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Congratulations for the service of the suns of knowledge, the children of the Father, the Sun of Knowledge

Today, the Light of the World has come to meet you stars of His eyes. He has come to meet you jewels of light. Everyone in the world is looking for this One, but who is He looking at? Everyone in the world remembers this One, but who does He remember? Everyone in the world sings praise of this One, but whose praise does He Himself sing? So, who is greater: the children or the Father? BapDada has come to meet you lights of His eyes. BapDada surrenders Himself to give the return to you who have surrendered yourselves to the Father for service. Today, such invaluable jewels are in front of the Father. No matter where you are, even though you may be physically far away, all of you children in front of the Father in today’s gathering are corporeal. Do you know who the Father is sitting in front of? Today, in front of the Father, are the extremely beloved, long- lost-and-now-found nine jewels who are always seated on the heart-throne. The special eight, the especially loved souls, are in front of the Father. They do know that BapDada is remembering them. They are also seeing Baba on their divine TV. BapDada constantly turns the beads of the rosary of the specialities of such jewels. What song does the Father constantly sing when He sees such jewels? Have you heard that song? Which song is it? BapDada’s song is a short one; it is not long. Baba’s song is, “Wah My children! Wah!” Can you hear this song? How many times have you heard it? What response did you children give? There is only one Father and many children. The Father listens to the songs of all the children. He enjoys hearing these songs very much. Some sing a certain type of song, others sing another type. Should Baba tell you what types of song you sing? Some sing, “Wah Baba! Wah!” Some sing, “Wah my Baba! Wah!” Some sing, “Yes Baba! Yes!” Should Baba tell you about some more songs? Some of you sing songs as though under compulsion. What type of compulsion is that? They know that they are not going to attain anything unless they remember the Father and that they have to remember Him. They think that they have to sing the song, “Wah Baba! Wah!” The song some sing is the sound of the sitar of the mind and the song others sing is the sound of the lips. BapDada does of course hear their songs. Which songs do you sing? Should Baba tell you some stories of the Father and the children? Each of you has your own story. How many stories would there be, if you were to put all of these stories together? Every day, each one of you has a different story. So, does the Father have to listen to all of these or not? You complain and ask: Baba, what do you do there? Do you do the same work there too? He does the same work he used to do when he was in the corporeal form. In the days of his sakar (physical) form, His work would take more time. Now, it takes less time.

Today, Baba has come to give you special children the return of your service. Just as you children are bound by love for service, in the same way, the Father too is bound by His love for you children.

BapDada meeting Sister Jayanti: Where are you meeting Baba today? Where has BapDada especially come today? He comes to Madhuban anyway, but what is this gathering in which Baba is meeting you today? Where do you especially meet in London? Today, BapDada is meeting you in a garden. This is Allah’s garden. To meet in a garden means to meet in the unlimited. This garden of BapDada is the best garden of all. Those are the gardens of Paradise. What are the gardens here compared to the gardens there? Achcha, the Lord is present in front of you. The Lord is present in front of the master lord. Baba is very pleased to see everyone. You are all congratulated for the success you all had through doing service with zeal and enthusiasm. You are racing very well with love and going ahead of one another in service. You are not competing but racing together. This is why the majority of you jewels, who are instruments for service abroad, are giving a good return.

London is the foundation of service abroad and so which lamp does BapDada ignite in return for the service that you have done over ten years? BapDada ignites the lamp of the specialities of the special children everywhere abroad who especially remain engaged in service day and night. BapDada fills you with the oil of virtues and ignites the lamp of the specialities of you special souls. Congratulations! Congratulations for the service you do! Sing this song to those from Hong Kong. It has been ten years for them too. Congratulations to you both for ten years! The especially loved children in London, in the form of master suns of knowledge, are spreading rays of zeal and enthusiasm for service everywhere very well. So, the Father, the Sun of Knowledge, is congratulating you master suns of knowledge.

Those from Australia claim their fortune through their renunciation. You have demonstrated your fortune very well through your renunciation. BapDada congratulates you children, who are the instruments for service in Australia, for claiming the certificate of being constant, unshakeable and immovable. In the same way, BapDada is also congratulating those from Nairobi for their speciality. What speciality is that? You are very good at having deep love for Baba and His service. You don’t see the circumstances, but you look at the service that has to be done. You have given very good proof of your speciality of all being united in service. To have love for service means to have love for BapDada. You have shown wonders of how to finish everything and how to merge everything. This is why BapDada calls you children who have this speciality “mahavir children”.

America is no less. America has caught hold of a “mike” who can spread a loud sound very far. You have found an easy and good way of doing service. All the centres in America are very successful in serving VIPs. It is not difficult to serve the VIPs abroad now, is it? Now, Baba’s name is glorified in London too.

This year, the foreign lands have received the blessing of serving special souls. For how many years did you find it difficult? Do you realise how easy it has now become? All the main places abroad have now been mentioned. However, there are very good waves of service everywhere else also. Guyana, Germany, Mauritius: each place has its own speciality. They have prepared special souls from special programmes. There is very good zeal and enthusiasm everywhere. Therefore, note down all their names!

Didiji and Lachuben came back from their tour abroad.

To Didi: Did you experience balance and blessings? Was your journey OK? (To Lachuben): You too have come back from touring abroad. You also did tapaysa, did you not? You are lucky that you have remained in elevated company since your childhood. You have stayed very close to Baba. Not everyone has this fortune! What will you do, having returned from abroad? Did you give any lectures anywhere? Now practise this! Also practise giving classes. You have heard a lot directly. You have also heard secrets that you have to keep hidden under your nails. Therefore, you have to give a return of that. Achcha. Wherever you serviceable children go, you definitely have to give some proof of the service you do. You have given this proof, have you not? To be serviceable means that you are constantly doing service, service and even more service. Your looking at anything is for service, your speaking is for service, your moving around and doing anything is for service. You have the three images of “See no evil, speak no evil… etc.” Here you have those who say “Yes”. They say, „no” to all three things for service, whereas here, you say, „yes” for all three things (seeing, speaking, hearing). This is what is meant as being serviceable. So, what is the image of someone who is serviceable? You enjoyed doing service very much, did you not? You experienced that. When every place is filled with specialities, service everywhere will be complete. This is why it is good for you to have these experiences.

Those who live on the banks of the River Jamuna have also come. (A group from Delhi). Those from Karnataka (natak = play), those who perform plays (from Karnataka) on the banks of the River Jamuna, have also come. Bombay is also included as a bonus in this. It is good that there are the banks of River Jamuna and that there is also a garden in the middle of the Jamuna. Therefore, BapDada is meeting all of you in the middle of that. Even so, the foundation of service is Delhi. You all set foot on the field of service in Delhi. The majority of the maharathis have set foot in Delhi for service. Achcha, Baba will tell you later what Delhi has to do. Today, Baba is just talking to you in the gardens.

To those who observe the play within the play, to those who experience the games (khela) and the fairs (mela), to those who constantly sing the Father’s praise and at the same time also make themselves master embodiments of virtues equal to the Father, to those who constantly have positive thoughts for the world, to the world benefactors who constantly benefit the world, to such elevated souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

To Didiji: Having become a flying bird and played your role of service, you have reached your place of rest, have you not? Your tour was short and sweet. On seeing the courage and enthusiasm for service of you children, BapDada surrenders Himself to you. Courage works like medicine. To how many did you give blessings? You special souls now have the role of giving blessings. You can give blessings through your eyes or through the jewel on your forehead. There are many speakers, but it is now the duty of all of you to give blessings. You saw what Baba’s final role in his karmateet stage at the end was. It was that of giving blessings. There was the speciality of balance and the wonder of blessings. So, follow the father! This is easy service and it is also powerful service. Anything powerful is not always beautiful in its physical form. When something is very small, it is always powerful, just as a seed is powerful when it is small. An atom is very powerful and yet it is so tiny. In the same way, to give blessings in the awareness of the soul is also very easy and powerful; it takes less time and effort and achieves greater results, and it also lasts longer. Let it not be that you hear something one moment and the next minute you forget it. You are continuing to experience this, are you not? So the service you powerful souls now have to do is that of giving blessings.

Speaking to Jayantiben: How many souls are merged in you? How many souls are merged in you today? It is good that you have galloped ahead so much in service. You receive congratulations from all three: the lokik, alokik and Parlokik. You are performing your role very well. You are loved by everyone, are you not? You have success because of having the awareness of this point. The basis of success in service is the awareness of the Karankaravanhar Father. This is how you are safe and also successful. You follow the Father and you have also followed your Dadi Janki who is an instrument. You follow her in her virtues very well. It is good. Give special remembrance to Janak! She has also received the practical fruit of a body that is free from disease. Her body (her name) has become immortal.

The VIPs of America emerged on the basis of the foundation of Guyana. The foundation of service in America is Guyana. The first VIP couple that emerged in the foreign lands is from Guyana. This is why they are very lovely. This is why there is something special in the service they both do. Each of them is ahead of the other. They are very rare flowers. Because of them the name is spreading everywhere very well. Their daughters are also good. They have built a very good house. They have transformed all obstacles and become free from obstacles. Therefore, their whole family is a lovely family. It is a lovely family, but it is also a family that is merged in love for Baba. All the Brahmins who have come have deep love for the Father and service. They don’t take too much effort. They are good. Some places have the speciality of not having to make too much effort. The speciality of Guyana is that they don’t have to make too much effort because they remain lost in love for Baba. Therefore, give everyone Baba’s remembrance and also give them the gift of this speciality.

Meeting a group: What is the greatest treasure you receive at the confluence age? That of happiness. May you remain filled with the treasures of happiness! Let it not be that you sometimes feel not so happy and at other times you feel very happy. Since the treasures you have are imperishable, infinite and unlimited, let it not be that you sometimes have plenty and at other times only a little. Remain constantly stable in the attainment of these treasures. Don’t just be happy, but let your happiness be constant and stable. The number you claim will be on the basis of this. If your happiness is constant but not stable, you claim a second number. If your happiness is both constant and stable, you become number one. When you are caught up in other things, your swing of happiness becomes less and you are not able to swing fast, because you stop and start? Therefore, constantly swing in the swing of happiness. The speciality of the confluence age is that it is the time for experiencing everything. Therefore, take advantage of the speciality of this age.


May you be supremely worthy of worship by keeping your worship in your awareness and making every deed worthy of being worshipped.

Every power of you children is worshipped in the form of goddesses: the sun deity, the wind deity, goddess earth. Similarly, the worship of the power of fearlessness is in the form of goddess Kali. The worship of the power to face is in the form of goddess Durga. The power of being content and making others content is in the form of the goddess of contentment (Santoshi Mata). The power of being as light as the wind is worshipped in the form of the son of the wind (Pavanputra – Hanuman). So, by keeping this worship of yours in your awareness, make your every deed worthy of being worshipped and you will then become supremely worthy of worship.


To keep a balance of contentment and easiness in life is the biggest speciality of all.


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