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The upliftment of the world depends on the souls who are images of support

BapDada is looking at souls who are images of support for the world. You are the most elevated souls who are images of support for the world. Only you elevated souls experience your ascending and flying stages. Therefore you become instruments for uplifting the whole world. The desire of attaining liberation and liberation-in-life of all souls for many births is automatically fulfilled. You elevated souls become instruments to open the gates to liberation, that is, to your home. This is how all souls find the destination of their sweet home. The peacelessness and sorrow that they have experienced for a long time finishes because they become residents of the land of peace. Souls who are deprived of the inheritance of liberation-in-life receive this inheritance of liberation. The Father makes you children, you elevated souls who are images of support, the instruments for this. BapDada always says: Children first, then I. The children are in front and the Father is behind them. It has always been like this. Do you move along considering yourselves to be images of support for the world in this way? You elevated souls, you images of support, are in the form of the roots with the Seed. So BapDada comes to celebrate a meeting with such elevated souls. You are such elevated souls that you make the incorporeal One and the subtle one become corporeal – into the same form as yourselves. This makes you so elevated! Do you perform every action whilst considering yourselves to be this? At this time, by becoming embodiments of remembrance, you will definitely become embodiments of power. When you pay attention to this one thing, all the tension of limited things automatically finishes. Any type of tension will be transformed into attention when you pay attention to this. This self-transformation will then easily bring about world transformation. This attention works such magic that all the various types of tension of many souls finish and their attention is drawn to the Father. Nowadays there are many facilities of science so that something just has to be switched on and all the rubbish everywhere is pulled towards that machine. They don’t need to go everywhere, but everything is automatically pulled by its electrical power. Similarly, with this power of silence and the powerful form of your attention, all the tension of all souls will finish. This means that those souls whose tension, which has keep troubling them even after they have been making a lot of effort to remove it, will experience it to have automatically finished. Who finished it? When they experience this, their attention will automatically be drawn to the combined form of you Shiv Shaktis.

Therefore tension will be transformed into attention, will it not? At the moment you have to draw their attention again and again. You say: Have remembrance. Have remembrance. However, when you stabilise in the powerful form of images of support, you will become the true pilgrimage place that removes their tension and draws their attention. At the moment you have to go and find them. You create so many inventions in order to find them, but, at that time, they will come to find you. Or, will you always be searching for them?

Science is very helpful to you elevated souls in this elevated task. You must make yourselves so unshakeable that when there is a little upheaval, you will see how you become spiritual magnets and attract many souls. Day by day, souls will become so weak that they won’t even be able to make the effort to walk on their own two feet. You souls, who are the form of power, will give such souls feet through your own power and make them walk, that is, you will draw them to the Father. By becoming constantly experienced in such a flying stage you will enable many souls to fly away from their sorrows and memories of peacelessness and enable them to reach their destination. They will have to fly with their own wings. When you yourselves are the form of power, you will become the true pilgrims and make all of those souls pure and enable them to attain liberation, to reach the sweet home. You are such images of support.

Therefore, today, BapDada is seeing the children who are images of support. If the supports continue to shake, how can they be supports for others? Therefore, become stable so that the upheaval of the world can begin. Even the slightest upheaval will easily attract many to the Father. On the one side, Kumbhakarna will awaken, on the other side, souls who have been in relationship or connection with you and have gone to sleep in the sleep of carelessness will awaken from that sleep. However, who is going to wake them up? You souls who are the unshakeable images of support. Do you understand? The form of service is going to change in this way. For this, constantly remain in your form of Shiv Shaktis. Achcha.

To those who are constant embodiments of peace and power, to those who remind others of the Father with their powerful stage, to those who finish tension and draw people’s attention, to the children who are world transformers and images of support for the world, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Avyakt BapDada giving love and remembrance to all the children for the 18th January.

The love and remembrance for the 18th January is to become an embodiment of power of the 18 chapters. What does the 18th January remind you of? The perfect angelic form. It reminds you of the lesson “Follow the father at every second and in every thought”. Are you experienced in this? Where is everyone on the 18th January? In the corporeal world or in the subtle, angelic world? The 18th January constantly reminds you of the angelic form and the awareness of the angelic world. It makes you into a form of power. It is the day of remembrance and is therefore the day to become an embodiment of remembrance. So, do you understand what the 18th January is? Constantly become like this. Repeatedly remind yourself of this. Therefore the love and remembrance for the 18th January is to become equal to the Father, to become the complete form. Achcha. The love and remembrance of this awareness will reach everyone in advance. Only those who have conquered their physical senses have a right to the kingdom of the world.

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