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Become greatly powerful and give power to the weak ones

Om Shanti Avyakt BapDada Madhuban
BapDada is seeing the children whose stage is constantly ascending in their every step and their every thought. You receive the blessing of becoming bodiless in a second and you fly in a second. To become bodiless means to fly high. To become body conscious means to become a caged bird. At this time, all of you children have received the blessing of becoming bodiless and have become flying birds. This is the gathering of free souls, of flying birds. All of you are free, are you not? If you were to receive an order to go to your sweet home, how long would it take you to go there? You are able to go there in a second, are you not? If you were to receive an order to bring light where there is darkness through your stage of master almighty authorities and your rays of all powers and to dispel all darkness by being suns of knowledge, are you able to do this unlimited service in a second? Have you become such master suns of knowledge? The inventions of science are able to bring light in a second wherever there is darkness. So, hey children, you suns of knowledge, how long would it take you to bring about light? The power of silence is very much more elevated than science. Do you experience that the second you switch on your awareness, you bring the souls who are wandering in the darkness, into the light? What do you think?

Are you able to bring souls into the light with the seven one-hour lessons of the seven days course, or with the three days yoga camps? Or, have you reached the stage of a second? What do you think? Is your speed of service within hours or have you reached the stage of serving within minutes and seconds? What do you think? Do you still need time or do you think that you have reached the stage of a second? You issue a challenge for people to come and attain their inheritance of liberation and liberation-in-life in a second. Are you ready to make that practical? Has your speed of self-transformation reached the speed of a second? What do you think? The old year is coming to an end. The New Year is coming, and you are now sitting at the confluence of the two. So, what speed did you attain for self-transformation and world transformation in the old year? Was your speed fast? The result has to be announced, does it not? Therefore, what was the result this year, in terms of service of yourself, your relations and contacts, and the world? What aim did you have for this year? You do know that, do you not? It was that of a flying bird or the flying stage. So, what was the speed according to that aim? What will happen when everyone reaches the speed of a second? You will reach your home and your kingdom. You will return to your home and then come into your kingdom.

In the New Year, let there be new enthusiasm in every thought and at every second and let there be newness of attainment of success in every deed. What will begin tomorrow? The New Year will begin, but what would you say? From when does the New Year begin? In a worldly way too, it begins with 1-1, does it not, and what will you begin? They (The world) will begin with “1”, but what will it be for you? One and win. Win in every thought, which means: Let there be victory in every thought! What tilak will you put on your forehead every day of this year? The tilak of victory! What slogan will you remember? We victorious jewels are victorious every cycle! We were victorious, we are victorious and we shall remain constantly victorious. What crown will you wear? The crown of light and might. Wear this double crown, because if there is light but less might, you cannot be a constant embodiment of success. Only when you have might along with light will you be able to become constantly victorious. Be double crowned with light and might.

What bangle will you wear? A bangle is also necessary, is it not? What bangle do you like? You already have the bangle of purity, but what new bangle will you wear for this special year? (Many answers were given. Someone said „Co-operation”, and someone else said „Harmonising sanskars”.) In that case, your whole arm will be covered with bangles!

This year, wear the special bangle of constantly maintaining enthusiasm and of making others move forward with enthusiasm. Neither allow your own enthusiasm to decrease nor the enthusiasm of others to decrease. To do this and to keep this bangle constantly firmly in place, always remember just one thing: In every aspect, whether for yourself or others, in order to make progress and for others to make progress, to mould yourself is to become real gold. Achcha, you have now put on your bangles. Now what aim will you keep for special service? The Government nowadays designates each year as a year for a special task. The Government has designated this year as the Year of the Handicapped. What will you do? You sing praise of the Father as the One who gives strength to weak ones. With the physical inventions of science, they are able to make weak souls strong in a physical way. They give crippled people the power to walk. In this way, they give such facilities to all weak souls that they give them power. In the same way, become greatly powerful and give power to weak ones, whether they are in your Brahmin family or souls of the world. Just as those people chant slogans to remove poverty, in the same way, you should finish the stage of powerlessness. Remember the words „courage and help”. Become an instrument and enable them to receive help from the Father. So, what is your special slogan for this year? Stop being powerless! Only then will you be able to make the slogan you have received practical of constantly giving enthusiasm. Do you understand what you have to do in the New Year?

Double foreigners give more importance to the New Year. You will constantly be able to give more importance to the New Year with this greatness. Therefore, in this New Year, become embodiments of success with all types of greatness. You are the ones who attain success; your every task will be successful. Show everyone the way to attain success in a second. Celebrate such a year of success. Each task should be completely successful; your thoughts should be successful and your form should be that of a constant embodiment of success. Only then will the drums of revelation and victory be heard. Science is not always successful, but all of you are constant embodiments of success. (Today, the electric lighting was fluctuating a great deal.) Will there be this type of complication in your kingdom? In your sweet home, there is no need for this. Therefore, now bring your sweet home and sweet kingdom close, that is, move closer to them. Do you understand what you have to do? Achcha.

To those who remain constantly in the remembrance of One, to those who enable others to forge a relationship with the One, to those who constantly have a stable and constant stage, to those who are equal to the Father, to those who reveal BapDada through themselves and service, to those who are embodiments of instant fruit, to the extremely loving and close children, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

Avyakt BapDada meeting children from abroad:

Nairobi group: All of you children are extremely loving and co-operative souls. Do you experience this? Those who are loving cannot stop being co- operative. In the world outside, when they love someone, they automatically surrender their bodies, minds and wealth to the one they love; they co-operate with that one. Therefore, because all of you souls are extremely loving to the Father, you are also co-operative souls in every way. BapDada is pleased to see the extremely loving and co-operative children. Just as you children are pleased to see the Father, so the Father is multimillion-fold pleased to see you children because BapDada knows how fortunate you children are! The line of fortune of each one of you is so great! The great souls (mahatmas) of today are nothing compared to you! They are just that in name alone, whereas you are the ones who are carrying out this practical task. So, what have you now become from what you were? And what are you going to become? Do you experience the happiness of this? Do you stay on the ground or on your throne? You don’t go onto the ground, do you? You have left the earth, have you not? You call out to the Father and say: „Leave Your throne in the sky and come down here!” whereas the Father tells you „Leave your throne of the earth and take the throne of My heart!” So, have all of you taken this throne? You don’t go back to the earth, do you? The attraction of the earth doesn’t pull you, does it? Having lived on earth, you have seen where the attraction of the earth has taken you. It has taken you in the direction of hell. Now, the heart-throne has become the throne for the kingdom of the world. So, this attraction will take you to heaven. Therefore, once you have experienced this, you become sensible for all time. Your title is „Knowledge-full”. Those who are knowledge-full can never be deceived. Achcha. All of you are those who remain constantly content, are you not? There are no complaints; neither about yourself nor about others. If there are any complaints, you can’t be complete. Even to complain about yourself, saying that you’re unable to have yoga, that you haven’t destroyed attachment or that you haven’t become what you should have become, are also complaints, are they not? To end all complains means to become complete. Achcha.

BapDada is always proud of you children, that you are the children who claim all rights every cycle. BapDada knows the value of each jewel, but some children sometimes don’t realize their own value that much. The Father knows this very well. No matter what a child is like, even if he puts himself in the last number, he is still great because he is one of a handful out of multimillions. So, that one out of billions must be great, must he not? Therefore, always realize your own greatness, accept it and you will then become a deity soul. How much has the number of those from Nairobi grown before you came here? Do you just stay in Nairobi or do you also tour around? You are those who fly and give power to those who cannot fly by themselves, are you not? The speciality of those from Nairobi is that whole families, from the youngest to the oldest of the family members have all transformed because they have the foundation of Gujarat. Whose fortune opened in Africa? Although you people of Bharat live in Africa, you have become fortunate. Just by being given a little water of the introduction, the seed has grown. The special service that has to take place now is, first of all, to discern each one’s need and then to become an embodiment of attainment and enable them to attain that need. Only when you have this power to discern will there be success in service. Achcha.

London Group: The residents of London are the founders of service. London is the main place for service. Everyone’s vision is on London. What directions do you receive from London? Therefore, London is the main place for service, is it not? Therefore, the residents of London are special servers. The business of Brahmin life is service. So, do you remain constantly busy in this service? What do businessmen have in their intellects in their dreams during the night? They only dream about their business. Even in their dreams during the night, they only see customers or merchandise. So, what will you children have in your dreams? Dreams of making souls prosperous. Service in your dreams, service as soon as you wake up, service whilst you walk and move around. On the basis of this service, you yourself will remain constantly full and you will also make others full. Each of you is an invaluable jewel. If the kingdom of London were to be put on one side and all of you on the other side, your fortune would be greater because that kingdom is to turn to dust, whereas you are always valuable. You are always the invaluable jewels of the Father. BapDada turns the beads of the rosary of the speciality of each one of you jewels. Therefore, constantly continue to take every step whilst considering yourself to be such a special soul. All types of burden have now been removed, have they not? You have now changed from caged parrots and become flying birds! You have become flying parrots who can also speak. You are no longer caged birds but those who sing songs of BapDada. The Hindi speaking group from London has been given the first chance. You are the lucky ones who listen to the murli directly in Hindi; you don’t need any translation. This is known as „Pan to mouth”. The chappatis would become a little dry by the time they receive the translation. Therefore, you have your own fortune and they have their own fortune. So, never think that only the foreigners of abroad are praised. Those souls became impressed on seeing the gathering of all of you. You are all instruments. Even so, the people of Bharat have the intoxication of their birthplace. Achcha.

Meeting kumars: The group of kumars means those who are doubly free. One is to be free of mundane responsibilities and the other is to be a soul who is free of all bondage. Free from Maya’s bondage and free from worldly bondage. Are all of you free in this way? Souls who have double freedom can do service in a double way. Because kumars are free they have a lot of time. Therefore, with your treasure of time, you can make many others prosperous. The greatest treasure of the confluence age is time. Therefore, this group of kumars means to be those who are full of the treasure of time, and because of having time, you can become full in serving others. You can claim one hundred percent in the subject of service. To be constantly free from bondage means to be constantly yogyukt (filled with yoga). The Father has become your whole world! What is the world of kumars? BapDada! The world of others is limited, but you have just this one unlimited world. Therefore, you are also easy yogis because your intellects are only drawn to this world. Since the Father is your world, your intellects go to the Father. Therefore, you kumars are given a lift to become easy yogis.

So, now give peaceless souls peace. Show wandering souls their destination. Continue to perform this greatest act of charity. Just as it is charity to give water to a thirsty soul, so, to do this service is also to become a charitable soul. You do feel compassion when you see a peaceless soul, do you not? You are the children of the merciful Father. Therefore, constantly continue to perform this act of charity. Achcha.


May you be an embodiment of power and hoists the flag of newness with your greatness.

Now, according to the closeness of time, when you make an impact of your form of power on others, you will then be able to bring the final revelation close. Just as you have shown love and co-operation, similarly, now give the experience of the form of power in the mirror of service. When you hoist the flag of newness in your form of power through your greatness, revelation will then take place. Grant a vision of the Almighty Authority Father through your form of power.


To donate power through your mind and virtues with your actions is the greatest donation.

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