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According to the present atmosphere, do the service of giving powerful sakaash through the power of your mind. Transform the attitudes of others through your own attitude

Today, the Father’s love is merged in the forehead of each child. The Father’s heart says: Each child is „Wah child!, Wah! – Today is the special day of a meeting for the double-foreign children. BapDada is pleased with the service abroad. The service in Bharat is no less, but, according to the present times, BapDada saw that the service abroad is also expanding very well. Very good children who were separated have come to claim their inheritance. Time is showing its scenes, but the children are moving ahead in their service, whether in this land or abroad. BapDada is pleased with the children’s service and, on seeing the result of every elevated task, says from His heart: Wah children! Wah! The double foreign children are also no less in giving the message and introduction everywhere and the children of Bharat are also no less in service. BapDada is pleased on seeing the service of both. Along with this, you are numberwise in the stage of your minds. Now, BapDada wants you to become fast in both your own stage and in the stage of service. BapDada wants every child to remain constantly unshakeable and immovable and continues to move ahead. According to the atmosphere of the world, the majority of children need power of the mind to transform the atmosphere through powerful sakaash. Make the power of your mind even more powerful and with this power of your mind, it is essential to pay greater attention to transforming the influence that is there at the present time. According to the present time, instead of using the power to listen and explain to others, there is a need to transform the attitudes of others with your own attitude. BapDada saw that the power to transform the attitudes of others still has to be used more.

So, today is a special day for the double foreigners. BapDada is giving multimillion-fold shabhash (saying well-done) especially to the double foreigners. Why? Those from this land are also no less, but, according to the atmosphere abroad, they have brought about good expansion of service and this is why today is their special day. While touring around all the countries abroad, BapDada saw that the majority pay very good attention to service. Bharat is also no less. Those from Bharat are also creating various programmes and various means to create zeal and enthusiasm. Seeing the service, BapDada is pleased with both sides, but, according to the present atmosphere, there is a need to transform the atmosphere with the power of your mind. BapDada is pleased to see the enthusiasm of the children.

Are each of you children, both from Bharat or abroad, happy with your own self-progress and progress in service? Now, there is a need to change the vibration and the atmosphere with the power of the mind. This will not happen by listening and speaking knowledge, but the good wishes of your mind can transform the attitudes, vision and actions of people. Today, BapDada is giving every child, whether from abroad or from this land, congratulations for the expansion of service. Achcha.

Those from abroad also have very good gatherings among themselves and exchange of service and are moving forward very well. You get a very good chance in Madhuban to meet amongst yourselves, to have heart-to-heart conversations and to make plans for service. BapDada sees everything as to how children have made gatherings amongst themselves and are making service move forward. BapDada is congratulating you. Bharat is no less. BapDada continues to see both of them. There is very good zeal and enthusiasm for service on both sides and the result is also good. BapDada is pleased. Now, also pay attention to the method of becoming a self-sovereign and practically experiencing that method. Today, there is a need for bringing about transformation with the power of your mind and for fransforming the attitudes of minds. Like now, there is corruption and talk about corruption everywhere; this atmosphere has to be transformed with the power of your mind and create zeal and enthusiasm in everyone’s mind to have remembrance of God. Achcha. What are we going to do now?

Group meetings:
UK, Europe, Middle East: Each and every jewel is great and a mahavir. BapDada is giving each mahavir child
special love and remembrance from His heart. It is good that the gathering is getting bigger. Congratulations for that. Achcha.

Australia, Asia: It is a good gathering. Seeing each child, BapDada is singing praise of each child in His heart: Wah children! Wah!

Americas and the Caribbean: Seeing each child, seeing their fortune, wah each one’s fortune! Baba is pleased on seeing this. Each one’s praise is ahead of the next. It is good that you have come together in a gathering. However many steps you have taken, you have accumulated that many multimillions and BapDada is therefore giving multimillion-fold congratulations to each child, all those who are sitting here, whether from this land or

Africa, Mauritius: Wave your hands! You are souls who constantly move forward and enable others to move forward. BapDada is pleased on seeing the present and the future of each child. Constantly continue to move forward and enable others to move forward. If someone is even a little weak, then co-operate to give your own support or enable them to receive co-operation from the seniors. Whilst checking and paying attention to both-being a benefactor for the self and others – continue to move forward and inspire others to move forward too.

Seeing the total group from abroad, BapDada is pleased that you have achieved expansion and are flying with the right method and that you will continue to fly.

Russia: Teachers, at least applaud them. ‚Teachers’ means those through whom BapDada’s features are visible. From their eyes and from their every word, „My Baba” and „lovely Baba” should be experienced. People should not see the teachers, but BapDada should be visible in the teachers. They are like that, and BapDada is telling each teacher: Move forward and, while enabling others to move forward, continue to make them equal to the Father. Wah teachers! Wah! Baba is seeing the fruit of your efforts. The fruit of your efforts is visible. Very good. Now, each one of you should try to make the future visible through your features. The lamps of hope should be visible. Our kingdom is now about to come. This zeal and enthusiasm should be visible in the features of each and every one. Very good.

Double foreigners who have come for the first time: Welcome. You have come to your own home. BapDada is pleased that the children who had been separated have reached their home to claim their inheritance. A hundred-thousand fold congratulations to you on behalf of everyone and on behalf of the whole family.

Who is the teacher of the teachers? Of course BapDada is that anyway, but you (Dadi Janki) are also BapDada’s companion. You are paying very good attention. Whether they are teachers from Bharat or teachers from abroad, today BapDada is giving all the teachers love from His heart. Achcha.

Today is the day for the double foreigners. BapDada is also happy; in fact He is constantly happy but there is happiness within that happiness. All of you Bharat-resident children are happy seeing the service abroad, are
you not? Are you happy? BapDada is happy. Why? Because He is the Father of the World. He is not just the Father of Bharat. Not just Bharat, but the World Father. It is all the different foreign children who are
instruments to reveal the World Father. Today, BapDada is giving congratulations to each child: Wah
serviceable children! Wah! Achcha. (While giving drishti, BapDada went back and then He was invoked again.)

Speaking to the Dadis: This was hide and seek. (Dadi Janki: Baba, You have given me so much happiness, what can I give You?) You have given everything. You have nothing left. You have given everything.

Speaking to sisters from abroad: You have created a good flower garden. BapDada likes it. They are moving along with good zeal and enthusiasm. Very good fruit has emerged from all your efforts.

Special love and remembrances to everyone. Congratulations for service. Constantly continue to move
forward and inspire others to move forward.

Kamalmani Dadi: Are you all right? Now get up! Now, don’t go to your bed. Sit and do service.

Rukmani Dadi: Are you all right? Try and manage your health as much as possible. Do not make the body
work too much. Rest a little in between because there is still some time and you have to do service in that time. Look after yourself and also do service. Look after yourself very well.

Chandraben (Mauritius): You have played your part well. Are you all right? Wake up every morning at amrit vela and continue to say „Wah Baba! Wah my Baba!” Sit and do service according to the strength in your body. Do not conduct classes, but do personal (individual) service. You are free from obstacles.

Mohiniben: (I came here walking.) You still have long life and so will continue to walk.

Brother Charlie: You are doing good service.

(Gayatriben gave Baba remembrances from Aunty and the family.) Give them deep love from BapDada too. She is good. According to the strength she has, she is moving forward very well and as much as possible, she is doing good service through the mind. She is not the one who stays without doing service. She is good. Achcha.

BapDada gave everyone greetings for Deepawali: To all the sweetest, long lost and now found, beloved children from everywhere, love, remembrance and good night. For the coming Deepawali – you are the living lamps and so, to all of you ignited living lamps, many, many, many congratulations for Deepawali. To all the children from everywhere, whether from this land or abroad, the Father is giving congratulations for Diwali to each child. OK. OK. Always OK. What is there to worry about? If any worry comes, give it to the Father. You remain constantly OK. You all have the aim that you lamps of Deepawali are constantly ignited and will remain ignited. You will go to your kingdom and celebrate Deepawali there too. You remember your kingdom, do you not? It is now about to come.

(What would be the difference between the Deepawali here and the Deepawali there?) The decorations there will be lovely and unique: decorations and love – love from the heart. In fact, even someone who is sulking can ignite a lamp, but there, everyone will ignite the lamps with great happiness. They celebrate with pleasure. The kingdom itself is a pleasure. Here, they even ignite lamps under compulsion. (You are invited to come and celebrate Diwali there.) Let’s see. I will not do anything, but will watch everything from a distance. You will ignite the lamps and the Father will only watch. (If BapDada were to come and celebrate Diwali together with us there, it would be even better.) It is the part of the children there. Achcha.

To all the sweetest, long lost and now found beloved children from everywhere, love and remembrance for today and also love and remembrance for Deepawali.

Om Shanti

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