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18.01.2013 Avyakt Bapdada

Today, BapDada is pleased to see his sweetest and loveliest children. “Wah Baba! Wah!” is emerging from everyone’s heart, and “Wah children! Wah!” is emerging from the Father’s lips. These are the words that are emerging.

Today, BapDada is also seeing the children everywhere. The sparkle of love for Father Brahma is visible in everyone’s mind. Waves of love are visible in everyone’s minds. Waves of love are also emerging for every child in the Father’s mind. This love is alokik love. BapDada has seen that the majority of the children are moving along with the power of love. The Father has love for every child, and “ Sweet child, lovely child” is also emerging for every child from His heart.

The Father has made every child a master of three thrones. You know this, do you not? Throughout the whole cycle, no soul can become a master of three thrones, but you elevated souls have become the masters of three thrones, and remain in such spiritual love and intoxication! Each one of you, ask yourself: “Do I always have such happiness and such spiritual intoxication in my awareness? Do I always remember the word ‘always’ (sada)?” BapDada does not like the word “sometimes”.

Today, whether you are all sitting in front of Baba, or you are sitting at your own places, the Father is seeing all of you. Even though far away, you are in front of the Father. The Father saw that, today, every child was specially merged in love for Father Brahma. Love makes something difficult easy. BapDada has deep love for every child. Even though you may be effort-makers, you are still the Father’s children.

Today, BapDada wants the word “always” to emerge from the children’s mouths. Is this possible? Those who believe from now that the word “always” is easy – and that by keeping the aim, you will develop the qualifications, because BapDada is your Helper – raise your hands! Wah! Wah! Wah children! Wah! You may applaud.

BapDada is not seeing just the children in front of him, but seeing all the children everywhere, and saying with love: Wah children! Wah! Just as the majority of children are number one in having love in their hearts for BapDada, in the same way, in order to become constantly victorious, the word “sometimes” should be removed. Is this possible? Is it possible? Raise your hands for this! Raise your hands high. Wave your hands! You are waving your hands very well. BapDada is pleased to see the children having courage.

The Father – both fathers, Bap and Dada – both have constant love in their heart for each and every child, and will always have this love. If, while you are moving along, there is a little attack of Maya, even then, the Father’s love for you cannot finish. In fact, BapDada says to the children who are his companions: Give this one extra co-operation and love, and make him fly.

Now, this is what BapDada wants. All of you definitely know the time. You know where the time is going. All of you know this. Seeing the time, remember the things that BapDada has told you about “suddenly”. BapDada’s desire of the heart is: Not a single child should be left behind. You should remain with him, and return with him. Staying with him does not mean physically to stay with him. But constantly to follow shrimat with your heart is to stay constantly with him. When there is love for someone, you want to stay with them: but it is not possible to stay with this one physically. What BapDada wants – and what the family companions want – is that you become equal companions: this is what it means to stay together.

Waves of love from all the children everywhere have today reached BapDada. In the same way, BapDada’s pure desire is that, every day, from amrit vela until night time, whatever you do through your mind, words and deeds: check whether what the Father says, and what you do, are equal. Is this possible? Is it easy? Every day’s murli is what the Father says. So, each one should check: “Is what the Father says and what I do the same?”

This is not difficult, because, every night before going to sleep, each one of you must be checking your result of the whole day. The Father now wants you children to become complete, and to bring the time close. Father Brahma is also invoking you: Come children, let us go to our kingdom together. Open the gates to liberation for souls, and let them play their parts of liberation: the kingdom for some, and liberation for others.

On this day, from amrit vela, garlands of love have come here from all directions. BapDada is congratulating all those who have sent them. What are we going to do now? Now, BapDada’s desire – and your desire – is that everyone becomes complete and perfect. Quicken this step even more. You too like this, do you not? When you hear of the sorrow and anxiety of your brothers and sisters, you don’t like it, do you?

Now, not giving your time to anything else, get together among yourselves and make a plan for this. Let there be zeal everywhere for becoming complete and perfect. Father Brahma wants each of his child to become complete, the same as himself. You will fulfill this desire of Father Brahma, will you not?

So, today, Father Brahma was spreading waves of love and the powers, as well as waves of pure thoughts, over all the children everywhere. Today is the day for showering flowers, is it not? Seeing the love that the children have for Father Brahma, the Father is not showering you children with only flowers of hopes – of “Baba says and you do” – but he is showering all you children from everywhere with flowers of making intense effort. Achcha.

BapDada is seeing all the children, even those who are new. Those who have come for the first time, stand up! Look, the majority – half of those who have come – are new children. Those who have come, please accept lots and lots of love and remembrance from BapDada. BapDada is pleased, but now demonstrate this by performing wonders. Achcha.
Baba is seeing you. Every child is visible in front of him. Whether you are in front, or you are the last, Baba is seeing you in front of him on this (a TV is placed in front of BapDada) . Each child should accept BapDada’s love and remembrance. Now, you will quickly have to bring about transformation.

Congratulations for having arrived here. Now make effort, and then receive congratulations for claiming a number ahead. Achcha. You may sit down.

Welcome! (it is the turn of Punjab Zone to serve) Welcome! It is good. Father Brahma had a lot of love for Punjab. He specially toured around Punjab. Father Brahma did not go to all the places, but he went to a few places. In that too, he went to Punjab, and so the Father has given his direct blessings to Punjab. The specialty of Punjab is that it has made very good kumari teachers emerge. They are courageous, not those who are afraid.

Is this right, teachers? You are courageous, are you not? You are not those who are afraid, are you? You are not. No matter how great someone is, or what he is ultimately, they will have to say: “Victory to the Shiv Shaktis”

It is good that BapDada is seeing each one doing service, and that you will continue to do so. However, one thing is that BapDada told all the Zones to claim a certificate, and no Zone has claimed this as yet. Now, Punjab should claim number one. One person spoke, and everyone did it with love. Just as you give your support to one another physically, in the same way, also show the practical fruit in harmonizing sanskars. Is this okay? Now, that number has not yet been claimed. No Zone has given this result as yet. Punjab will do that. You will do that, will you not? Teachers, raise your hands! There are many teachers. Very good. BapDada is pleased.

(double foreigners)
BapDada is pleased to see the zeal of the foreign children. BapDada is especially pleased that each of you comes to Madhuban and makes a special addition to your efforts. All of you who have come, you have paid special attention to one thing or another, have you not? “In the future, we will not do that, and we will do this”. You take back with you a clarification of both these things.

BapDada has seen that you pay attention, and that those who have become instruments also draw your attention to this. This is why BapDada is pleased that many of you pay attention, and bring about transformation too. BapDada has seen this result. So, in future, continue to pay attention, because, when you come to Madhuban, it means to make progress in one thing or another. So, have all of you done this? Raise your hands! Definitely go back with one transformation or another. Is this okay? Do you agree?

BapDada has love for you because BapDada has seen that, while doing double service, many children are also very good effort-makers. BapDada is pleased that you constantly continue to claim a number ahead, and are not just moving along. What number did you claim? It should not just be that you are attending every day and having classes, but what progress did you make each day? To listen to the murli and to imbibe it: the proof of this is to bring about transformation. It is good: BapDada is pleased. You are doing this, and will continue to do it in the future too. It is good.

Wave your hands. BapDada is seeing all of you, because it is especially shown on this TV. Look, according to the drama, science has progressed so much in the hundred years before the children came. So, you can see that even now this science is useful for you. Is this okay? Achcha.

To all the children, including each child who is sitting at the back too, each one should think: “I am in front of BapDada, and BapDada is giving me love and remembrance”.

(those from Calcutta have decorated all the places with flowers)They do it very well. They do it from their hearts and they also work hard. Therefore, specially give each one of them two pieces of toli, and six fruits on behalf of BapDada. Those who have worked hard should receive the fruit of it. It is good that they do it with their hearts, and it pleases the heart. Congratulations for service. Congratulations, firstly, for coming here and secondly, for service. Achcha.

BapDada is now seeing all the children everywhere. They are also seeing BapDada. Many many congratulations to all the intense effort-makers. Those who do as soon as they have the thought, are said to be intense effort-makers. To all the intense effort-makers, BapDada is congratulating each one of you for your aim of making intense effort. And, together with that, Baba is also giving you congratulations for moving forward.

Today, Baba met everyone. Look, it is not possible to meet each one individually, personally, but while sitting at a distance, BapDada is giving each one who is sitting far away his love and remembrance, and experiencing all to be together. Achcha.

What are we going to do now?

(BapDada garlanded Dadi Janki with a garland of flowers) You are not saying “What can I do?” Everyone is doing very well. All those who have become instruments are doing very well. Did you hear?(Dadi Janki gave Baba remembrance of some brothers and sisters) . Tell them: When BapDada tours around at amrit vela, he also tours around where they are.

(Dada Narayan is in hospital) Do service with attention and also give him love and remembrance.

(Mohiniben has sent remembrance from Ahmedabad hospital) No matter how much illness there is, but it reduces with BapDada’s remembrance. The illness becomes half if effort is made to remain in remembrance. Just as that is medicine, before that is this medicine of remembrance. She is doing it. and she will continue to do it. She is a key, and has courage to tolerate it. She will be alright.

(Dadi Nirmala Shanta is in her room) Even now she will be listening in her room. She is remembering, and the Father is also giving her love and remembrance.

Send toli to Narayan on behalf of the Father.

Continue to give everyone the Father’s remembrance. It is good. Those from Delhi are also making good effort.

(Brother Brijmohan gave Baba news of the Shiva Jayanti program) By everyone doing it together with others, the sound spreads. You may have to do it in every corner, but, by your doing it together, it spreads everywhere. It is good. All those from Delhi should feel that they have received love and remembrance.

(to Brother Ramesh) Is your health okay?(How can the service of the studio increase) Make groups for that. Make a committee of service. You can appoint anyone you want for that and then ask them the result: Did they do what they had thought of? If there is any problem, then find a solution to it. Sit together for even five minutes at night, and congratulate them so that they can have enthusiasm. You have to make effort. It is good. Give remembrance to everyone.

All have lots of love for BapDada’s children that are residents of the yagya. Baba gives special blessings to all the Dadi’s who are instruments, as well as to all his instrument children. The Dadis are moving along with blessings, and they make everyone move with blessings. Whether they are brothers or sisters, special blessings are for those souls who are instruments for one task or another, and they will continue to receive special blessings. Achcha.

Om Shanti !!

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