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Beloved Avyakt Image Mother and Father, BapDada’s beloved children, all brothers and sisters, the decoration of the Brahmin clan in this land and abroad, please accept love- filled remembrance

All of you must have been sitting like chatrak birds at your own places especially to invoke BapDada to come into the corporeal and celebrate an avyakt meeting with all of us. However, the destiny of the drama… From time to time, BapDada has been giving us a signal for us children to make our stage unshakeable and immovable, to be a resident of the subtle region and to celebrate a meeting in the avyakt form. So, according to that, we are experiencing that today. Though Dadi Gulzar’s health is fine, she was experiencing a lot of weakness in the body, and even then, she kept courage and came in the midst of the gathering and a song was played for BapDada’s invocation as usual. However, after a short while, Dadi felt herself to be too weak to be able to invoke the Almighty into her chariot, and so Dadi was taken from the stage to a room back stage. We all began to watch BapDada’s video of an earlier murli. All of you who were watching the transmission would have seen and heard that. All Dadis and senior brothers continued to conduct meditation on the stage. It was the turn of Gujarat to serve the whole gathering, and there must have been nearly 20 – – 21,000 brothers and sisters from abroad and this land who arrived in Shantivan for the meeting. Both halls were full. Everyone was sitting with great concentration in a powerful atmosphere and listening to BapDada’s avyakt versions through the video. After a short while, there was a message relayed that Dadi is coming into the gathering. As soon as Dadi entered the gathering, the hall echoed with everyone’s applause and everyone began to dance with happiness. Then Dadi offered bhog to BapDada and BapDada came into the gathering, waved His hand with a lot of love and gave everyone drishti filled with blessings. After that, Baba spoke these elevated versions:

Lots, lots, lots and lots of love and remembrance to the children who have the fortune of happiness and who always remain happy. Always remain happy and share a lot of happiness. BapDada is giving special love to each and every one and take every step while keeping in your heart the Father who is loved by all and who is beyond any consciousness of the body. Each and every child, whether from this land or abroad, accept love and remembrance from BapDada. Love and remembrance to all along with the residents of Gujarat and souls of the whole world.

We are sending with this message the avyakt revised murli that was read in class this morning. This murli can be read in class tomorrow. (Centres in India would not have received this murli, therefore uploading the Hindi only. Centres abroad already read this murli this morning (English already sent), therefore, not sending it again. You may revise it again though. The date of the murli – 15/12/2013 originally spoken on 23/02/1997.)

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