituality and of being a master almighty authority? This intoxication is such that it finishes all types of weakness. Therefore, the main way to bid farewell to all weaknesses for all time is to congratulate yourself and everyone else for the special part of being special confluence-aged souls. What do you do when it is a special day or when someone accomplishes a special task? You congratulate that person, do you not? You give congratulations to one another. Every day of the confluence age is a special day in the whole cycle and you are the special actors of the special age. This is why every action of you special souls is unique, that is, every action is special. Therefore, constantly congratulate one another and also congratulate yourself. When you give congratulations you will automatically bid farewell. So remember the essence of this double-foreigners season as, “You have to constantly bid farewell by congratulating”. You have come here especially to bid farewell and to celebrate. Therefore, constantly remember the two words “farewell” and “congratulations”. It isn’t that you still have to bid farewell. You have already bade farewell. To come to the land of blessings means to bid farewell to weaknesses for all time. You burn the effigy of Ravan, but the progeny of Ravan come to claim their right. In your corporeal world, when someone with a lot of property dies, all his long-lost relatives emerge from nowhere! In the same way, you kill Ravan, but you sometimes become weak in destroying his progeny that come to claim their right. Traces of lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego make you belong to them in the gross form, in a very royal way. For instance, the trace of greed takes the form of a need. They say, „I don’t have greed, but I need everything.” However, there are limits to one’s needs. If one’s needs become unlimited, that then becomes a trace of greed.

In the same way, there isn’t the vice of lust, the soul is constantly celibate, but there may be special subservience to a particular soul and that is a royal form of love. However, that extra love means a trace of lust. Love by itself is right, but anything extra is a trace.

Similarly, you have conquered anger, but when you see a particular sanskar of a soul, you yourself come down from your stage of an embodiment of knowledge and try to move away from that soul. This is because your stage fluctuates when you see that soul or come into contact with him. Trying to move away from someone on seeing his nature is a form of dislike and that is also a trace of anger. Just as you stay away from the fire of anger so that you’re not burnt, so, this subtle dislike that makes you move away is also like a trace of the fire of anger. The royal words used for this are, „Instead of my stage being spoilt, it is better for me to move away.” To become detached is one thing but moving away is something else. It is right to be loving and remain detached. However, to have a subtle form of dislike, feeling, „This one is like that; he is never going to change”, is cursing that soul in a subtle way for all time. Remain safe but don’t give that soul a final certificate. In the same way, whilst seeing everyone’s specialities, whilst having good wishes and pure feelings for all souls, bid farewell to these traces. Don’t let go of your elevated good wishes and pure feelings. In trying to protect yourself, don’t protect yourself by making other souls fall. To dislike someone is to make that soul fall. It is not a speciality of Brahmins to protect themselves by making others fall. Protect yourself and also others. This is known as becoming special and seeing specialities. Whilst you move along, these little things take on two forms. One is of hopelessness and the other is of carelessness. Therefore, now, in order to bid farewell to all traces of Ravan for all time, bid farewell to both these forms and constantly see in yourself the specialities you have been given by the Father. Don’t think that it is your speciality, but a speciality that you have been given by the Father. If you consider it to be your speciality, traces of arrogance will develop. “Why wasn’t my speciality used?” “They don’t know my speciality at all!” Where did “mine” come from? The special gift of this special life is to have a speciality. The Bestower of Life has given you this gift. Where did “mine” come from? “My speciality, my nature, my heart says!” Or, “My heart feels”. It is not “mine” but a form of worry. You all say “worry, hurry and curry (bitter)”. Do you understand? Finish this trace and constantly see the specialities that you yourself have and those of others have which been given by the Father. This means constantly congratulating yourself and others. Have you understood all the traces? So, what is the trace of attachment? Have you not yet become destroyers of attachment? Achcha.

The royal form of attachment is that you like certain people and things. “I like this or that thing. I don’t have attachment, but I like it.” If you like people and things, then like everyone and everything. You should like clothes with patches as well as beautiful clothes. You should like 36 varieties of food and also like dry chappatis and molasses. You should like everything and everyone. It shouldn’t be that you like some people more than others, or that you like some things more than others. Do not use anything with this understanding. If it is medicine, then take it as medicine. Don’t eat it because you like it so much. To like something means to have an attract ion to it. Therefore, this is a trace of attachment. Eat, drink and be merry, but bid farewell to all traces and become detached and loving whilst experimenting with everything. Do you understand?

All types of facilities for all types of attainment have been created in BapDada’s treasure-store. Eat plenty, but eat with the Father, don’t eat by yourself! By eating with the Father and enjoying yourself with the Father, you will automatically remain constantly within the line and in the cottage that is free from sorrow where no trace of Ravan can enter. Eat, drink and be merry, but do everything whilst remaining within the line and with the Father. Then, you won’t find anything difficult. You will experience everything as entertainment. Do you understand what you have to do? Constantly entertain yourself. Achcha.

Have the double foreigners understood the way they have to entertain themselves constantly? You don’t find this difficult, do you? Sit with the Father and nothing will be difficult. You will experience every moment to be entertainment. There will constantly be words of congratulations for yourself and others at every second. Therefore, you are going to go back from here, having bade farewell, are you not? You will not take anything back with you, will you? Bid farewell to all traces and give congratulations before you go. Are all of you double foreigners ready for this? Achcha. BapDada is also congratulating those who bid farewell for all time. Multimillion-fold congratulations for having bade farewell. Achcha.

To those who are constantly “Manmanabhav”, that is, to those who keep themselves entertained, to those who constantly experience their world to be of the one Father, to the special souls who constantly see such specialities, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada meeting servers:

What gift did you servers receive in Madhuban? You received instant fruit and also accumulated your future reward. Therefore you received a double gift. You received the instant fruit of happiness and you developed the practice of having constant yoga. However, together with these, you also accumulated your future reward. Therefore, you received a double chance. Whilst living here, you practised being an easy yogi, a karma yogi and a constant yogi. Make this sanskar so firm before you leave that you have this sanskar when you arrive back at your home. Just as old sanskars are used even against your conscious wish, so make this sanskar firm too. Then, because of this sanskar, you will continue to practise it. Then, because you have developed the sanskars, Maya won’t be able to create any obstacles. Therefore, constantly continue to underline these sanskars. Continue to revise them. Whilst living here, have you remained free from obstacles? You didn’t have any obstacles, did you? There wasn’t any conflict with anyone, even in your mind, was there? In a gathering, there are all types of souls. Therefore, did you only see the Father, or did you also see brother s and sister s? Those who constantly see the Father are the children who are close to BapDada. However, the children who also see brothers and sisters as well as seeing the Father are not close; such children are distant. So, who are all of you? You are all close, are you not? Therefore, constantly continue to move along in this awareness. Whilst living outside, make this lesson firm: „See Father and follow father”. Those who follow the father will never fluctuate in any situation because the father never fluctuated in anything. Therefore, those who see the Father are unshakeable, immovable and constant. Achcha, have all your desires been fulfilled? All of you have played a very good part in doing service. The sign of playing a good part is that you automatically receive an invitation for the following year. This means that you create your memorial in a practical way. Those memorials will be created, but this memorial is also created now. When someone does good service and goes back home, everyone asks for that person to be invited again. So, give such proof that, from being just servers, you become such constant servers that everyone says, „Keep this one here”. Achcha.

BapDada meeting the residents of Madhuban:

You residents of Madhuban are embodiments of all attainment because you have all been given the praise of Madhuban, the special study of Madhuban, the special company of Madhuban and the special atmosphere of Madhuban. Those from outside come to Madhuban to have all their desires filled, whereas you are already sitting here. Physically too, you are constantly with BapDada, because everyone constantly experiences the company of the sakar form in Madhuban. Therefore you are with the Father physically because you are with Him in the physical form and the soul is with the Father anyway. So you have double company, do you not? You are sitting where there are all types of mines. Therefore, you have become masters of all the mines. Let the song emerge in the residents of Madhuban at every moment and in every breath: “I have attained whatever I wanted to attain. Nothing is lacking in my treasure-store.” Everything those of Madhuban eat is constantly fresh. Those who constantly eat fresh food should be so healthy! All of you souls are blessed. You are constantly being sustained with BapDada’s sustenance. Those from outside have to live in another type of atmosphere and this is why BapDada especially has to give them one blessing or another, whereas you are sitting here in the land of blessings. Those from outside need refreshment each year.

Therefore, what should BapDada say to each one of you? BapDada tells others to be lighthouses and might-houses. Should Baba tell you the same? Those people outside need this. It becomes a lotus flower for them and, because of this, they are able to remain loving and detached. In any case, whoever comes to your home, you have to look after that person as a guest. All of you are constantly at home. They have to play a double part and this is why they have to be filled with double force. Every word spoken to them acts like a boat in the ocean of the world, whereas you have moved away from the ocean of the world and are sitting in the middle of the ocean of knowledge. The Father is your world. Achcha.

Question: What does it mean, “The Father is your world”?

Answer: In all case, the intellect is pulled to the world, is it not? There are two things in the world: people and things. “The Father is your world”, means that any attainment you have from anyone is from the one Father and that the satisfaction you have from all things is also from the Father. And so, He is your world, is He not? Your relationship is with the Father and your connection is with the Father. Your waking up and your sitting is with the Father. Therefore, the Father has become your world, has He not? Achcha.

BapDada meeting the Australian Group:

What thought did all of you have today? Did all of you bid farewell to Maya? Those of you who still want to think about this, raise your hands! If, even now, you say that you will think about it, then this too is a weak foundation. To think about it means that there is a weakness. The business of Brahma Kumars and Kumaris is for them to become and to make others into conquerors of Maya. Do you have to think about something that is your natural business? Just say: It has already happened, just like last year when you had the determination to open a centre in many places and they were opened, were they not? How many centres are there now? 17. You just had that thought and the thought was fulfilled. In the same way, have the thought to become a conqueror of Maya. BapDada constantly congratulates you children on your courage. Continue to make much more progress in service. All of you children are loved by BapDada. BapDada too cannot do anything without you companions. You are all extremely valuable. Achcha.

Blessing: May you be a karma yogi who becomes full of all powers by constantly having the weapons with accurate remembrance.
Accurate remembrance means to remain constantly full of all powers. When an enemy in the form of an adverse situation comes in front of you and your weapons are of no use to you, you would not then be said to be someone who has his weapons. When you have remembrance in every action you perform you will be successful. Just as you are not able to stay without performing actions for even a second, similarly, you cannot perform any action without yoga. Therefore, become a karma yogi who holds your weapons and use s all your powers according to your orders on time and you will then be said to be an accurate yogi.
Slogan: Those who thoughts and actions are great are master almighty authorities, ones with all powers.
*** Om Shanti ***

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